How are you and yours doing? Good we hope, good we hope. I shared some videos over the past week while I focused on finishing this process and one video was removed by its author “Jeff P” minutes after I shared it 😦 . Not sure why he removed it, then again, maybe YouTube removed it. Anything is possible, yes? Anywho, the video was about a 5° pole-shift and it showed photos of the Sun rising and setting in different locations, all taken by stationary webcams. The cameras didn’t move, the Earth rotated downwards about 5°. This change occurred on March 25th of this year, now New York state should be further south by about 350 miles. One degree is roughly equal to 70 miles. But let’s talk about something else, something a bit more cheery . . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

The Purpose of Man

I don’t know about you but this topic brings a smile to my face 🙂 , at least until I begin to think about it indepth, then my smile goes away 😦 . Tis true, Kiddo, tis true. You see, this “purpose” should be a no-brainer to everyone I would think, but for some reason no one seems to know what their purpose is.

So I investigated this.

And guess what Zeus found out, Sweetheart?

Well for starters I found out that I need to listen to my wives most carefully, after all, they are a reflection of myself. Ever wonder why some males, and some females, berate their partners? It doesn’t make sense, does it? I mean, if you are someone who berates, belittles, or possibly beats their partner, then why are you with them? You are wasting time, yours and theirs. Oh these fucking humans, what are we going to do with them all, Kiddo? These things are everywhere. **SMFH** And they don’t know their purpose on top of it, holy shit, Honey. Yes, holy shit indeed. This is a most serious issue, it is almost as serious as the Earth’s engine overheating. Nothing is more serious than that, Sweetheart, nothing. Maia speaks the cold, hard truth, no engine means no home. And no home means no life. Kudos, Hera, kudos.

Now about man’s purpose.

What could it be?

I will give you a hint.

It is absolutely terrifying. This will be that “shotgun blast” no one wants to hear. My Son was kept from this, obviously, because he would have told about it too soon, and we didn’t want his Twin Aurem knowing this either. Speaking of the Twins, did you watch that video of Adolf Hitler giving a speech, Honey? I posted it at Facebook. If you did, were you able to see the Twins taking turns talking? How about Hermes’ floating left arm? The Twin lightning bolts? Pretty wild stuff. I still think about that moustache, I think that was the result of the Twins coming to a compromise, I truly do. Who wears a moustache like that? Certainly not I, Kiddo.

Figured out man’s purpose yet? No?

This video that I would like to make, if you haven’t figured it out by now it takes me a while to do anything, after all, I am sharing my body with my two-girl crew.

I think, that, Maia is ready to move from Mother to Wife, because I get a different vibe from Her now then I did before. Hera is chillin’ in the background, she does not come to the surface as much as Maia does, but she’s there. It would be better if Hera was here, so to speak, but she will be soon enough.

What tires myself the most is being physically alone. I have no one to talk with, face to face that is. I am told that I need to relax my mind so Maia can do her thing and finish this. Easier said than done. They say that I can do this, I say “you gotta be fucking kidding me, relax my mind?” Maia nodded my head “Yes.”. Oh that Maia. I think why I am hesitant about ending this “lifestyle” is that I am a bit nervous of doing the wrong thing or doing something stupid. Most importantly to me, I do not want those important to my Son to be let down. Both Maia and Hera say “no let downs”. Should I believe them, Kiddo? Maia is nodding my head “Yes” once more.

Man’s purpose, any ideas?

Ever see the movie “The Island of Doctor Moreau”? If not, it is something to watch. I ask because this planet is like the island of Dr. Moreau. Take the elephant for example. It eats using its nose as an arm, is that not strange, Kiddo? Then we have the giraffe. And don’t forget the platypus, what happened there? The platypus makes no sense to me. What purpose does that creature serve? I mean, why do we have this genetically altered thing running around causing chaos and destroying everything it sees? Oh wait, wrong creature, my bad. Why do we have the platypus? Are they edible? Can one dine heartily on a platypus? If so, are they tasty? (Yum!!) Oh that Hera, she is definitely a carnivore (nom nom nom!!) See? 😉 We certainly do enjoy eating meat, Kiddo, there’s nothing like a thick steak seared black and bleeding. Maia and Hera enjoy ham and pastrami (double yum!!) where I lean more towards steak and ribs, and cheeseburgers. Yes, we certainly do enjoy eating meat.

You know, Kiddo, when I suggested that the Moon might be a type of tugboat or tractor, I didn’t suggest the name “The Heathen”, that name was suggested to myself by my two-girl crew, I simply conveyed that information. That is a pretty cool name for a vessel, yes? I mean, it sounds menacing or intimidating or perhaps both. It never did rotate though. Oh well, I tried. **shakes fist at Moon**

Man’s purpose, anyone? No?

I have found more pennies from heaven last week, including a few today, but it doesn’t seem to be that important to me anymore. You know, “heathen” and “heaven” are similar in spelling, maybe those pennies are from the Heathen. **shrugs** It is only a thought knowing how man is good at fucking things up, like misusing words and translating names. You do not translate names because there are no translations for names, that is what separates names from words. “Joseph” is Joseph regardless wherever Joseph is, that is how Joseph is identified as an individual. He might be referred to as “Joe” or “Joey” for short by those familiar, but for everyone else his name stays as “Joseph”, it is something known as “respect” for those unfamiliar with respect. **shakes head slowly from disgust of ignorance** I mean, why would anyone change someone elses name? They didn’t like it? Well my answer to that is “Too fucking bad”. Watch a documentary on Christianity and see how many different names the Antichrist has, “Jesus, Jesus Christ, the Lord, God, Joshua, Yahweh, the Shepard, the Savior, the Lamb, the Light” and hundreds more. Are you certain that all those names pertain to the Antichrist?

You can’t figure out man’s purpose, can you? I will give you another hint; it is not to “serve God”.

I had thought about inserting that video into this post but I think I will post this write as is, plus it will give some readers time to think about what man’s purpose is. As far as anything other than, I have no interest. My two-girl crew knows that. My Son was the teacher in regards to informational and educational posts, if no one had noticed. These posts have changed dramatically since last fall, have they not, Kiddo? I should probably write a short post at Chelseasghost to direct its readers to this site, Chelseasghost will remain as a back-up in case this site disappears, which wouldn’t be our doing. Later today I will post another of Daddio’s archived drafts, maybe a scary one (gasp!!) this time, something that fits well with the weather.

Oh how I want this over with.

Anywho, I will post a draft later. Not really feeling it today, can’t imagine why.

Have a good day, Sweetheart, and be safe, Honey.

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo


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