The Matchless Mr. Candlepants

Hello, Kiddo, and how are you doing on this cold and blustery day? I do hope that you and yours are safe and warm inside, away from the elements. So, did you ever figure out what “Candlepants” means? I did, tis true.

. . .

. . .

Oh, you want to know what it means? Well why didn’t you say so? I am not a mind-reader, you know. Alright, I will tell you, but first a little something, a nursery rhyme, if I may . . .

“Candlepants, Candlepants,

2, 3, 4,

He’s clawing at your window, he’s scratching at your door.

Candlepants, Candlepants,

5, 6, 7,

He burnt up Hell, and then he burned down Heaven.

Candlepants, Candlepants,

8, 9, 1,

He gets away with murder, because he is my Son.”

Not bad for on the spot, at least in my opinion. The name “Candlepants” means “fire-breather”. Some might have thought it was an anagram, although it is not an anagram there are over 500 possible word combinations using all the letters in “Candlepants”. Here are some examples . . .

Planned acts

Pets can land

Laps cant end

Cat plans end

Pretty interesting, yes? I think so. After Aurem left us I figured out that the “pants” in “Candlepants” referred to breathing and not to clothing. A “candle” is not a candle until it has a flame, and another word for a flame is “fire”, ergo, “fire-breather”. Your forever brother is good at hiding.

Now for the Moon. I stopped writing the other night because of information overload. Too much too soon in regards to the Moon. And there are some things we cannot speak of. I mean, I could tell you in person, Kiddo, for I trust you, but it is not important at the moment. It will be, but not now, Honey.

I must say, the wind, it is a howling, but then again, “March comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb”, so they say. Did you know that March is actually the first month of the year? January and February were created by the Roman Empire as a means to generate more monthly tax revenue. The twelve month calendar is known as the “Julian Calendar”, per Julius Caesar, it has nothing to do with the twelve signs of the zodiac. Speaking of Caesar, if the letter “J” didn’t exist until 1524, what was Julius Caesar’s first name?

Ivlivs Caesar. In the ass-rag, Matthew 22:21 to be precise, the Antichrist said “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” In other words, “Give everything to the Roman Empire.” Oh that Antichrist. If you are curious as to which Caesar the Antichrist is referring to, he is referring to Tiberius Claudius Nero.

. . .

. . .


Are you up for a paradox, Kiddo? Well, not sure if it can be classified as an actual paradox, but it is rather perplexing. Tis true, Kiddo, tis true. It is what I call . . .

. . .

The pseudo-daughter continuum

Both Hera and Maia are smiling, for they know about the pseudo-daughter continuum, and its ties to the Law of Reversibility. Are you ready, Kiddo? I hope so, I hope so. Okay, Honey, here we go. . .

My Son Charlie had a pseudo-daughter (Kiddo).

Kiddo had a pseudo-father (Charlie).

If Kiddo can have a pseudo-father (Charlie), then Kiddo can have a pseudo-mother (Hera).

If Hera can have a pseudo-daughter (Kiddo), Hera can have a pseudo-son (Charlie).

If Charlie can have a pseudo-mother (Hera), Hera can have a pseudo-mother (Carol).

If Carol can have a pseudo-daughter (Hera), Carol can have a pseudo-son (Zeus).

If Zeus can have a pseudo-mother (Carol), then Zeus can have a pseudo-daughter (Kiddo).

All of us are connected “spiritually”, not genetically.

The only one returning as themselves, so to speak, is Hera. Her “daughter” Aurem never had a body so Hera has no choice but to return as Hera. I have my Son Charlie’s body, Maia has Carol’s body, and Kiddo has Chelsea’s body. And for the record, Charlie and his Mother Carol were not random. We didn’t have a lottery to see who we will use for vessels, that is not how we work. Kiddo on the other hand was separated from the party somehow, but managed to get inside one of Marc Antoni’s bloodlines. “Close enough” says Maia.

