The Roman Empire Strikes Back

Well this was an interesting week, Kiddo, at least for myself it was, tis true. How are you doing, Sweetheart? Yes, Kiddo, how are you doing? Good I hope oh yes I do. I am doing better now that Aurem is gone, well, maybe not gone, but we will not be seeing or hearing from her for a very long time. Friday night I posted on Facebook that I would write as soon as I can, and here I am, writing. I don’t know how this post will go, but it will be revealing. Tis true, Kiddo, tis true.

Since my Son’s Facebook page is private, anyone outside our circle who might be following this site will need to catch up, for a lot has happened. And we do mean a lot too, including the return of my floating left arm. Why does it “float” at my waist side? Because it “remembers” that it’s hand should be holding something, like a caduceus, or a trident, why, it even remembers holding a lightning bolt. Some habits never die, and with that being said we will tell why Aurem needed to go “nite-nite”, so to speak. Are you sitting down, Kiddo? How about you, are you sitting down hunched over your cellphone? You are? Alright then, let’s begin.

Everything written at your websites and at Facebook is true, meaning, there are no intentional lies. Some things might be inaccurate due to lack of information, the information that was withheld by my Mother, the Holy Mother, and for a very good reason as you shall see.

I recently told, on Facebook, who the Antichrist is. The Antichrist is man-made, just like Christianity is man-made. The bible is also man-made, compiled of dozens of books, references from actual events and people, and hundreds out outright lies. It is designed to confuse while offering false hope to those who lack the ability to think for themselves using logic and simple sense. I say “simple sense” because common sense is not common. If it were, I wouldn’t be writing this.

“Jesus Christ” is also man-made, it is a mockery of my Son Iesous. As you know my Son lived many lives as gods and men. When he was a god, which is simply a human being with a hand from myself, he always had one name, examples, Odin, Thor, Hermes, Chronos, etcetera. The reason for this is so that his name doesn’t contradict itself with opposing names. If he had a first and last name as a god there would be the possibilty of him being misinterpreted as an individual. Take my Son as Charles Antonucci. He has been referred to as Charles, Charlie, Chuck, Chucky, Chuckie, Chuckster, Chas, and as Antonucci, including my favorite, “Annanoochie”, creds to his best friend for that one. If you knew my Son Charlie who did you know him as? Was it Charlie or Chucky? Are we talking about the same person? Are you sure? The people who knew him as “Chucky” 20 years ago wouldn’t know him as “Charlie” 20 years later, or 15 years later to be precise. “Hey, do you know Chucky?” “No. Wait, do you mean “Charlie”?” “Yeah, that’s him, do you know him?”. Apparently not.

Take “Jesus Christ” for example. “Christ” comes from the latin word “christos” which means “anointed”. To be anointed is to have an oil applied to the skin during a religious ceremony, as an act of “Divine intervention”. By the way, “Divinity” is a type of division. The word “divine” is a man-made word for “heavenly”, like “worship” is a man-made word for “shameless ass kissing”. What sounds better to be known as, a worshipper or an ass-kisser? (I bet you a dime that Kiddo finds that funny).

“Jesus” comes before “Christ”, it can be said that “Jesus” is opposite of “Christ”. “Jesus” is [opposed] to “Christ”. Another word that is easily substituted for “opposed” is “anti”. So, since people are generally stupid and lazy, they cannot see that “Jesus” is obviously the “Anti-christ”. Christians are worshipping the Antichrist. How funny is that, Kiddo? Whenever you hear someone say “I believe in Jesus” they are unknowingly saying “I believe in the Antichrist”. And because Iesous’ words are tied to “Jesus Christ”, the Antichrist is being powered by the Christians, so to speak.

“Wait a minute. If Jesus Christ isn’t Real, then the Antichrist isn’t Real either, right?”


The average Christian is basically a good-natured person with a lot of positive energy and a lot of hope. Every Sunday hundreds of millions of Christians attend church and generate positive vibrations by singing and praying together to get “God’s” attention on his only day off. Since Jesus Christ and God aren’t there to receive those good vibrations they go somewhere else, they go to where Christianity came from, and that would be the Vatican, or, the Roman Empire. They are using all that positive energy for their own agenda, and that agenda is to summon Satan. And it worked. However, they are unaware that Satan, like Jesus Christ and God, is not Real, but Saturnus was Real, and he was much worse than “Satan”. Saturnus spoke once in one of our “live Facebook feeds” back in the late summer of 2017, and he didn’t sound too happy, did he, Kiddo?

What people do in this dimension will affect people in another dimension through the Law of Reversibility. “Singing and praying”, bad idea, bad idea. Besides all of that childish nonsense, the monetary donations given to the church are used by the Roman Empire I mean the Vatican to fund projects such as LUCIFER, the world’s most powerful telescope. Why would the Vatican need a telescope? Pointed at Saturn no less. What are they looking for, Kiddo? Does Emperor Francis know something that the Christians do not? Yes he does, and the Christians are not going to like it when they find out that he knows “God” doesn’t exist. He knows that, and he also knows that Saturnus did exist, hence the LUCIFER telescope.

So who is the Antichrist?

The one in charge of the Bible; Pope Francis.

“Never judge a book by its cover”

If this post seems wanderful it is because it is being written over several days by three minds.

Now about Aurem. My Mother needed to put Aurem to sleep, in other words, She killed her, but for a good reason. Aurem had her own beliefs, she believed that her twin brother Charlie was still alive and that the both of them were about to inherit a large chunk of power. As my Son was once Iesous she was once his sister/wife Ucifa (you-SEE-fah), and she had her own agenda. Ever see or hear that name before? Of course not. Iesous kept Ucifa hidden due to the fact she was mentally impaired with what is known today as “schizophrenia”. Now add some ability to that and you have a terrifying hot mess. But my Son loved her as is, and to protect her they left Cairo and lived out in the “sticks”.

