Well, Kiddo, this will be my third attempt at writing a post, my mind has been occupied and each time I wrote I found my thoughts going somewhere I did not care to go, so I stopped writing.

I feel . . . borderline, or something, not certain. Not dangerous by any means, in regards to “borderline”, it is simply a word for something I cannot describe adequately. I feel like saying “Okay, can we get this over with now?” as if all this is that obvious. Because it is that obvious, Sweetheart.

My thoughts about the Moon. Until I see something impossible happen, so to speak, the Moon can wait. I have other things to figure out.

It is now two days later from when I started this post. I am having great difficulty with trying to write anything, Kiddo. I feel at times that I am losing my mind, that this isn’t Real, but Mom jumps in with a visual reminder whenever I begin to drift. This inability to write is something new. I have interest to write, but I feel hesitant, or something, every time I begin to. Quite frustrating it is. “Walking through a tidal wave” best describes for me. Eventually that wave will dissipate, but for right now it sucks.

Any strange dreams lately, Kiddo? I have had a few but I cannot remember what they were about, I only know that they were strange. Dreams, not visions, big difference. The visions I’ve had are another story. I have had some intense visions, and only a few were pleasant.

So, Kiddo, I have a scenario for you to keep in the back of your mind, but first I would like for you to consider the scenario as a potential possibility. Here is my scenario;

You are out with a friend one day, doing friend stuff, and you both decide to go for a ride. The friend said that they’ll drive, so you get shotgun.

On your way to wherever you notice your friend is quiet, but you don’t think much of it, you just keep looking out your window. After a few minutes of silence you decide to turn to your friend, you know, the one who’s driving, and ask them a serious question about a serious matter. You turn your head and you suddenly see that your friend is now a statue of white marble. No one is driving. What do you do?

The steering wheel is locked in the death-grip of your now marbled friend, you’re not prying those fingers loose, and don’t forget that marble right leg on the accelerator.

Kiddo! What do you do?!

You simply turn the ignition off and apply the emergency/parking brake. You could also throw the transmission into “park”, it will most likely destroy the transmission but the driver isn’t going to mind. Once you come to a stop, get out of the vehicle and walk away like nothing happened. If anyone stops and asks you about Mr. Marble just say “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” and go about your day, there’ll be none the wiser.

And remember, turn ignition off, apply brake, leave.

Not feeling so well. Taking a break.

We took a walk to the Mobil station for soda and yum-yums, found a 2012 nickel face up on the sidewalk when we were leaving, so I took it.

I don’t know, Kiddo, I feel as though something is wrong, but I am told otherwise. The feeling of uncertainty is not an enjoyable one. Not knowing when is taking its toll on me, now I understand how my Son felt about waiting, and he waited for nothing, didn’t he? I mean, he’s dead, did he get to see his Mother in the flesh? No. Now I am going through the same thing. It is difficult to maintain a positive attitude when you don’t know why you should to begin with. It is difficult to believe in yourself when no one else believes in you.

I am so tired of being here. All I want to do anymore is sleep. This went horribly wrong. Maybe it could have been worse, who knows. One thing that I do know is that man is not going to like my answer to his question “Why am I here?”. Oh no, Kiddo, he is not going to like my answer at all.

I am calling it a night, Kiddo, I simply do not feel up to it right now. I do hope that you are doing well, Sweetheart.

Have a good night, Honey, and do be safe.

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo


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