A Striking Match (draft 3/20/17)

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“To burn the world, I’ll toss a lit match, plant your soles, to save a patch.” – Charlie,  2012

Hi, Sweetheart, it’s Saturday the 18th of March, 2017, and I felt like sharing something with you. I was writing a second post at Arbeitor when I noticed that my words ran astray. Although what I had written was good, it didn’t fit where I was. So, I copied and pasted it here, before I erased it from the other site.

As I read what was written I had seen where I could add onto, giving it closure, so to speak, and that is what I intend to do today. Before I work on finishing what I had written, I want to say that I miss you, Kiddo. Love you.

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The other site, Arbeitor, is for educational purposes only. What I had written was educational, but it didn’t fit with what was written prior. I felt that what I had written was more personal towards parents, and not the public in general. And I felt that it would be something to share with you, Kiddo, as well, for someday you might want to be a mother, and I know that you’ll be a good one at that, I know these things.

So I was thinking, Kiddo, as I always do, and what I was thinking about was how to add to what I already have, literature-wise. I’d rather not subtract from what was written, for I am told that it is good, by you know who. If I add, I am not sure as to where I would add, meaning, beginning or end, pertaining to.

How about I leave it alone, and let you read it? I’ll read it with you, maybe I can come up with something after refreshing my memory . . .

“If you can do something, someone else can, too, and that’s how traits and traditions are handed down in bloodlines, by children following their parents actions and orders. Children will either do what their parents want, or what their parents need. What parents want is for their children to listen to them, and what parents need is for their children to do as they are told. When the child does something that their parents want them to do, they do it out of a sense of security, meaning, they feel safe about achieving their parents’ wants. When a child does something that their parents need them to do, they do it out of a sense of fear, meaning, they don’t feel safe about not achieving their parents’ needs, for they fear that they will be punished otherwise, with punishment dependent upon the parent.”




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