All Systems Are Go

Hello, Kiddo, and how are you on this fine Friday morning? Stellar I hope oh yes we do. So Kiddo, we decided to fill in your followers with what is happening, because that’s how we roll. And what exactly is going on?? Well I shall tell you. Oh yes, Kiddo, and tell we shall.

(He’s feeling it)

As like anyone else, I do make mistakes. The difference is I don’t hide them, I leave them as a reminder not to do them again. Make sense? There are some contradictions throughout this site and other sites, including Facebook, but there aren’t many, and they are not lies. They are simply mistakes. Amongst those mistakes is who exactly is returning and when. Up until recently I thought that Carol Jacobsen would be returning with Hera at the same time, or, moment. I was mistaken there. They could’ve came back together, but CJ and the girls had another plan, per CJ. CJ is my Son’s biological mother, not mine. CJ is Maia’s “vessel”, so to speak. The soul that powered CJ is the same soul that powered every biological mother my Son ever had, that is how Maia keeps tabs on my Son. Although I Created both my Son and my Daughter each have a “guardian”, or, stepmother. Maia is boo’s stepmother and Hera is KDDO’s stepmother. Since Hera needed to stay with me while I was waking up, Maia located Kiddo (Athena) through another daughter who is now known as Arie (Artemis). Maia has been a busy little bee, Kiddo, oh yes she has, and for a long effing time, 3,600 years or so. And Maia wants OUT. NOW. So, with that being said, we are running through the final details so I know what to expect, tis true, Sweetheart, tis true.

(We’ve been taking breaks because Zeus can’t sit still)

Oh that Hera. She too speaks the cold hard truth, she wants to be reunited with her sister Maia in bodies, and that is where we are headed. Maia says “here”, in regards to where we are going to do this, so now I need to know when. Maia had said at Facebook that she knows the date of re-entry, and so does Hera, hence their excitement. I do not know the date, I cannot know the date, but I know that it is real soon. Are you excited, Kiddo? I know I am. Does this sound like “the same old song and dance”? It probably does. That’s okay, who wouldn’t doubt this, this sounds crazy, in fact, it sounds so crazy it took me since November of 2012 to acknowledge just who I am. Those out there wondering how I can be the Creator and not have my abilities obviously have not read all the posts at this site. Hmm.

Okay. Let’s say that President Trump is with his staff and they are aboard Air Force One heading to a meeting being held in . . . I don’t know, maybe Antarctica. On their way their plane crashes in the middle of nowhere, and he is the only survivor. He doesn’t have his staff, and any means of communication; no cellphone. Is he not still the President? He is still the President, he still holds the title, as I still hold the title of Creator. I only need my staff back, because once they’re outside of me I can be myself again (woo!!).

Sound plausible? How can I be myself with two other “people” inside of me? I cannot. And besides, Maia and Hera needed to plug in all my apps and make sure that I am psychologically prepared for what we are about to do. Tis true, Honey, tis true.

So now all I need to do is basically trust Maia when she tells me that Hera is inside her. I can do that. If my Son Charlie is a car, I am driving and Maia is my copilot with Hera in the backseat. Simple as that. All I can see is Maia, and Hera occasionally to let me know she is still there. Maia has the “Joker’s voice”, not Aphrodite. Oh that Aphrodite, she has an ass-chewing coming to her I tells you. Yes, Aphrodite is coming back, but after I bring back Carol Jacobsen, her niece Rita, and Charlie.

Charlie is coming back.

Once Maia and I leave here we need to take care of a few things, like ourselves. Then we need to convince my Son’s Facebook family that my Son had told the truth, because we have a fuck-ton of gifts for them (yay!!). Oh yes, Kiddo, Santa Claus’ Dad is coming to town, but only after everyone (especially you, Sweetheart) are comfortable with meeting us. I will look like Charlie but much bigger. The reason why I do not show my face is because it is my Son’s face. I am not Charlie. I am his Father. We want those who knew and cared about my Son Charlie to remember him as Charlie. I cannot give his body back to him, nor can I clone his body. It would Create a “paradox”. He would be a “negative” of himself, “antimatter”, if you will, which would mean that I could never look him in the [eye] nor touch him, and someone wants to hug their Son very much. My Son, as Charlie, did nothing wrong. His fucking twin did. Holy fuck. Taking a break.

