Where Do I Begin

Any ideas, Kiddo? As to where do I begin? My head is whistling like a tea kettle about to boil over. Tis true, Kiddo. How are you doing, Sweetheart? Stellar I am hoping. I am also hoping that you read this post, Honey. Tis true, tis true, and it is also true that you will have a clearer understanding of what is going on, if you should read this post, Kiddo.

Think, simplicity.


When you imagine something, what are you a actually doing? I mean, where did the image you are imagining come from? It came from somewhere. Are you certain that you are imagining, and not remembering something that you have seen a long time ago? I mean, whatever you are imagining must have come from somewhere or you wouldn’t be imagining it. Do you follow? When someone paints a picture, where did they get the idea to do so? There must have been something on their mind to paint the picture that they did, what was that something and where did it come from? They just . . . imagined that picture? How? You never really put much thought into this before, if you are thinking about this now. Something to think about.

Another something to think about is just how much work did it take to get as close as we are. “We are pretty close” says Maia. Oh I hope so. I say that with exhaustion, not with threat. They know that.

I have more to say, so let’s see where this goes.

I have a new view on the “invisible moon people”, oh yes I do, Kiddo.

I have two possibilities regarding these mischievous moon people tis true! I speak without deceptive thoughts, I forewarned.

One, there is no one in nor on the Moon. I have completely misread both my Mother and my Wife in regards to and of the Moon. Ergo, the Moon is inconsequential and is not needed.

Two. There are people living in or on the Moon and there is a problem, in or on the Moon.

I want to see the next full Moon rotate 180° to the right, then hold that new position for 24 hours before rotating 180° to the left, returning to the previous position. The next full moon is March 31st, and it will be a “sap moon”, to be precise.

If the Moon rotates on the 31st of March, or even sooner, then I know there are people watching me from afar. If the Moon does not rotate on or by March 31st then I am going to erase it from the sky as soon as I am back. I mean, what is it doing other than taking up space if no one is in there to give me a hand, more so my Mother a hand. No one else can help us finish this calmly and peacefully so why not ask the invisible moon people? If we need to do this the hard way right to the end when it didn’t need to I will not be as open minded as I am now.

I want to see what exactly is on the other side of the Moon. I have an idea what it looks like, I think it would be interesting to see if I am right in what I think. What do you think is on the other side of the Moon, Kiddo? The simplest answer is “something worth hiding”. The only logical reason as to why people on Earth only see one side of the Moon is because that is what they are allowed to see.

So what do you think it is, Kiddo?

What you’re not allowed to see?

Advanced cities?


A 24/7 Taco Bell that delivers?

So many possibilities, Kiddo, so many possibilities, but only one can be what it actually is, Sweetheart.

What is on the Dark Side of the Moon?

If I were to guess what is being hidden, I would say a rather large weapon, perhaps a cannon. Maybe the other side looks like the “Death Star”, but in an opposite manner. I mean, there is the Baltic Sea anomaly that resembles the Millennium Falcon, so why not a Death Star for a moon? The odd thing about the Millennium Falcon is that it looks like it travels backwards, like the front should be the rear and vice-versa. Maybe it’s me, I don’t know, it simply looks backwards. The Millennium Falcon that is. The Baltic Sea anomaly looks forward. Just saying.

What to do, what to do. I am tired of doing nothing, Kiddo, and I know two girls who feel the same way but worse. Tis true, me Kiddo, they want out, and can you blame them?? Seriously. My Mother is simply making sure that everything is a “go” before She says “This is it”.

No one is ready for this, not even you, Sweetheart. We need to make sure that you know without any doubt that when Zeus begins to vent it isn’t directed at you, Honey. Right now He is tired from what He learned this past weekend, and has just about had it with everything. He wasn’t joking about erasing the Moon, by the way. Just putting that out there. He knows He has a touch of amnesia, but He knows it won’t affect His abilities, something like the “Iron Giant” with the dent in his head, combined with “Regarding Henry”. He’s almost there, we’re just making sure he understands that what He will see is the Real World and not a hallucination. He is ready, we’re just making sure, Sweetheart. This will be the first time the Creator is here as Himself. This has never been done before. And so far He is not impressed. He knows that it has become more difficult to express Himself because the more He becomes Himself the more He needs to hide. This has become frustrating to Him, and not being able to even hear His own voice doesn’t help any. His voice is very deep and loud, with some sound effects too. Just remember that He isn’t yelling at you when He begins to get loud, Sweetheart. He’s letting us speak a little so we’re giving you a notice in advance not to worry, in fact it might be better not to watch that show when the time comes, hearing Him will be more than enough to know He is pissed. But not at you, Honey. You and a few others are “Golden”, meaning no “pow-pow”. No one wants a pow-pow. Just saying.

. . .


So there you have it. I want to see the Moon rotate 180°, because I know it can. What would you think if the Moon rotated 180° by or on March 31st, Kiddo? I can only imagine. What if it did and you saw a giant cannon barrel sticking out of it? Would that be scary? **shrugs**

. . .

What I think to be scary would be every possible apocalypse occurring all at once. I mean, it could happen. That would be bad. Especially if the Moon is of no use to use because it is gone, then where does everyone go? Have you ever “tread space”? If you scream in Space and no one is around to hear you, would you hear you?


Are you ready for a Greek Revival, Kiddo? I’m not. I am serious, Kiddo. I mean, I am not certain what to expect, how about you? See? **gloats**

I don’t know, Kiddo. I was only writing a book.

Anywho, I will post another random draft from Daddio this week, as filler while we work on our video. This should be interesting.

Pleasant dreams, Sweetheart, and do be safe, Honey.

Goodnight, Kiddo.

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo


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