Hello, Kiddo, it is 8:19 Sunday morning, and we hope you are enjoying this lovely fall weather. I am rather bored with waiting so I decided an attempt to write something, anything, to occupy my mind. In my previous post I revealed something obvious regarding the production of human beings. I gave the mathematical equation of human production, something that neither my Son nor I have yet to see here. I gave the equation and told your followers that they will never prove it incorrect, if they tried or not I don’t know, but for anyone tuning in here I will give that equation once more, after all, what else have I to do?

1 + 1 = 3


This is in regards to human production, you know, fornication. When [1] male human is [added] to [1] female human to produce an infant human, the achieved total [equals] 3. Am I wrong? Yes, people can have twins and triplets, but the desired goal is to produce one child.

1 + 1 = 3

Humans produce humans through addition and addition only, not through multiplication, that would be impossible. That production equation is also impossible yet there it is, in plain sight.

I produce humans, or beings, through subtraction, the opposite of human production because I am not a human, I am simply inside a human being. My production equation is this;

1 – 1 = 2


I generate beings using thought. A physical being does not exit my body, only the thought of one does. In other words, I do not birth a being, the being being dependant upon the thought. The act of subtraction is the conscious removal of a thing, such as a number lesser than the number it was removed from. “Negative numbers” do not apply, in fact, they are nonexistent in the Real world that is. For example, your bank account states that you have a balance of -500 dollars. That is impossible. First, that is not a “balance” that is a debt. Second, there is no such thing as negative numbers, if there were you would not see them. And lastly, third, you do not “have” negative 500 dollars due to the first two explanations. Your bank has lied to you, Kiddo, that no good bank of yours, how dare they lie to me Kiddo. Bastards. **shakes fist at lying bank** Nonetheless, I produce beings by subtraction. 1 – 1 = 2, 1 being me and the other 1 being being the being. Simple as that. Done and done. **Hera nods**

So, Kiddo . . . wait a second, Kiddo, someone has a question. Yes, your question.

Isn’t the pregnant woman subtracting when she gives birth?

Good question. The answer is “No”. The pregnant woman does not decide when to give birth, she gives birth when the moment is right. If women had the ability to give birth when they wanted to they would never be pregnant for more than a few months. 9 months might feel like an eternity to some women but 9 is the magic number. 🙂

So, Kiddo, I was . . . hold on. Yes?

Wouldn’t the male human be subtracting when he ejaculates into the female human when attempting to produce a child?

No. You basically answered your own question by using the word “attempting”. The process of human production does not provide a guaranteed product, that is why it takes some people years to have children. Also, males doesn’t have complete control of the moment when he ejaculates, ergo, “premature ejaculation”. Good question though, and a noble try to prove me wrong as well. Anymore questions? No?

So, Kiddo, I was thinking. You had once told my Son that you would be willing to go to Sweden with him and Aphie for a visit, or vacation. How would you feel about living in Sweden? The reason I ask is because from what I recently learned that is where we and everyone left will be moving to, to start over. There will not be millions of humans left once we are finished, I had my doubts about this but Maia told me why without telling me. You will have all of your family and so will your boyfriend, you will also have your friends, and so will he. Maia’s thoughts are it will take more work for me to fix this country than it will be for me to fix Sweden. From what Daddio found out, 82% of Sweden’s indigenous population speak English, so communication shouldn’t be an issue. Only 3% of Sweden is built upon, the remaining 97% is wildlife and state parks. And we are going to keep it that way. Something to think about.

I took some photos the other night and posted them to Facebook, we haven’t figured out how to transfer them to here, since they were taken with another cellphone. But we have figured out how to repost the photos Charlie has uploaded here, so here, a refresher . . .

I had taken about a dozen the other night, and out of them one stands out the most. At the top of the photo there is a clearing in the swarm of white souls, and in the center of that clearing is a brown soul. Brown souls are bad souls, the white souls, the good souls, couldn’t see that bad soul but they could sense it. Ever been alone and sense something that you could not see? That’s because you weren’t alone. Here, some more refreshers . . .

(they’re gonna getcha!!)

Oh that Hera. “Hera the Terror” as her once sisters once called her, tis true, Kiddo, tis true. And no, Kiddo, they are not going to get you, Hera’s just having some fun with someone else 😉 . Oh that Hera

Hey, Kiddo! You know what?

. . .

Tis true, Kiddo, tis true. You know what else is true? Maia has one cigarette left out of her fourth and final pack. It looks like we are going to try this again. The original attempt didn’t go so well, and Maia being stressed AF wasn’t helpful either. Oh you should have been here for that exercise, I was in the middle of two sisters arguing back and forth, and it wasn’t pretty, Honey, oh no, not at all, not at all I tell you. **Hera nods, Maia leers back** Today the niece’s three year old returns (Dun dun dunnnnn) and Maia has one cigarette left. I asked if she wanted more cigarettes and she said “No”, and not Hera. Like the last time. Hence, argument. Maia has been busy all week “working her ass off” as she says, so Hera has been chillin” with her Mac Daddy.


Sweden? It will be fun, Kiddo, we will take a cruise ship over with a whole bunch of people who will be scared shitless not knowing what to expect when we get there. You will be a celebrity to them, and so will a lot of others. Something to think about. Another question . . . yes?

How do we know you’re not Satan possessing the body of some guy named Charlie?


You don’t. Better question, how do I know that you’re not Satan? Not you, Kiddo, the person out there reading this. How would I know? I know they are not because Satan doesn’t exist. Simple as that.

Some more photos? Sure, why not, I have all the time in the world . . .

(We have the place surrounded, come out with your hands up or they’re going in)

Do what she says, humans, and no one gets hurt.

Oh that Maia, just wait until that cigarette is gone, then the Real fun begins. What’s that? “What is Maia like?” Hmm. Let me ask Maia, I don’t know who to compare her demeanor to. Give me a moment, if you will.

. . .

Alright, she says she is like a mix between Lt. Ellen Ripley and the drill sargent from “Full Metal Jacket”. **shrugs** I know of Ellen Ripley because she was my Son Charlie’s hero, but I don’t know who the other one is. Maia told me “you’ll love him”, I guess we’ll find out. Anywho . . . another question. YES?

Yes, hi, I do have a question but I have more questions too. Do you have some time ?

Why, I have all the time in the world, but WordPress is beginning to freeze up on me, so I will need to write another post to answer all your questions. What is your first question?

. . .

I figured this out, I am the one looking from the outside in, more or less. No one has asked you the right question. The right question is, “Are you Satan?”

. . .

. . .

. . .



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