Bella Luna


How’s it going, how’s it going? Good I hope I do. Things most certainly picked up on our end I say, I did not expect to learn what I did last night, but it did get me to 99%. Now for that 1%. What could it be, Sweetheart? I mean, could it be much longer? Mom says “no”. Well that’s a good thing, yes? I think so, I think so. So what could be left, Kiddo?

Yesterday at 4:46 PM I noticed a 3/4 moon in the 10 o’clock position and the Sun just in the 3 o’clock position. If I am standing on the Earth looking up, the Earth is below the direct line between the Sun and the Moon. So, Kiddo . . .

what was casting a shadow on the Moon?


Any ideas? It wasn’t Venus. What is between the Sun and the Moon that we cannot see?

If you can see a crescent moon inline with the Sun, something rather large is blocking direct sunlight from covering the surface of the Moon, and you can’t see what it is. To others reading this, I was and still am in upstate New York. In fact it is the same way today, I know this because I had just looked. Should we be . . . concerned . . . Kiddo?

. . .


Ever wonder what readers outside our circle think about this site, Sweetheart? You know there is probably at least one thinking “this guy’s crazy”. That’s okay. Someone else might think “I wish I had a pseudo-dad who wrote blogs to me 😢”. I remember reading something Daddio wrote, it pertained to fathers, and mothers too, learning about this website and following suit. Meaning, creating their own websites for their child or children as a means to say in pixels what they cannot say in person, that is why my Son Charlie kept this website free to the public. And your other sites too, Honey. Oh that Hera. 😉

Do you remember the “super eclipse” last August? August 27th I believe. When the “moon” passed over the United States it cast a shadow 70 miles wide. Where I come from, physics states that the Moon would need to be no more than 70 miles wide. The further away an object obstructing a path of light is from a surface on the opposite side the larger its shadow will be. This can be replicated with your hand on a kitchen table under a ceiling light. Lift your hand up from the table and you will see your hand’s shadow grow larger. This is simple science. So, is the Moon actually 2,000+ miles wide, 70 miles or less wide, or was their something else eclipsing the Sun? Then again, which Sun? There are several artificial suns hovering over the Earth now, so you need to take that into account as well.

Speaking of the Sun, I read an article back in late December of last year that stated the Earth was in perihelion, which is when the Earth is closest to the Sun. Does that make sense? What is going to happen when the Earth is in aphelion, when it is farthest from the Sun? Ice age? You can Google this yourself. Where I come from, the closer you are to a heat source, like a bonfire, the warmer you are. Am I wrong? What’s going on, Kiddo, what’s going on?

. . .


My Wife and my Mother love when I do that, it makes them smile. I am serious, Kiddo. I am. Kiddo, have you ever wondered why people always see the same exact side of the Moon? I mean, photos from 100 years ago are no different from the photos today. Shouldn’t that be impossible, Sweetheart? Oh that Holy . . .woman-person. The Holy Spirit’s actual name is Maia, by the way, but this time around She is Carol Jacobsen. Anywho, what the Moon is doing is impossible to do naturally. No natural satellite around any planet makes only 1 rotation in its orbit around its “host”. The Moon is a “space ship”. A heavily armed “space ship”. Tis true, Kiddo, tis true. Inside the Moon are people. Those people are the descendants of my Son Von, his wife, and his daughter. Remember, Von was a geneticist, so there was no reproduction through incest. The Moon is over 15 billion years old, he “built” that before anything else. That is where he and his family lived while the Earth was stabilizing for them to live on. While the Earth was stabilizing he traversed the universe to form other planets and galaxies, after all, he did need to wait a few million years before the Earth was ready. I was reminded that he was also waiting for Mars to stabilize as well, because he wasn’t going to place all his eggs in one basket, so to speak. Mars bombed, so he let his little Roomba wipe it clean, lickety-split. Speaking of, any word or sightings of Nbru? Just curious, just curious.

