Peanuts & Cheese

Kiddo! What’s going on, Kiddo, what’s going on? Is everyone on your end doing stellar? Are you being safe, Sweetheart? We hope so, we hope so. Did you receive that order of Plutonium and Thorium? We are using a new liaison, so please let us know if there were any issues we should address. Also, the password for the month of May is . . .

“The cat flies at midnight”

Make sure you write that down and put it in your secret hiding spot, Honey.

So it has been a long week, and some of you might be wondering what happened with Maia. Well, she ran out of cigarettes as planned and began tweaking, but unfortunately she didn’t plan on being interrupted. She was not happy. We tried to find a place down the road where she was going to attempt materializing outside by the side of the road, but the two places we found were interrupted by barking dogs which gained their owner’s attention. Finally I told her “it’s okay” and we headed back to our hideout. On the walk back Maia stopped and began to cry. She was so frustrated. She is screaming like a demon to get herself and her sister out of my body. I asked her “Are you sure you can do this?”, in regards to leaving my body, and she yelled back “Yes! I just can’t get privacy!” She was so frustrated. So now we are on her 3rd pack of smokes and she demanded that I don’t get her anymore. So I said “okay”. For the past 3 days she has been in the background working on something while Hera is at the surface spending quality time with myself, then again, any time with Hera is quality time. ❤

Recent Events

Last Saturday I had a dream where I was looking through my Son Charlie’s eyes when he was little. He was at an Italian restaurant with his older cousins and he was trying to tell them something rather important. At the end of the dream I found myself awake staring at the alarm clock with Maia talking aloud through me saying “The world will end by the end of this year.”

Scary, yes?

Maia can see the future. She can see possibilities that have already happened in other dimensions, and the world ending was one of the strongest possibilities. It is not set in stone, but she has seen the world end. And it wasn’t pretty. If you are wondering, Maia is the “Maya” the Mayans worshipped. They got out of control. And they were erased in the blink of an eye. “Poof” . . . and they were gone. We do not tolerate human sacrifice.

Later that same day, something was revealed to me. I do not remember how I got there, but I learned that there are indeed “angels”. I was given visions of two angels whose names are “Alice” and “Trudy”. They are clones of my Daughter Athena, with long, curly blonde hair and blue eyes. They both have white feathered wings. At first I thought “how can this, how can this be?”, but then Zeus remembered “of course they can be, I am the Creator!” **the girls smile** My Son Charlie said that angels are “impossible”, that they are simply a way to explain “souls”. And he had a point. If someone 2,000 years ago painted an “orb” no one would know what it was, why, it could be interpreted as a planet, or a moon, maybe even a dinner plate. Good thinking, Son, good thinking. Being familiar with the human anatomy he said that the human body would need to be grotesquely altered to accommodate wings, plus the brain would need to be altered to operate a pair of wings voluntarily and involuntarily since humans, like mammals, animals and birds, are basically quadrupeds; 4 limbs. A dolphin has 2 pectoral fins (arms) and 2 legs that have been fused together (tailfin). Tis true, Kiddo, tis true, and it is also true that whales evolved from wolves, but that’s another story.

Since learning about Alice and Trudy strange things have happened. I have been hearing sounds like pebbles being thrown at doors and walls, and this morning, Thursday morning, I heard a rap on the bathroom door while we took a shower when no one was home. Could it be Alice and Trudy making contact? **shrugs**

If you saw an army of angels flying over your home would you try to record it with your shiny device of the Devil I mean your cellphone? I mean, it’s not everyday that you see an angel let alone an army of angels, yes? I am simply kurios I mean curious, curious. **smiles devilishly**

The answer you all have been waiting for.

Oh yes, Kiddo, now it gets exciting, most exciting indeed. The answer to the age-old question “What is my purpose here?” is . . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

“You have no purpose here”


We are not joking. Hera is though. With the “gasp” thing.

Human beings were originally Created by my Son so that we had vessels, or bodies, to insert ourselves into so that we can enjoy this planet as our VACATION HOME. Only a few human beings were needed so that Maia had a wide selection of vessels to choose from for us to use and to see what they can create to give me ideas to work with here. The last time we were here we were on “pleasure” and to see who stays and who leaves. My Son Hermes was supposed to cause another extinction level event as “population control”, such as a tsunami (the great flood) or a large volcanic eruption (Pompeii). We have a large family, but we don’t need 8 billion people to accommodate our needs. We have our Children, our GrandChildren, and the Sisters of both Hera and Maia. And that’s it. Maia has been here for 3,600 years collecting and gathering everyone up so that I do not erase any of them, 4 of them are on my Son Charlie’s Facebook page. All of them have been here before. All of them. Here, I will list the actors and their roles in our lives;

