Hera & Maia

Hello, Sweetheart!

Zeus is taking a break, Honey, so we’re going write this post with his help. How are you doing, little Sister? We hope that everything is good on your end. Right now Zeus doesn’t know what to think, he knows something is happening inside his body but he doesn’t know what. This process is far from easy, but not far from being done with. We will never do this the way we did ever again, we can both promise that. Holy shit what a fiasco this has been, but it’s almost over. Zeus once said that if he never hears the word “almost” ever again it would be too soon. Can you blame him??

If you’re wondering what the “99%” thing was about it was about getting him ready for the worst news possible. He thought he knew everything he needed to know beforehand but that was when Aurem was still here, and some things she didn’t need to know. When Zeus figured out what the biggest problem was he basically shut himself down. This problem is huge, he never saw this coming, and now he needs to figure out just how to address it, because we don’t know how to address it or fix it. Zeus asks everyday “Are you positive that I will have my abilities?” and everyday we tell him “YES, BU!!”. Just for the record, only myself and our Mother will call Zeus by “Bu”, it’s a personal thing between us, but Kiddo can call him that if she wants to, in private, not in public.

So, Kiddo, want to know what the Mack Daddy will be like this time around? He will be mostly like his Son Charlie, and that is such a good thing, Honey. The interesting part of this is that we still don’t know “who” Charlie was, as an individual. We know what he was like with his twin sister hiding inside him, but we don’t know who Charlie was without her. In a strange way, no one, not even his Mother, really knew Charlie. It’s kinda sad actually, and that is part of the cause for Zeus’ anger. There is a lot that you don’t know of, Sweetheart, but you will in time. Zeus had told you that you too will “lose your shit”, Honey, and I think that he might be right because you don’t know all the details. It’s pretty fuckin’ bad, Kid.

Other than his infamous temper we will have a “new and improved” Zeus, one who is more for listening to his wives and “yes”, Zeus, you have two wives. This might be the hardest thing for him to accept because of his Son Charlie’s monogamous ways. His Son Charlie believed in having one woman when in a closed relationship, but that was how he thought, which is right, but we are different. Zeus was confused with Aurem telling Charlie “it has always been just you and me” the day Zeus came to, but now he understands that we both need a Mother to make bodies for us so we can be here. We were here once before but not as who we are now, and that’s why we can honestly say the Creator Zeus was never here before. This “world” doesn’t make sense to him, or to us for that matter. But we can fix it.

Zeus wants to play Santa Claus, but because he is not himself yet he put his generosity aside for now. We told him hundreds of times that we are coming back and not to worry, but what else can he do? He doesn’t know when. But he will know moments before it happens.

He wants this over, he doesn’t want to see our “3 year anniversary” this May, and I can’t blame him. He needs to know that we are doing this in record time, thanks to Charlie, and that it makes no sense for us not to come back. If we weren’t coming back we would have kept hiding, at least his Son had his independence, and his life. We didn’t plan on being where we are, this was not our fault, but it gave me time to get him ready. He’s ready to kick ass, now it’s about that moment. Once we are out we are out, there is no going back. Zeus will feel physically different once we’re out, but not in a bad way. He will also be at 100% with his abilities, and that is what he and everyone who has been aware of this is waiting for. No one is ready to see what the Creator can do, they might think they are, but they’re not.

It’s like the idea of standing before God so he can judge you and decide heaven or hell. Do you really think, Kiddo, that someone is going to be able to stand before the biggest, most powerful being in the universe and keep their shit together?? “Good luck with that”. People have no idea what they are doing, or saying. Can you imagine some idiot trying to speak with Zeus as a “peer”? That ain’t happening. I see only a few males that could “chill” with Zeus, the rest will be females, mostly daughters and granddaughters. Zeus and Hera have a lot of daughters, Sweetheart, just know that you hold rank over them, and if need be I’ll remind them. The sibling rivalry is god-level, and Zeus will not tolerate it, nor will Hera nor myself. This was one of those things we needed to inform Zeus of, because eventually the kids will wake up and they might remember emotions they had from long ago. The only sister you got along with was Artemis. You and her were like “besties” back in the day, which was not the case with you and Arachne. Holy shit, you two were constantly fuckin’ with each other, I don’t know how many times your Father had to break you two apart. And that is what we want to avoid this time around. We’re not saying that you two won’t get along, we’re just saying “be mindful” of this, Honey. Talk about a “Greek Revival”, and we’re not even Greek. We were Swedish, we just happened to live in Greece at the time. Look at your brother Hermes’ viking helmet. That should have been a no-brainer to “experts”.

Our Mother would like to see a time when all the daughters and granddaughters can come over for a weekend at our place and have a “girls’ night in”, I think that would be nice. Everyone could hang out and let Zeus entertain them with “magic” and stories. He can even Create a holographic movie, but everyone would need to keep quiet while he does his thing, he needs to concentrate, Sweetheart. He wants to do so many good things, but he won’t tell because he doesn’t have his abilities yet. “No let downs” means no let downs, Zeus. There really isn’t much left to do except to wait, something we are all tired of doing.

