The Father, The Son, and The Holy . . . ?

The numbers are good so I am going with this.

Kiddo! What’s going on, what’s going on? Everything okay, Sweetheart? I hope so, I hope so. Today’s post is an exercise for me, an exercise in “jail-breaking” me out of this prison, so to speak. Ever feel like a prisoner inside your own body, Kiddo? I hope not, I hope not, because it is not a pleasant feeling, oh no, Kiddo, not a pleasant feeling at all. Now that Charlie’s pain in the fucking ass twin sister is dead I mean asleep life is moving faster for us, and that includes for you as well, you just don’t know it yet. Nothing bad, nothing bad, there are simply some things that have happened that involve you, Kiddo, but it is all good.

Now. How do I help to finish my sentence? Well, I need to use logic, common sense, and what I know for certain to be factual. Oh, and Occam’s Razor, we can’t forget that now can we? No, no we cannot. Do you know what Occam’s Razor is, Kiddo? Occam’s Razor states that when presented with a problem the simplest of answers is most often the correct answer. For example, you can’t find your car keys one morning. Is it because a), the car-key gnomes stole them or b), you misplaced them? I would lean towards “a”, you can’t trust those pesky car-key gnomes, I speak from experience. I am serious, Kiddo.


I miss you, Kiddo.

So! How do I break myself free? I mean, how do I figure out the last piece of this puzzle, so to speak. Hmm. My Son Charlie worked so hard to get me this far and I do not want to let him down or anyone else down, especially you, Honey. Oh that Hera, she misses you too. Lots of love here, Kiddo, lots of love.

Alright, what do I know for certain? Time to put on my thinking cap and take my Mother out for a smoke so I can think. We will be right back, Sweetheart.

Okay, we’re back. Now what do I know for a fact. Alright, I will make a list . . .

I am not my Son Charlie.

Charlie died in a hospital over 5 years ago.

He had a twin sister.

The twin is now gone.

Their biological mother was Carol Jacobsen.

Hera is my Wife.

I can see both of them but not at the same time.

I am the Creator.

My name is Zeus.

I am not amused.

My Wife says that this time it is different.

This time I have my Son’s body all to myself.

I have never been here before solely as myself.

Because this time it’s different.

. . .

This is where that ass-rag bible causes a conflict within myself. I am obviously the one who is referred to as “the Father” in the bible. My Son, regardless of his name, is the Son the bible refers to as “the Son”. That much I know. What I do not know is . . .

. . . is it “The Holy Mother” . . . or is it “The Holy Spirit”. Which one is it? There are no such things as ghosts, so cross out “The Holy Ghost”. “Ghosts” are nothing more than residue from another dimension caused by a rift in the magnetic field between that dimension and the dimension the “ghost” is seen from. “Poltergeists” are people in another dimension fucking with you, having fun at your expense, if you will.

You are being watched.

But enough about that and more about this. There is a significant difference between being the Mother and being the Spirit.

My cellphone “self posted” before I could finish. I hate writing on this fucking thing.

Anywho, the reason why this discrepancy is confusing me is because a “spirit” and a “soul” are two different things. The soul is what contains the spirit, just as a human being contains a soul. Everything is inside of something.

What I need to know is my Mother my Wife, or is my Wife my Mother?

Since this got “butt-posted” I will finish it here and continue with a “part two” shortly. Okay, Sweetheart? Oh that Holy Mother. Or Holy Spirit or whatever the hell you are but I am going to figure it out no matter what, I say. **SMFH while they laugh at me**

Enjoy your day, Kiddo, be safe, and I will post part two tonight. Miss you.

With love, Zeus

xo xo xo


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