Time To Let Go

This might be a bit rough getting through, but we’re not turning back, Kiddo. I now understand what the “99%” pertained to, it was telling me “Okay, now that you are awake, here’s what the Real problems are.”

And they are problems. All of them. There are certainly a lot of problems out there, Kiddo, a lot more then I would have imagined. Why, there are so many problems out there that I am simply beside myself, and to answer those problems someone needs to be themselves. Tis true. But how will Zeus answer those problems, Sweetheart?

Should He answer them with great vengeance and furious anger?

Should He . . .

answer them with an automated voicemail?

Should He answer them with “fire and fury”?

Should He?

Regardless, there are problems. A lot of them.

Some, if not many, are our fault, if not Mine. Because SOMEONE didn’t listen to their Wife. Or Mother. And now we have a mess that words can’t describe. Holy shit. He needs to be Himself, but before Mom lets Him go He needs to know what to expect and why, and He needs to stay calm after we’re outside of Him. This is the most confused He has been, but now He understands why He is confused, and now He needs to know that it doesn’t matter anymore. He needs to let it go, Honey, the past has passed and now we’re in this time where everything is different. History is useless to Him now, there is nothing more to learn from the past. He knows that He has a touch of amnesia, but He’s remembering more and more.

As soon as I feel comfortable with releasing us from Him I will. 99% brought him to the Real World, now we need to get him up to speed, which isn’t taking long. Leaving the past behind helps a lot, it is so inaccurate it’s useless. I’m going to stop so He can write. Take care, Sweetheart.

. . .

Oh that two-girl crew. Kiddo, if the Moon was a boat, what kind of boat would it be? I think it would be many boats in one, like a tug-boat. A tug boat is nothing more than a farm tractor designed for the seas, so to speak. Make sense, Kiddo? I mean, farm tractors move heavy things on land just as a tug-boat moves heavy things on the water. The Moon, as a boat, could also act as a passenger boat, a battleship, a speedboat, why, even as an ice breaker. But let’s talk about that tug-boat. If the Moon is a tug-boat, what does it tug on? I would say that it tugs on the Earth, after all, it does affect the tides. But why is it here, Sweetheart? Maybe the Moon, as a tugboat, is waiting to hook up to the Earth to tow it somewhere. Sound possible? Sounds scary to me.

So many possibilities, so little time. For all I know a zombie apocalypse is taking place inside the Moon, anything is possible. Or maybe there’s no one left onboard. **shrugs** Honestly, Kiddo, I have no idea what is happening with the Moon. For some reason I want to call it “The Heathen”, like the name of a sailing ship, a pirate ship perhaps. I am still curious as to what is on the dark side of the Moon. I mean, how do we know for certain that the Moon is a sphere? It could be flat on the other side. It could also be cylindrical like a time-release capsule. Maybe the other side is missing, perhaps a mishap blew the back of the Moon off and the IMPs don’t want me to see just how bad it is, because I could lose my shit. Maybe the IMPs have forgotten that the Creator can fix anything? Tis true, tis true, but first I need to be myself, and then I can fix anything. See how that works? Now if we didn’t need to be concerned on surviving we could be done with this already. But what do we know.

I know CJ is almost out of nicotine. She might have one more day, maybe two, and then She’s out. She told me not to buy more, which I couldn’t do if I wanted to, but She also said she “ain’t quittin’.” This should be interesting. I do not smoke, She smokes, and so does my Wife. I mean, their smoking doesn’t bother me, it is them not smoking that will bother me. Oh Kiddo, why needth this difficult? Why, why? **lowers head in defeat** Could something please go right for us? Where’s Jesus when you need him? **SMMFH**

Anywho, I am ending this here. I am certain that I will have more to write by the end of the weekend but I will post another draft of Daddio’s tomorrow, I will try to add “draft” this time, along with the date and time of when he archived that draft. Alright? Alright.

Have a good night, Kiddo, and do be safe, Sweetheart.

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo


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