The Day After

Hello, Kiddo, I do hope that you are having a stellar day today, Saturday, the 17th of March. Yesterday was not too bad of a day for us, but it was bad at some points. However I did keep my shit together I will say I will. Now for today, Sweetheart. Yes, for today, where will I hide today, mostly? Why in tbe basement! That’s where, Kiddo, because it’s so much fun down there.

In the basement.

. . .

In the basement I found a bug on the tip of my boot. It was a “stink-bug”. Knowing it did not belong there I flipped it off onto the floor, where it landed on its back. I will refer to it as a male as not to sound cold.

So I sat still observing the stink-bug struggle to correct itself, for it was struggling. I watched him for minutes, repeating the same futile actions over and over, as if malfunctioning.

My thoughts of the 2016 penny that appeared were placed on the back-burner to steep, for something most interesting found its way onto my plate. This stink-thing had my attention. It had 6 legs and two wings and it still could not correct itself. Something wrong with that picture, Kiddo? For 10 minutes I watched him back-peddle himself into a circle, and I thought to myself “Either this thing is stupid, or it’s designed wrong.” I know it wasn’t injured when it hit the floor, that I know.

After awhile my interest lessened, I mean, where is the fun in watching something run around in circles over and over?

I thought about where this, then, was going, because he wasn’t going anywhere, at least that is how it appeared to me just before we were interrupted with something irrelevant to us. Being understanding, I put my life aside for a few.

Upon returning, I found the stink-bug on all 6 feet, slowly walking away from where he was. I watched him and thought “all that for nothing”, then I stepped on him. That is what I had planned to do before I was interrupted. I mean, 10 minutes, Kiddo, come on now. This thing was doing the back-stroke across the floor like Michael Phelps for ten minutes for no reason other than the two I had mentioned. Maybe it was both. Who knows, regardless his olympic trials are over. Done and done.

We’ll be right back, Honey.

Oh that Hera. So we spent yesterday out of sight and sharing some of the videos we had watched, including ones that my Son and his twin sister had once enjoyed, for whatever reason. While listening to those videos my mind began to wander. As I wandered I wondered “When is this going to end, Mom?”, and She answered “Almost!”. So we sighed and She repeated “Almost!” . So I said “okay”. I think that my two-girl crew is waiting for Me to accept the fact that I am ready. It is Me that is hesitant, not my Mother or my Wife. I know that I am ready, Kiddo, it is the moment of acceptance that has me nervous. I am the holdback. I mean, your life is about to change forever in a way you never expected, Sweetheart, could one ever be truly ready? No. It would be impossible to. But one can be ready enough. So, there it is.

On a darker note, I had a strange dream this morning. I watched a stranger walk up to me in this basement and I was good with it. He might have asked me something, not sure, but I was comfortable in his presence. That’s where I was going,

Moon Children.

I thought about the content in my Son’s book and noticed a correlation it has with those pennies. Could children be placing those pennies for me to Find? The pennies were to help my Son get me here, they could have stopped coming long ago, yes? But we still find them. If, if there are these children doing this, why children?

Hmm . . .

Well, if this is indeed true, then those in command on the other side must know that I would never hurt a child. An adult is a different story. Just being honest. This pertains to physical meeting, after all, I have no idea as to what “they” look like. They might appear to look frightful to some. Maybe from a mishap. Maybe all the adults are gone, like in “Aliens”, Kiddo. Maybe it is absolute chaos up there. Maybe it’s absolutely nothing. **shrugs** I know if that moon rotates 180° I will feel a little better. Then again if anything pertaining to happened it would make me feel better. I am tired of waiting for a moment for that moment, so to speak. I guess that would explain my, our, hopes of “somebody” getting us out of here now, because I don’t see any opportune window here, at least not a safe one. By safe we mean there not being any chance of anyone hearing my voice for the first time. It will be loud and not sound remotely natural when I first speak, I know because I spoke a few words when my Mother knew we had adequate privacy. It’s a wall-shaker. Pretty cool if you ask me, Honey.

Anywho, what happens happens. Take that stink-thing for a moment. After all that struggling in desperation to correct himself he finally gets back up onto his own 6 feet only to walk a foot to his grave. It was a stink-bug, Kiddo, if you had one in your hair you wouldn’t hesitate to ghost it, so to speak, I’m tellin’ ya!

I am listening to “Radical Cutting Methods” by Clouds, one of Daddio’s favorites. Oh this is killing me, Kiddo, killing me I say! I will also say that headphones make a difference. Have you watched any of the non-music videos that I posted on Facebook, Kiddo? Just curious, just curious. My head is whistling and it ain’t Dixie. I want this to end. Maybe a craft will set down in the backyard one day when I am outside the basement, that would be nice. Because my ass is getting in it. The backyard is a good size, I’m sure it can accommodate.

If, if that were the case.

Right now I am out of steam. Losing interest, if you will. I am even losing interest in that video, Kiddo, but it doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen, Sweetheart. It is difficult to prepare for something that has never been done before, on top of learning to trust two women that I cannot physically touch, on top of getting over the fact that I need to finish this. All at once. I think that I have enough on my plate, yes? You might think so. But you would be wrong, very wrong. Tis true, Kiddo, tis true. That video could be helpful, but again the issue is privacy, we need to synchronize our moments with the agendas of others, and is not always that easy, as you are aware of our present situation.

Anywho, I just thought to share some things to help get my mind off of yesterday. It was an okay day overall. I thought to write more but I am feeling all sorts of strange, Kiddo, all sorts of strange. If I am up to it I will Create another post, perhaps something Creative, right now I need a break.

Oh! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🍀

Anywho, goodnight, Kiddo, and pleasant dreams.

With love, Zeus

xo xo xo


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