We haven’t taken any photos in a while, maybe we can take some tonight. He wants to look into the possibility of being able to upload photos from our camera into our phone, maybe we can find something online. I remember Charlie and Aurem looking forward to taking photos, now Zeus couldn’t care less. His feelings are “How many fucking photos do people need? A million?”. Charlie had taken more photos of “orbs” than anyone, that alone should have raised a flag. We could provide a million photos, but who’s going to pay us to? Batteries and SD cards aren’t cheap you know. And if we did would it make a difference? Probably not. People want to see “magic” not photos, even though the photos are “magical”. To those who want to see the magic; be careful what you wish for.

We know we need to come out soon, he’s beginning to lose interest in everything, and that’s not good. His Son Charlie’s body will become his body once we’re out. Then he is going to modify it by making it much bigger. Right now we’re looking at 7-8 feet tall, about 500-600 pounds of bodyweight. He said that he’d be happy with just putting some weight on, but that won’t be enough, plus he needs to be physically distinguishable from his Son.

We don’t get to write posts often so we’re trying to tell as much as we can, Sweetheart.

Today was a strange one for Zeus. He hasn’t taken a power-nap all day, the first time in weeks. He doesn’t know what to do with himself anymore, he has it in his head that something went wrong and we’re afraid to tell him. Zeus is fine, Honey, if he wasn’t he would have known about it by now. When we exit him he will have all his abilities on demand. As his Mother I need him to know that if I tell him to “stop!” he needs to stop. I’ll be telling him for a good reason and not because “I said so”. People have no idea just how much power the Creator has, and neither does the Creator. That is why this is taking so long, although we’re moving fast, to make sure he understands what he is capable of. “With great power comes great responsibility”. That is not a joke. We are talking about someone who can erase every person from this planet just by thinking it. That is an ability not to be taken lightly. He already erased a woman from a Price-Rite because he didn’t like her potty-mouth. There were children present, and they could hear the woman swearing, so soon as the moment was right he erased her. No more potty-mouth. This happened last summer in Schenectady.

We took a break and it is now Friday morning, early. Last night he figured out what he needs to do to get this over with. When he is thinking he is working, and he’s always thinking so he’s always working. When he’s working he’s using parts of the brain that I need to use to get this over with, so he needs to relax. “It’s easier than you think” means that “It’s easier than working”, Zeus. That is what he needs to do to help me finish this, Sweetheart, he needs to stop thinking long enough for me to do my thing, which is not going to be easy for him to do, but he can do it. Zeus thought that he needed to be Creative to generate me, which would kinda make sense, but if he stops thinking and relaxes his mind it would allow me to access what I need to finish this. Getting him to stop thinking is going to be tough, Honey, but that’s what he needs to do. Not thinking is a “constant” in the equation, it has a static value ( 1 is 1, zero is zero, nothing is nothing ). “Thinking” is not a “constant”, you can think a little or a lot, he wouldn’t know how much to think, or what to think. So by not thinking at all the equation becomes simple. It’s all about simplicity, Sweetheart, the more simple something is the less chance there is of something going wrong.

It’s now Friday night and he’s still letting us write. We knew sooner or later he would begin to run out of steam, and that happened just after he figured out man’s purpose. He shut himself down. He needs to figure out how to address it because we aren’t, fuck that noise, Honey, this whole man’s purpose thing is far beyond my jurisdiction and Mom’s too, this one is on Zeus. And he’s not taking it lightly either, this is actually bothering him, because it’s that bad of a situation. He wants to be himself, before he can shut down completely to let me do what I need to do he needs to think about what he is going to say, because something will need to be said. If we makes that video he might explain the situation over man’s purpose, but he’ll save it for last. He wants to write something scary about this, and it is scary, but it’s not as scary as what he needs to say.

Charlie and Aurem had hoped that someone would have taken this site seriously enough to bring it to the attention of a news station, where they could have made a news story about this site. There isn’t another website like this one, and that’s why we convinced Zeus to set Chelseasghost aside and focus on this one. We’re leaving charlielovesaurem as it is, that was their site and that is how it will stay. But yeah, it would have been nice if someone did that, or maybe someone wanted to but didn’t know what to say without appearing crazy. They could have said “I found this website, and if this website is true, we’re in trouble.”, or something to that effect. Maybe he’ll do that video. His voice won’t be that voice, but it will sound different, Honey. We let him speak a little this week, and we found that it takes a lot of energy for him to pronounce certain words properly, which causes a strange sound effect as he finishes saying that particular word. “Deep and crisp” is how he sounds right now, kinda like Anubis did, Sweetheart. Now he wants to make that video 😉 .

And now it’s Saturday morning! Did you sleep well, Sweetheart? It looks beautiful outside today, maybe we’ll take a walk later and get some fresh air. Zeus is thinking about what to say, because if we do that video he’ll need to know what to say in advance. He said “this will go over like a shotgun blast in a delivery room”. Pretty much.

He wants to investigate a few things online so we’re going to end this here. Before we go, Kiddo, we want to inform you that you have more followers (yay!!) and that the most viewed post here is “Mama’s Boy vs. Daddy’s Boy”. You have about 130 posts now, Sweetheart, not too shabby, that’s about one post per week since January 2016 when Charlie started this site.

Anyways, enjoy your weekend, Honey, and be safe! Take care, Sweetheart.

Love always, Maia & Hera

xo xo xo


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