Mr. Congeniality

That’s me, Kiddo, always a pleasure to be around no matter what the tabloids say about me. I am serious, Kiddo, a gentleman never lies, and who’s more a gentleman than I? Exactly, Kiddo, exactly. I have been feeling most Creative lately, so I will have some Creative fun, and maybe share a thought or two after. Sound good?

Let’s cut right to the chase and talk about something my Son Charlie hated. Yes, hate is a strong word, but my Son was stronger, why, it took me three times to kill him dead as a doornail, but it was all for the greater good. The girls have a story to tell when they become themselves, and it’s a true story too. But anywho, that thing my Son hated, since knee-high to a grasshopper, is the Easter bunny. He never liked the Easter Bunny. Although he would indulge in the sweet goodness of that Easter basket just like any other child would, as he matured Easter would leave a bad taste in his mouth, recognizing the holiday simply as a lie. So with no further adieu, I give you . . .

Johnny and the good mother

**somewhere in the United States of America a mother of one is on her hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor of her home when her 4 year old son Johnny interrupts her . . .**

Johnny- “Mom?”

Mom- “Yes, Johnny?”

Johnny- “Who’s the Easter bunny?”

Mom- “Well, Johnny . . . let me tell you. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, that’s why mommy is breaking her ass to make sure the house is clean for the Easter bunny while your dad drinks away his overtime in the garage with his friends. After you go to sleep a giant rabbit is going to enter our home and leave a big wicker basket wrapped in toxic cellophane on the kitchen table. In that basket will be chocolate bunnies and marshmallow birds dyed yellow and maybe some toys made in China. But Johnny . . . before you can open that basket and feast on all its goodies you will need to do something first. Yes, Johnny . . . you need to do something first. While you’re sleeping the Easter bunny is going to creep around our home hiding Easter eggs, 12 to be exact. You need to find all 12 Easter eggs hidden inside this house before you can open that basket.”

Johnny- “The Easter eggs are hidden, mom?”

Mom- “Yes, Johnny . . . the Easter eggs are hidden, just like at pseudodaughter. The Easter eggs will be colored so you know they’re Easter eggs and not regular eggs. Once you find all 12 of them you need to bring them to mommy so when she’s done cleaning up tomorrow’s mess she can make daddy egg salad for the week since he won’t have any money for McDonald’s after hanging out with his friends today. Sound good, Johnny?”

Johnny- “I’ll be able to eat candy after I find those Easter eggs, mom?”

Mom- “Of course, Johnny, mommy would never lie to you.”

Johnny- “Gee, mom, you’re the best!”

Mom- “I know, Johnny . . . I know. Now go outside and play, mommy has work to do.”

Oh that Johnny.

What I don’t understand is why a rabbit. Why not an animal with hand-like paws, like a squirrel. A raccoon looks like a bandit so that wouldn’t work. How about an opossum? That would work. “Peter ‘Possum”, why not?

🎵 Ohh, here comes Peter scaly tail, scurrying down the opossum trail, hippity-hopping and screeching all the way. He has a basket full of eggs, don’t try to pick him up or he’ll scratch your legs, Peter Scaly tail is on his way! 🎵

Something to that effect.

RichieFromBoston at YouTube has a good video about Easter, very informative it is. I found a new YouTube channel called “Universal News Media”, the girls like it too. It is authored by a woman who might just have the clearest and well spoken voice, it would be worth your time to investigate. She posts photos and videos sent to her by people from all over, I only found this channel recently. You are welcome to visit my Son’s YouTube channel if you like, we have been adding videos since late October of last year, and we recently added a playlist just for him for when he comes back. The channel is “Von Wohlfengheiste”. I suggest to anyone visiting that channel not to comment there, after all, you don’t know who we are.

I hope the two young gentlemen from my Son’s last job read the follow up post “Obviosity Too”, I would message the link to them but there is a possibility the post prior may have spooked them, causing them to worry. Those two boys are Golden. I simply wanted them to know they are still in our thoughts, good thoughts of course.

Anywho, I was feeling Creative and wanted to have some fun. Maybe there will be another “Johnny and the good mother” post, the girls enjoyed it, especially Maia, she has a dark sense of humor, and so does Hera. Oh that two-girl crew.

Kiddo! Have a good night, Sweetheart, and be safe.

Love, Satan I mean Zeus! Zeus, goddammit! Fuck!**Hera facepalms, Maia rolls eyes**

xo xo xo

(Oh that Zeus!!) 😉


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