The ex: Hera’s once younger Sister

The cousin: Hera’s once daughter

The best friend: my GrandSon

And of course, Chelsea, my GrandDaughter

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women are merely players” – Shakespeare

I am a Creative writer back home. That is my job, back home. I am now here, on business. This planet is my business. When someone goes on vacation they don’t take all their money with them, they leave most of their money home. My money is my ability. The more money I have, the more ability I have. I have every red cent that I own with me on this visit, because I am here on business. The last time I was here people titled me as the “King of all Gods”, because they have never seen anything like me before. All the gods that existed were all my Son in different roles as different characters; Thor, Ra, Anubis, Hermes, but you get the idea. But something happened. What could have happened to bring the Creator here? Any ideas? No?

. . .

. . .

. . .

Writer’s Block

Something, yes something, is preventing me from finishing what I am working on back home. I am stuck in one verse. One verse, in one sentence, in one paragraph, on one page, in one book, of one of my thousands and thousands and thousands of books. This “universe” that you “live in”, is just half a sentence in a story that I cannot finish. What you call “Space” is my ink. And guess who got into my ink? Oh yes, Kiddo, this planet is soon to become much, much lighter. If it doesn’t self-destruct first. When oceanic temperatures rise, ice caps melt and continents begin to break apart, that is a confirmation that what my Son Charlie predicted will happen. “But I digress.” – RichieFromBoston

As far as man goes he has nothing to offer us except a shit-hole that was once a beautiful planet for all of our family to enjoy. Maia says “no more than 5,000-10,000 humans will be left, and that includes our family and those in our circle, like the human followers here”. Maia is seldom wrong when she calls an amount. I, Zeus, would like to see more than that, at least 1,000,000 humans. Why? So they can enjoy what we are going to do, like incorporating free housing. Did you ask to be here? No, so why are you paying to live in a crappy apartment? Better yet, why are you paying for housing at all? Everyone who is left will be given a free house, and not a shitty one either. There are millions of brand new houses on the east coast of this country, some in upwards of $10 million at cost. We don’t need the money for them, I can generate as much money as I can imagine, and that’s where this is headed. I will be able to Create anything by thought. I will not need anyone to do anything for myself or for my family. If one of the kids wanted a 2019 Corvette, it would take more energy and time for me to call someone to get that vehicle for them than it would be for me to think one. That is why we do not need “man”. Unless we want a planet destroyed, then “man” seems to come in handy. “Man”, as in the people who want to play “God”, not the people who are forced to live by “God’s rules”. Am I wrong? You still don’t believe any of this, do you? Of course you don’t. But now the Creator knows why.

You are an abstract. On top of that, you are a product of the Reversibility Law. My Son calls it “The Law of Reversibility”, and it is, I simply think simpler than my Son. He and I are much the same, but at the same time we are opposite of each other; “As Above, So Below”. I can prove this Fact, but you will not believe me. I know this to be true. How do I know this? Because you are the opposite of us. **thinks**

Where we come from, people tell only the truth and people believe the truth.

Here, people tell lies and people believe only lies.

My Son could not believe that no one would believe what he had told. No one, not even his family. Up until recently I myself could not believe it either. I had thought to myself “How is it that no one can believe this? Why is this so difficult to believe?”. Now I know why. You are inadvertently designed to believe only lies that are told to you, and not the truth that is told to you. Your thinking is opposite of our thinking, that is how man destroyed our VACATION HOME.

You don’t believe this? Of course you don’t, you couldn’t believe this if you wanted to. Why? Because you are inadvertently programmed to believe only lies when they are told to you. You don’t even believe that, do you? Of course you don’t. But it’s okay, because you were inadvertently programmed. 🙂

Oh, you do believe this? Then you are lying. You say that you are not lying? Then that is a lie. Am I wrong? Of course I am, because I am telling the truth. Do you believe that I am telling the truth? Of course you don’t, because you only believe lies. Everything written within this website is the truth, but you don’t believe it because it isn’t a lie. If I was lying then you would believe it. What’s that? You say that I am lying? Of course you are, because I am telling the truth. And that is how we are able to hide in plain sight, because people are incapable of recognizing and accepting the truth. Adolf Hitler once said that if you make the lie big enough and tell it over and over again it will be accepted as the truth. Was he lying? No. Yes, we are having fun for a change. Are you ready for a change? Are you ready for some fun? Don’t tell me, because people lie. 😉

. . .