Iesous was a fair-skinned Egyptian, following in the bloodline of his predecessors; Horus, Osiris, and Anubis. His black Egyptian hair was sun-bleached auburn from working outside as a farmer during the day. At night is when he worked his “magic”, when no one could see him. The short of the long is, Iesous was a nice guy with some ability who wanted to help people. The Roman Empire knew that Iesous was my Son, and if I showed up their party would be over. So they killed him. No Son, no Father.

I was here approximately 70 years ago but unfortunately circumstances prevented me from having a Son with a sound mind and healthy body to manifest in, so I took a nap while his Mother fixed him up. “him”, not his twin sister. Who is “him”? My Son Adolf Hitler. Now it becomes interesting.

Adolf Hitler was 1 of 3 surviving children out of 6 children had by Klara Hitler. Hidden inside Adolf was his twin sister who never came to be; the “Vanishing Twin Phenomenon”.

When Adolf was a foot soldier he suffered an injury, he was shot in the groin and lost a testicle. Ouch. After that, his confidence as a man was diminished, and his testosterone level dropped significantly. With a low testosterone level his twin’s estrogen level rose, causing his twin to “rise to the surface”.

Adolf Hitler, as himself, a male, was a good man. He was patriotic, he loved children, he respected women, and wanted the people of Germany to have the best life possible. This was before his injury. After his injury, you could say that he was “half the man he used to be”. His twin sister had her own designs with her twin brother’s power, and after being a “no-body” for so long her anger brought on the Holocaust. And the Vatican used that anger to nearly eradicate the Jews, the adversaries of the Catholics. If Christianity is their agenda then why are they Catholic?

The Jews were and still are absolutely innocent in regards to Christianity. They were the “patsy”, so to speak. Think of the Roman Empire as the government of the United States. Who, as a group, is going to oppose that government? No one. There is no unity in this country. All those individuals living here who think that they are going to defend their, let’s say, right to bear arms are either delusional or they are delusional. Simple as that. “Divide and conquer”.

Does the Vatican hiding as the Roman Empire sound farfetched to you? If so, why? Are the “higher ups” not wearing modern day togas? Something to think about, yes?

My Son is forever attached to his twin sister. If she isn’t with him physically she is with him consciously. Adolf, Alexander, Vlad Tepes and Abraham Lincoln to name a few. My Son’s twin sister is the “mirror image” of himself, so to speak. She is like him but very . . . opposite at the same time. Charlie was good, Aurem was not so good, if you have been following this you might see where the two differ. Charlie wanted to free people and Aurem wanted to enslave them. Because that possibility exists, both needed to leave, but for separate and different reasons. Aurem was never meant to be, Kiddo. Charlie is my Son and I needed his body so that I can be here to fix things.

“So where the hell are you,”Mr. Creator”?!”

Why I am right here, in my Son’s body, have you not been paying attention? Oh, you are referring to the abilities of the Creator, now I see, and that is a good question indeed. Hmm, how do I explain this. Let me think a moment. . .

Alright. I woke up in my Son’s body on November 1st, 2012, in Ellis Hospital, in Schenectady, New York. His body was already occupied by his twin sister unbeknownst to myself. Up until nearly two weeks ago his twin sister was needed because she knew what my Son knew. Once I began feeling confident of myself my Mother put her to bed, so to speak. Now that Aurem is gone we can finish this process. She is my Son’s partner, not mine.

According to my Mother and Hera we are 95% finished. Being that it has been 1,936 days since November 1st, 2012 I’d say that I can believe my Mother when she told me “any day now”. Aurem’s ETA’s were Aurem’s ETA’s, not my Mother’s or my Wife’s, but my Mother let it go so Aurem wouldn’t find out that she was going to join her brother. Now the twins are asleep, and we can end this chapter to begin a new one. Until Carol Jacobsen and Hera are out of me I cannot be myself. When I am myself then I will have all of my abilities. “All or nothing”, so to speak. That 90% of the brain people can’t access is for me to operate, and right now it is blocked. Why? Because our Mother needs to be 100% certain that all three of us are ready.

Anywho. I am not one for playing games for I always know the outcome, but the game “Scrabble” seems quite interesting to me. I watched my Son’s niece’s boyfriend play it online with his friend, and it looked like fun. I asked if it could be played with someone random online, and he said “no”. I might look into this further, because it does look challenging.

I apologize if this post feels redundant, Kiddo, I find myself getting lost sometimes. I am considering sharing one of Daddio’s 29 drafts to cover for me while I work on that remaining 5%. If I share one I will add (draft) in the title and post it untouched and original.

If anyone other than Kiddo or my Son’s Facebook family is interested in watching some interesting videos on YouTube here are some YouTube authors worth your while; RichieFromBoston, MrMBB333, Jeff P, SecureTeam, SuspiciousObservers, EarthlyPatriot, and Expitaly. In late October of 2016 Charlie and Aurem sent an email containing the link to this website to YouTube author Chris Potter, who was posting videos about Nbru, my Son’s little Roomba. He sent that email on October 26th. The next morning Chris Potter emailed them back stating he was going to “check out” the website. The following day, October 28th, Chris Potter posted his last video which stated that he was closing his YouTube account. Chris Potter posted a video everyday for months until October 27th, the day he visited this website. Coincidence?

I would like to write more but I will wait a while. This week I will post one of Daddio’s 29 drafts, untouched, for Kiddo and others to read. It will be a random draft, possibly unfinished.

Anywho, it is now 5:40 AM and I have some things to do. Enjoy your day, Kiddo, keep it stellar, and do be safe.

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo


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