The Father, The Son, and The Holy . . . ? (part two)

Alright, Kiddo, let’s see if I can finish this without my hellphone interrupting me.

Is my Wife the Holy ______ or is the Holy ______ my Wife.

What does this sentence mean to you; “It has always been just you and me.”

Here’s my thing. I consider myself to be a one-woman kinda guy. Now, I know what my Son wrote in his book, the first book, and I know that there are hundreds of clues in that first book that are mirroring what is taking place now. He has me on an Easter egg hunt, and the bible is not helping me as it has been altered over fifty times that we know of. And it was almost altered again, per Emperor Francis, A.K.A Antichrist.

You see, Kiddo, if my Mother doesn’t have the container for her spirit to reside in She can reside inside Hera’s container next to Hera. She says that will not be residing in my container, which makes sense because I couldn’t be myself if She did.

The spirit is more elusive, so to speak, the soul not so much.

From what Aurem had told me my Mother will return first, carrying Hera inside of her, and that also makes sense to me. Is it accurate? **shrugs** She cannot tell me, I need to figure this out on my own. I feel both Carol Jacobsen and Hera inside but it doesn’t mean I am feeling two souls. Why is this a big deal?

Hera and . . . CJ look alike, at least when they were both young. In the first hour of ground zero on May 3rd 2015 I was given a “vision” of a young female’s face, the right side of to be exact, and now I can’t tell if it was Hera or CJ. **shakes fist at air-Aurem**

I want to do things right this time, without hurting anyone’s feelings, their feelings. From what I have understood I would have two wives but I don’t know how that would work. I mean, I want them both back regardless if CJ is to be my wife or not but I need to know soon. When I figure this out, what will happen? Will that be the moment? I just might be sitting on that moment, Kiddo, do you know why? Because I am nervous, Kiddo, tis true, and I am not one to be nervous, after all, what do I need to be nervous about? Exactly, Kiddo, exactly. I need a break, BRB.

Thinking about this is not that easy. How about some more facts, Kiddo, yes?

I entered my Son Charlie when he was about 4 years old.

His Mother Carol Jacobsen was alive until he was 12 years old.

I have seen moments where his Mother was present inside him.

I have seen where and when Aurem was present inside him.

Aurem is now gone.

Aurem had a soul.

Aurem is “attached” to Charlie.

I am “attached” to Hera.

Hera and I are two separate souls.

Who is confusing me is Carol Jacobsen, meaning, is she like us. Meaning, is she a vessel and my Mother is/was inside of her, as I am inside her/my Son Charlie? Did Aurem get booted out of her soul so that Hera can take it over? (No one is saying anything) Will CJ’s spirit be inside my Wife’s body? Will my Wife be inside CJ’s body? Is me Kiddo hiding inside Chelsea’s body? Is Kiddo and Chelsea the same soul or are they two souls sharing the same body? Because I remember one night last summer Hera rose to the surface and pointed to my Son’s Facebook page at Chelsea and said most adamantly “She is not your Daughter, your Daughter is inside her, Bu.” I am aware that Chelsea is not my biological daughter, obviously. However, I am aware that my Kiddo is inside Chelsea’s body. This was proven to me the night Kiddo said “Of course I know I’m safe!”. Kiddo said that in Athena’s voice and now my head is ringing out of control. I need to pause.

There are no coincidences. Events happen for a reason. Coincidences are for the weak minded. Occam’s Razor. If you experience an event that has no simple explanation other than “Divine intervention” then Divine intervention is the answer. Finding your car keys under the sofa is not Divine intervention, you simply found them in the last place you looked. Do you keep searching for them after you found them? I hope not.

We know that what we say could have a detrimental psychological impact on one’s mind. Once words are acknowledged they cannot be unacknowledged. Because of that we make certain that what we tactfully present is the truth to Kiddo. In other words, we don’t want to mess her head up. My Mother has paid close attention to every word Kiddo has said to Charlie since they first met 4 years ago, after all, She is her GrandMother, and a good grandmother will always have time to listen to her granddaughter. Listen, not hear, big difference, big difference indeed, Kiddo, but you know that, Sweetheart. Oh that Holy . . . female entity thing, She always calls you “Sweetheart”, it is Her way of reassuring you. She has called you by Chelsea a few times in past writes, but only a few times. Hera calls you “Honey”, just like a motherly older Sister would, tis true, tis true. I call you Kiddo. Because you are Kiddo. Who was once Athena. Who is now “Chelsea”. Does this matter? To myself, no. All that matters to me is that Kiddo is safe. That is most important to me, and to my two-girl crew, her safety not her happiness. Kiddo’s happiness lies solely on her, only she can make herself happy inevitably. Am I wrong, Kiddo? I don’t know what makes Kiddo happy, and neither will anyone else. The same applies to you and your happiness. If you don’t know what happiness is then you know what sadness is. If you know what makes you sad then you need to think what will make you happy, which is usually the opposite of what makes you sad.

Alright, back to this two-girl crew of mine. Do I pursue what I think this is, or do I think this out more? How about some more facts?

My Son Charlie had a body.

His twin sister Aurem did not have a body.

Both twins are asleep.

It is now myself, my Wife, and Carol Jacobsen inside one body.

Hmm . . .

. . .

Something doesn’t add up.

I am told to disregard the bible and to go with the here and now.

“It has always been just you and me.” – ?

“It is different this time.” – ?

“I’m the only girl you need.” – ?

Holy shit this is difficult.

“Von is the Grand Economizer.” – Hera

What would be most economical in this situation?

Does Occam’s Razor apply, yes it does.

“Always listen to your Wife.” – Hera

But who is the Wife, I ask. I can see both Hera and Carol equally. I can’t imagine my Wife sharing me with another woman, even if CJ is My Son’s Mother. This is what I am down to, Kiddo, “who’s who”, I mean, what else is there for me to know? The past has passed, all that recorded history means nothing to me since it has been altered. History is useless here. Hmm . . .

. . .

KIDDO! Help me, Kiddo, help me! Oh for Zeus’ sakes I’m fucked. **hangs head, frustrated, Hera wants to laugh but only smiles**

“You’re right there.” – Hera, just now.

In other words, I am that close. I need a break, I will post this as is, it is already two days late. Better late than incorrect.

By the way, I opened my Son’s email account and noticed a slew of comments from readers. I did not read any of them, and I will not read any of them, because I do not know who sent them. I don’t know you.

So, keep your comments to yourself, because you do not know who I am. Think, psychological safety, for yourself. It’s a Creator thing, you wouldn’t understand. This applies to everyone outside my Son’s circle, and that’s a shame because there might actually be someone who has a question or a concern of legitimacy and sincerely believes what is told here. Always someone ruining it for someone else. My Wife says “only positive comments”, and she will read them when the time comes, okay? Seriously, though, how do you know that I am not affiliated with a government? Maybe I am a Russian spy planted by Vladimir Putin sending codes to my American counterpart codename “Kiddo”, yah? Or maybe I am the biggest fucking alien on the block and I am gathering up my sleeper-cell Daughter and her siblings so we can leave this rock before I destroy it, who knows, anything is possible, especially when you have the entire planet surrounded. (Only nice comments, kids)

Anywho, I will post one of Daddio’s drafts later today, Kiddo, it will be random and untouched. I also will not read it prior to posting.

(He’s tired, Sweetheart)

Gee whiz, I wonder why.

Anywho, enjoy your day, stay safe and warm, and know that I miss you.

Always with love, Zeus

xo xo xo


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