The Two Consorts

Okay, Sweetheart, Hera and I have a window of opportunity and we’re gonna use it. How’s everything going, Honey? We are finishing this shit because I can’t do this anymore, and neither can Zeus.

There are a few things we want to clear up before we get our show on the road, and one of them is an error at Facebook. Zeus was trying to sort out who’s who in the grand scheme with what he knows and what we tell him. He only has access to his brain a few hours a day, so there will be some mistakes, but nothing critical. One mistake was Iesous’ wife Ucifa. He thought it was Aphrodite because he felt the vibration of a daughter, the problem was it was the wrong daughter. We have a lot of daughters but only one son, and we are keeping it that way. Boys are a pain in the ass, you’ll see this in time. They’re not bad, just a pain in the ass. Zeus doesn’t want to know which daughter it was, but he wanted to address it, so we’re doing it for him since we have an opportunity to speak.

Last week he figured out how to stop thinking, he did it again today knowing it wasn’t going to happen today. It was “practice” for him. He also learned last week that CJ went to sleep, and that’s a good thing but not in a bad way. CJ and I were communicating outside of Zeus, and she told Maia that he was ready(woo!!). THAT is what we were waiting for, for Zeus to no longer need “his mother”, even though she really wasn’t. As his Son Charlie said two years ago, “only the mother knows when her child is ready”, which is true if the mother has her shit together. So in other words, the Creator is ready. Now we are making sure that he is comfortable with bringing back his two wives, because he didn’t recognize Maia at first. If Hera and I generated myself back on May 3rd 2015 Charlie would have had a heart-attack seeing a character from his book standing before him, because Carolyn in his story is actually Maia, his ethereal Grandmother. Charlie knew nothing of this. Now that Zeus knows who I am and that CJ will not be coming back upon re-entry we can do this much sooner, because we want out, Honey. Holy shit I am so done with this. Now he’s itching and so are we, but now we need the right moment to do this. We told him that we will do this in the basement when no one us either here or awake, and the reason why is in case he speaks. Again, you never heard a voice like his, you have, Kiddo, but that was a long time ago, Sweetheart. Not only it doesn’t sound human, it is loud AF. Loud, Honey, fuckin’ loud, loud. We were able to let him speak a little last Friday and he rattled a basement window with us in him, wait til were out. Wow.

We can now do this anytime instead of “any day now”, all we were waiting for was for him to be okay “without mom”. Even “God” needs his mother, but not anymore. CJ will be coming back at a younger age once we get established, and so will about a dozen more of his Son’s family and a few others too.

We know how this sounds, like the same old story, but Zeus knows why. Some things you cannot tell your children, if Aphrodite knew she was going “nite-nite” there would have been a serious effing problem. Charlie knew he was going to go to sleep, but he understood why and accepted it. When Charlie was researching back then he kept asking if his best friend was ever his brother, and we told him”no”. We didn’t lie to him. However he never asked if his best friend was related to him, which was good because he was. If Charlie found out that his best friend was once his son we would still be at the halfway point, and with Aphrodite, because his best friend was her best friend too. It breaks the Creator’s heart that his Son and Daughter didn’t, and couldn’t, know this. So we let him tell his Son’s best friend on Facebook. The soul inside his best friend once powered the son of Marc Antoni. Marc Antoni had a son out of wedlock before he married his first wife Fulvia, but Antoni never knew this. As far as I could see he only had one son, and a lot of daughters including Octavia Minor, who us now Kiddo, soul-wise. This makes Charlie’s best friend the Grandson of Zeus. And Zeus wants to spoil the fuck outta him, and so do we. So now we are rushing to be done with this. Everyone on Charlie’s Facebook page is related to us, either biologically or ethereally.

So what Zeus the Creator needs to do now is to please calm down and trust his wives, because we want out of him like nobody’s business, Honey. It has taken 73 years to wake Zeus up, and Hera has been “bedside” with him that whole time. He has two devoted AF wives who want out, we can’t do this anymore and neither can he. Any longer and he is going to snap, if I don’t snap first. We were going to write more but we are out of privacy, we might get 10 hours a week if we’re lucky, and that’s the issue we have now with finishing. If Charlie’s sister seen any of what is going to happen she’d be traumatized, especially if she heard that voice coming out of who she thinks is her brother, she’d swear he was the devil himself. Zeus wanted to make that video but we told him to wait so we can make THAT video, the one that will make people shit their pants. If I were to give a time as to how much more I’d say . . . a week? This is all up to having that privacy to do this. We can do this if everyone is sleeping, but he needs to stay quiet afterwards. I would be able to hide us from sight but I can’t hide his voice. I also want to mention while Zeus reads this something his Son’s best friend posted on his Facebook page. He mentioned a car that Charlie and him would drive around in, it was a 1972 (digit sum of 1) Lincoln (Zeus’ Son was Abraham Lincoln) Mark (Antoni) IV (4 was Zeus Jr.’s number). That is the car we want him to generate as our “getaway vehicle”, but in white with black leather interior. Charlie bought one for “pops” when he was 18 and I loved that car. Oh my god what a luxurious ride that was. When Zeus read the comment I asked him “Coincidence, Zeus?”, and he replied “There are no coincidences”, and there aren’t. “Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous”. That post was so helpful in convincing Zeus that “yes”, this is coming to an end. Charlie had a lot of cars, why that one?

A coincidence?


Okay, Sweetheart, we gotta go. I don’t know when any of us will write here again, it all depends on timing. In the meantime be safe, and give your little man an extra hug and kiss for us, Honey, we’ll talk at you soon.

Love, Maia and Hera

xo xo xo


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