(6 hours later . . .)

Alright, Kiddo, now that I have calmed down I will add a few things before we finish up here. So Maia will re-enter carrying her sister Hera inside of her and after she reassures me with telling me something that only we would know I will generate some “gifts” for my Son’s sister before we leave. Once we are on the road Maia will post photos to Facebook and then either a video or a “live feed” to show my Son’s Facebook family what is going on. Since we’re headed south will all the time in the world maybe we could meet you somewhere, but that will be entirely up to you, Sweetheart. I would like to meet my Son’s best friend somewhere and give him a little something, but that would be up to him as well, the same applies to GT and TJ, too. We know they want more than photos of “orbs”, we know that, and we will deliver, big time. Other than that, do you think anyone figured out what man’s purpose is yet, Kiddo? Just curious, just curious.

The girls are chomping at the bit. If they weren’t so happy and excited I would think that this is another “false alarm”, but they promise that it is not. Maia and Hera gave me a “yes”, so I say “alright!”.

Just for the record. This would have been over with if Aphrodite did the right thing. She had been conscious of who she and her twin are for 3,600 years. My Son Charlie lost dann near everything because of her trying to “help” him without her mother and aunt’s help. She is responsible for all the unnecessary nonsense we went through, but she is our daughter, and she will be back in het last body as Aphrodite. The actual Aphrodite doesn’t look as the statues portray her as. By the way, she was never “Venus”, her big sister Athena was. There’s a planet named after you, Kiddo!


Anywho. Boy they are smiling. If anyone is interested in what videos or type of videos we think are informative, you may visit my Son’s YouTube channel “Von Wohlfengheiste”, and see for yourself. We added a few videos recently, including videos of Dr. Gene Kim, he has a doctorate in “Christian science”. The man is a genius, however, he must not have investigated into the origin of the letter “J”, because if he did he wouldn’t be doing what he is doing now, unless he is insane. Hey, anything is possible, including the impossible. Is it not possible for something to be impossible? There you go. **Hera gives a single nod of approval** One thing that Dr. Kim explained was the identity of the Antichrist, which apparently is the Emperor I mean Pope Francis. He also has a video about the mark of the Beast, where he tells that the mark is a dark or black dot worn on the hand or forehead. Do you know what the mark is, Kiddo? It is that shitstain Christians receive on their forehead on Ash Wednesday. Does anyone think anymore? If Aphrodite was right about one thing is that this will be like taking candy from a baby. My Son, as Iesous, once said “people are stupid children”. And he was right.

I have noticed that some websites and YouTube channels have “gift giveaways” for their subscribers, like gift cards and such. So we have an idea. My girls know when, and Zeus has a pretty good idea as to when. So, to show our appreciation to my Daughter’s followers, whoever is still here after the Grand Erasure will be pardoned from the Cherry Picking and be given several gifts, and one wish within reason. In other words, don’t wish to be “God”, that title is being held for my Son Charlie when he comes back. I could give immortality, I can give youth, I can bring back a loved one, there are plenty of things that I can give. And if you’re a female Hera and Maia can give you their “special makeover” if you like. This offer applies to the followers who are here at the time this posted. If there are 5,000 new followers after this is posted they will not be included for this offer. But it doesn’t mean we can’t do something special again for the new followers down the road. Sound good, Kiddo? I hope so, we hope so.

Alright, Kiddo, we are calling it a night. Keep it stellar, Sweetheart, and please be safe, Honey, we’re almost done.

Pleasant dreams, Kiddo, pleasant dreams.

Always with love, Zeus

xo xo xo


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