Infernal Equinox

Well, Kiddo, today is the first day of Spring, doesn’t it feel awesome? Not really? I hear you, I hear you, it’s not that big of a deal here either, especially without the cake and ice cream.

You know, Kiddo, I haven’t seen you in 2 years, 2 years this month to be accurate. However, I do remember what you looked like, I think that you would still look similar from then, yes? Funny, I remembered how you looked from 2 years ago but I don’t know what I look like now. Just call me “Blurryface”, because that is what I see, a blurry face. Tis true, Kiddo, tis true. Do you remember how I looked? If not, that’s okay, in fact it would be better if you didn’t. Maybe not “better”, maybe “easier” is the better word here. Either way, it will be interesting to see how this goes.

This past weekend I thought about how this will happen and what will happen afterwards. Now I feel less concerned about the re-entry and more concerned about the aftermath. I mean, things are going to become ungodly bad, Sweetheart, and not because of us, Honey. Ah, tis most true, tis most true, Kiddo, we will not be the cause to the madness that is coming but we will be the cause to the chaos that will drive people mad, at least most people. How they react is on them. I mean . . . what part of “you need to come with us” will confuse the people who need to . . . **shrugs** come with us enough to attempt” resistance, Kiddo? Because you know there will be those who will misinterpret our benevolence, and attempt to think of themselves, placing the others in harm’s way. All it takes is one bad apple to spoil the bushel, Kiddo, and if that happens then everyone loses. There will be at least one bad apple who will ruin it for many others, that I can promise you, Sweetheart. Who will be the one that ruins it for others? Will it be . . .

. . .

. . .

. . . you, Kiddo?

Oh heavens no, Kiddo, heavens no, it could never be you, so will it be . . .

. . .

. . .


Ooh, that was a shade of creepy if you ask me. I like being creepy sometimes, even my two-girl crew gets a laugh out of my creepiness, especially when my creepy turns to terrifying. (uh oh!!)

Oh yes, Kiddo. Sometimes I can be downright scary. . .

. . .

. . .

👻 “boo!”

. . .


Some pretty scary stuff I say. But that’s just me. What I think to be scary is how man doesn’t know what his purpose in life is. You know, the age old question of man, “What is my purpose here?”, and what a good question that is, Kiddo. My question back is “How do you not know your purpose?”. Good question, yes? I mean, if man doesn’t know his purpose then how does he know that what he is doing is correct? Does this not make sense, Sweetheart? If man doesn’t know what he is supposed to do then why is he doing anything at all?

What is man’s purpose here?

The answer is terrifying.


I am serious, Kiddo, the answer is terrifying, for it is an honest answer. Hera did say through Aphrodite “it’s gonna be so fucking bad!!”. Well, at least not for everyone.

By the way, I found a 2005 penny face up in my venture out earlier today, it’s the first penny that found me in days. Just putting that out there.

Did I say anything about the two consorts of Saturnus? No? Well, according to something I watched online, Saturnus had two wives that did the talking for Saturnus, and the reason for this is my voice. We can’t emphasize this enough. I know what I will sound like, you don’t. So to avoid an awkward situation, I will simply keep my mouth shut. This is until we get out of earshot of everyone, then I will speak. Most likely in a car.

Still thinking about that video. It would give you a better understanding as to how I write; I write as I speak, so to speak. Also, you would hear my two-girl crew jump in and out, injecting their thoughts, if you will. My voice will not sound as myself solo, but you will hear something odd. I would use the camera in the hellphone to record it, then upload it to YouTube, if they let me. I think it should pass the test regarding YouTube, I mean, it would only be a view of the great outdoors with myself speaking yet out of view. Should be okay, yes?


So, Kiddo, anything new? How’s your little minion doing, Sweetheart? Is he ready to rise up and conquer all that is evil, Kiddo? I hope so, I hope so. 😉

Would you still be interested in visiting Sweden, Kiddo? Just curious. We would fly to get there, something big, something fast. Sound good, yah? Did you know that only 3% of Sweden is built upon? The other 97% consists of wilderness and parks. Tis true.

It is also true that I am running out of steam, Kiddo, meaning, it is late. I hope you had a safe and stellar day today, Sweetheart.

Goodnight, Honey, and pleasant dreams, Kiddo, pleasant dreams.

Love, Satan I mean Saturnus I mean Zeus, Zeus, I mean Zeus! **looks around, feels confident that no one noticed, smiles . . .**

Goodnight, Kiddo. 🙂

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo


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