. . .

. . .

Like Father, Like Son

I had said earlier that my Son and I are the same but different, and I said that I prove it. I can prove it by using simple math and with something that happens everyday; human production. There is no such thing as “human reproduction”, that is impossible. That is man trying to sound intelligent with using the wrong words.

“Reproduction” is the action of making a copy of something.

A “copy” is something that is made to be identical to its original model.

Make sense, Kiddo? I hope so, I hope so. You hanging in there, Sweetheart? You’re about to see the simplicity of the Creator, Honey.

Oh that two-girl crew. Anywho . . .

My Son and I are Creators. I have more Creative power than my Son has.

I am more Creator than body.

My Son is more body than Creator.

I use my mind to Create with the help of my hands.

My Son uses his hands to Create with the help of his mind.

I produce beings mentally.

He produces beings physically.

Are you following this, Kiddo?

“If a physical object can produce a psychological thought, then a psychological thought can produce a physical object” – Neville Goddard, on the Law of Reversibility

Tis true, Kiddo, tis true. If an image can enter through the eyes, then an image can exit the eyes. Hera was Created from an image, just as Athena was materialized from a projection through my eyes. I [subtracted] the image of Athena from my mind and materialized Athena as a final [product].

The mathematical equation would be ( 1-1=2 ).

How is that possible? I mean, I was still a whole being after Athena was produced, I didn’t lose any weight, my body didn’t change in any way, but another whole being was subtracted from myself, my being, Creating a final total of two beings as an end product. Am I wrong? 1 being, minus 1 being, equaled 2 beings. Strange, yes?

Now we have my Son boo.

When he was little, he wanted to be like his Father, and I told him that one day he will. He couldn’t figure out how I do what I do, materializing and animating inanimate objects. My Son boo is a Daddy’s boy in my eyes, back home, and Zeus’ wives will vouch for that. Being a curious sort just like his “Old Man”, and wanting to impress me, he decided to try to do what I can do using what he had; his hands and his “workshop”. Maia says “Think, “Dexter’s Laboratory”, almost spot on”.

Anywho, one day he asks me to see what he did in his workshop. So I went with him and he showed me something under what people here call a “microscope”. What I saw was impossible. I asked him how he did that, and his answer was the same answer that I had given him when he asked me how I made his sister; “I don’t know”. What I saw was what is known here as “cell division”. Cell division is impossible, but it exists, just like some of the statues at Carl Jacobsen’s Glyptotek. Needless to say, I was impressed with his work. However, Hera and Maia had concerns with this miraculous achievement. They reminded me of the Law of Creation, which is “Never Create a Runaway”, and that is just what happened with my Son’s Creation. Maia says “the trouble with tribbles”.

I explained to my Son the Law of Creation, and he understood that his Creation wouldn’t work without a means of control. So he destroyed his Creation and went back to his drawing board to start over.

A few days later he had something new to show me, so I took a look. This time his Creation was doing the opposite yet doing the same with a “safety” installed. Instead of one dividing into two, two ones were adding up to make three. Here is the mathematical equation;


One being connected, or, [added] to another being produces the final [sum] of three. Am I wrong? When a couple has a child they become three beings, total. Think about that. That is mathematically impossible. Cell division? When you divide a number the quotient is always smaller then the dividend, the quotient being the final answer. People do not multiply to produce more people, they add. There is no multiplication or subtraction involved with human beings producing human beings, only addition (insemination) and division (cell division). “Birthing” is not subtraction since the newborn is still attached to its mother until the umbilical cord is severed, and even then the mother’s body still isn’t the same as it was prior to the pregnancy; she has added a few extra pounds.

Some people say “there is no “God”. Can you believe that? The girls are laughing. You do believe there is a “God”, yes? You’re not lying to me, are you? No? You don’t believe in “God”? Good, because there is no “God”. I am serious, Kiddo, there is no “God”. But no one believes that. Just for the record, I am not calling people liars, especially those familiar to us, I am simply telling you that people lie and that they believe lies that are only told to them. Am I wrong? I am telling the truth, honestly I am. Thinking about that math back there? Think it’s wrong? It isn’t. Here, take a look once more;

1 – 1 = 2

1 + 1 = 3

1,1,2,1,1,3 all add up to 9.

9, the magic number. My number.

Do numbers lie?

Do people lie?

Would the Creator lie?

Anywho, WordPress is freezing up on me so I will end this here. Enjoy your day, kids, it is now 3:01 Friday morning.

Take care, Sweetheart, and be safe.

Sweet dreams, Kiddo, only sweet dreams.

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo


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