Oh that Maia. Maia is the Holy Spirit, She doesn’t have a “soul”, She has the ability to enter the souls of others without them knowing it. No, Kiddo, She never entered your soul and snooped around, She is your GrandMother and good grandmothers never pry into the lives of their grandchildren. However, She did need to get inside my Son, Her GrandSon, for obvious reasons. Maia is the “Tinkerbell” to my “Peter Pan”, always staying one step ahead, if not many, to make sure the coast is clear. This time around Maia is “Carol Jacobsen”. Also for the record, Maia has been Carol Jacobsen the entire time. Some women know how to keep a secret.

Still thinking about the Moon, Kiddo? No?! Why not? You know, Kiddo, the other day I generated a scenario of yourself telling your parents something pertaining to the Moon. It was something like this . . .

Kiddo – “Hey mom, dad, I need you to babysit for the weekend because I need to go somewhere, is that okay?”

Mom – “Of course, honey, where do you need to go?”

Kiddo – “I need to go to the Moon.”

Dad – **listening**

Mom – “The Moon.”

Kiddo – “Yes, mom, the Moon, but I’ll be right back, I promise.”

Dad – “How are you getting there?”

Kiddo – “Zeus is picking me up.”

Mom – “Zeus? The Greek god Zeus?”

Kiddo – “No, that was his Son Zeus Jr., this is Zeus the Creator and he’s bringing his Wife Hera and the Holy Spirit along, too.”

Mom – ” . . . ”

Dad – “What’s he picking you up with?”

Kiddo – “A spaceship.”

Mom – “She’s high.

Dad – “yep”

Kiddo – “I’m not high, I’m telling you the truth!!”

And you would be, Kiddo. As crazy as that little scenario might seem it could actually happen. Anything is possible, including the possibility of invisible moon people standing in the same room that I am now. Sound crazy? Possibly. Do I care?

If you did need to go to the Moon, Kiddo, what could be the reason as to why? You know, Kiddo, about a week ago I had a “dream” where I was in Space looking at the Earth, but not from a craft. I stared at it for about 10 seconds, it was perfectly still, clouds and all. It felt natural or something. Ever dream about the Moon, Kiddo? Just curious, just curious, Honey.

There was something I wanted to talk about but I cannot remember what it was. Oh! Now I remembered.

. . .

The Grim Reaper

Yes, yes, the grim reaper, a most fanciful depiction of inevitability; Death. There was no “grim reaper”, oh no, Kiddo, there never was. There were “reapers”, meaning more than one. Hopefully the invisible moon people see this because it pertains to them.

The grim reaper first appeared in Europe back in the mid 14th century at the time of the bubonic plague, or “Black Death”. He was said to have been a skeleton donned in a black hooded robe and carrying a scythe. He was said to have been seen on the outskirts of villages and in wheat fields reaping away. Tis true, Kiddo, tis true. So, who was he?

First of all, there was more than one, possibly a dozen or so. A team, if you will. But a team of what, Sweetheart?

Remember, this was at a time when some cultures still believed in sacrificing their first born to their god of choice to ensure good crops of the coming season.

The reapers were a team of “fumigators”. They wore white, full-bodied bio-hazard suits and white gas masks under their dark, hooded cloaks. Onlookers would have noticed the white gloves (skeletal hands) and the white gas mask (skull-like face) peering out from the hooded cloak. Now for the scythe.

The scythe was a “fumigation wand”, similar to a “spray-gun” used at self-serve car washes. What was described as a scythe blade was actually the vapor-trail made from the chemicals they were spraying. They saturated the fields by using the wand in a back-and-forth radial motion creating arced vapor trails resembling the shape of the blade in a scythe. After the team dispensed their supply of contagions they went back home to the Moon. Why did they spray contagions? Population control.

Am I wrong, IMP? I think not.

Now I wonder if AIDS is another “Black Death”. It is a form of population control. And it targets a specific group; homosexuals. Why are homosexuals a target? Many reasons, but mostly because the ass-rag states “Adam & Eve”.

Not “Adam & Steve”.

But that will be another topic, in the near future.

. . .


So it is now Saturday night and I need to rest. Today is the Empress’ birthday, so to her we wish her a most happy birthday. Happy Birthday T!

I have more to share but I need to rest now.

Anywho, have a good night and I will write again soon. Be safe, Sweetheart.

With love, Zeus

xo xo xo


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