So how many descendants do you have up there, Kiddo? I mean, 15 billion years is quite a long time to build a population. I’m thinking . . . 250-500 million people. What do you think they look like, Honey? Would you be able to distinguish one of them from the average person here? My Mother says “no”. (Uh-oh)

I don’t know, Kiddo, I don’t know, when Hera says “uh oh” it usually means something’s up.

Hmm . . .

You know, Kiddo, Daddio did say that there were people walking around here that you couldn’t see. Maybe they are standing right next to me reading what I am typing. Maybe, there are people leaving coins for me to find, Daddio’s “pennies from heaven”, to let me know that they are here. Let’s try something. A few days ago my Son’s sister handed him a coin she found in her driveway, she said something in regards to her brother always finding coins. The coin was placed where she found it.

What was that coin? Yes, you, you invisible moon person, you, what was that coin? We didn’t place it there, and Ms. Goody three-shoes certainly didn’t place it there. It wasn’t by the niece or by her boyfriend. It wasn’t by the dog, he’s a bad puppy. Someone, or someones, have been placing coins in strange yet obvious places for my Son to find since late December of 2014. Now I find them. I guess they were not meant for him. Why are the invisible moon people doing this? Why are they invisible? How are they invisible? Best yet, what are they waiting for?

I have a theory, or an idea.

The invisible moon people are using technology thousands of years ahead of us, so to speak. They are using a type of “cloaking” to make themselves “invisible”, that is how they are able to get close enough to me to leave a coin at me feet. My Mother and my Wife have been inside me everytime a “penny from heaven” was found, so it was not them. It was not the government either. It was known ahead of time how this process would work, even though this has never been done before.

As far as to why they are waiting, they needed to wait to see how awake I would be, and what kind of mood I would be in before approaching me. If I were to be approached by one or three moon people asking me to go with them a year ago, I would have refused, and not in a polite way.

Now I am aware. I am also aware of how those approaching would think if they were uncertain of my frame of mind. Here, an example . . .

IMP 1 – “Man I don’t know about this. What if he’s pissed that we didn’t get him out sooner? What do we tell him if he asks?”

IMP 2 – “What do we tell him if he asks if we were watching him from inside the house? I mean we saw everything he did, he had no privacy and he might not be too happy when we tell him “yes”.”

IMP 1 – “Man, I wish Hera and Maia were back, then I wouldn’t be shitting my pants right now.”

IMP 2 – “Hey, I’m shitting my pants too, but if he now knows his Mother’s Real name then that means Maia knows it’s okay for us to get him out of here, and besides, I’m tired of hiding in this damn basement.”

IMP 1 – “At least it’s warm in here, and he cleaned it up, it gave us some more room to move around.”

IMP 2 – “That was probably Maia’s idea to clean the basement. Just sayin’.”

IMP 1 – “Whatever, dude, I just don’t want him pissed off at us.”

IMP 2 – “Hey, do you think he’ll hook us up for getting him out of here?”

IMP 1 – “I don’t know, why don’t you ask him?”

IMP 2 – “That is so not funny.”

What I am saying is that the coast is clear, per Maia. Does this sound crazy? Of course it does. Do I care? No.

I was thinking about how my Son acts as a bio-electrical dimensional gateway for souls to pass through to the other side, like a “transponder”, and then I thought “If there were people living in the Moon, how do their souls pass through the hull?” I mean, the soul inside that giant metal sphere must have someway to get out to reach my Son, yes? Because they would also need a way to get in, otherwise there would be no one in there. But wait a minute. What if, when the soul leaves my Son it has no way of getting to the Moon? My Son did say something about the cycle being broken, and he said that was why so many souls still here, but he never found out what the exact cause was.

“We’re not supposed to be here.” Hera told me that several times before. Something tells me that she is right. “There’s a big problem,” she just said, and the IMPs know it. They have been looking for me, because there is a problem.

I need to finish this later, Kiddo, something came up. I will post this now and the rest later. Enjoy your evening, Kiddo, and be safe.

Love, Zeus


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