So, Kiddo, a rundown if I may. How are you doing, Sweetheart? Stellar I hope, stellar I hope. So this rundown I mentioned. I feel good, Kiddo, I feel good, because I believe that I was paid a visit by the invisible moon people. Oh yes, tis true, me Kiddo, for I know where I stand, and so would they. You know, the . . . invisible moon people. o.O

I am serious, Kiddo. Okay, here’s what happened. I was standing in the spot I always stand in when we make the cap up for Mom’s nicotine fix. We then stepped outside, took a hit, exhaled, then went back inside. As soon as we stepped to where we stand Zeus found a penny on the floor. The only way that penny got there was by someone putting it there. It was 1995 penny, the same year My Son’s favorite Godzilla movie came out. Anyways, the point is that someone put that penny there, and they don’t live in this house.

True story.

So what do I do now, Kiddo?

Should we wait and see if the Moon rotates to the right 180°? What if that happens, after I called it? Now how would you feel? Then again, that question cannot be asked until we see just what is on the dark side of the Moon. It must be something worth hiding, yes? Maybe it’s something big, Sweetheart. What could it be, what could it be, Honey?

There are many possibilities, Kiddo, as to what is on the other side of the Death Star I mean Moon. What if it resembles the Death Star by having that inlayed dish thingee the giant laser beam comes out of. In “Star Wars”, that is. It could be a speaker. Now there’s a weapon for you, Kiddo, Sound. How does a person escape sound when they are surrounded by sound? Cover your ears? “Forever”? A sound wave can level a skyscraper. A sound can liquefy internal organs, including the brain. (Ouch!!) My Son Charlie’s lil’ misfire would call him “the god of sound” from time to time, referring to his taste in hardcore techno, “90’s old skool” to be precise. And with the sound system he had his music came to life. In more ways than one. Oh, the Moon. How did we get here. Anywho, what is on the other side, Kiddo? Well that sounded macabre, almost as macabre as macabre corn pipe.

He’s such an ass, Sweetheart


You know, Kiddo, what if the other side is a giant billboard? Like the ones that are giant TVs. What would you do, Kiddo, if one night you looked up at the night sky and saw “Zeus ❤ Hera” across the face of the Moon? How might that make you feel? I know how it would make me feel. If someone did that for me.

Will the Moon rotate 180° by or on March 31st?


Taking a break, we’ll be right back.

So in other news, I put more of the drama in place and I came to the decision of disregarding history altogether. It is beyond repair. I think when I make myself known it will be the start of a new calendar. We’ll start with day one and go from there. Lots of changes coming.

I think I hear something coming from the basement, it sounds like someone banging on the oil tank. At least that is what I heard. What if the IMPs are telling me something, Kiddo? I mean, I distinctly heard several bangs on the oil tank beneath me. Should I be . . . nervous, about this? I think not, after all, what you cannot see cannot hurt you, yes? I mean, that is what they say. They seem to know a lot, don’t they? How do they know so much? It’s like they know everything or something. Who has the time to learn everything to know everything? That takes time, Kiddo, so who are they to know everything? If they know everything, then they would also know the answer to that age old question “Why are we here?”. Why, they might even know the answer to “What is our purpose?”, since they know everything, or so they say. Those are questions that have no factual answers, agreed? I think so. Do you want to know the answers to those questions?


That we will promise.

It is much worse than you think.

Much much worse.

But it will be the truth. And it will put everyone on the same page, because that is where they need to be. On the same page.

So what do I do with the calypso drummer in the basement? I could be wrong. But what if I’m not? We ask a lot of questions, yes?

Alright. Let’s “play pretend”. Let’s say that there are two IMPs in the basement watching me. They leave coins to let me know they are following me. They don’t want to hurt me, that I know. We know that they don’t want me to hurt them, and we don’t want that either. They are studying me to see if they can approach me without Hera and Maia physically present to protect them in case I should happen to lose my shit on them. “They’re good” said Maia, and we both agree that She’s right. I mean, I have my Wife and my Mother inside me, of course I will be a good boy, I have no choice. When I am myself, then I have a choice, to listen to my Mother and my Wife. Which He will. Of course I will, I am not a monster, you know.

Anywho, that was my rundown. Now to call it a night. I will keep you updated, Honey, because this is getting interesting now.

Pleasant dreams, Kiddo, and be safe.

With love, Zeus

xo xo xo



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