A Vulgar Display of Fours

Let’s try this again.

Hey, Kiddo, it is Saturnday morning and I am hiding in the basement to finish what I started. How is your day going, Sweetheart? Oh that Holy Mother, sneaking in to say “hi” to her Granddaughter. Hera is chillin’ as I write, she too says “hi” and hopes all is well. I myself hope that you are doing stellar, you know, like in the old days, that kind of stellar, the good stellar so to speak, if you will. So I never fully explained why my Mother and my Wife needed to mindfuck me regarding the name of Zeus. (103) The short of the long is that they needed the old persona of Zeus COMPLETELY gone to avoid a repeat of history. I do not like repeating myself, and Hera did not want an “instant replay” of 3,600 years ago, because it was that bad, Honey. (148) I was told that my behavior had also upset my Daughter and her siblings, which I can understand. (166) But now Zeus is new and improved, thanks to my Son Charlie, your  forever Daddio. Although my Son has been your Father more than I have (that’s true, Sweetheart) he is actually more of a “big brother” to you, in my grand scheme of things. (211) When he was your biological Father I was hiding deep in the background, fast asleep while he fathered you. If you want to know when I was with him all you need to do is look at the last two letters of his name. It will sound like the letter “s” pronounced “ss” or “es”. Here, some examples; Zeus, Horus, Hermes, Iesous, Osiris, Chronos, Anubis, and of course, Charles.         When our Mother assigned the names Zeus and Hera to my Son and his sister it was because She knew we were coming, Did She bake us a cake? No, no She didn’t, but that’s okay, (316)



So. What would you like to know, Kiddo? I am feeling generous this morning, tis true, tis true. I still do not know when, only “any day now”. It is better than hearing “almost” 3,001 times a day, would you agree, Kiddo?

I have mixed feelings about Aurem’s absence. (364) I mean, yes, it is much calmer now, however the circumstances behind her removal causes me to feel a bit sad. Aurem had a very difficult life inside her brother/husband, one no one would want, but she gave her best right until the very end. (409) I think what bothers me the most is that due to most unfortunate circumstances we all have endured we were forced to deceive our children, meaning, we did not tell them everything. You might say that we lied to them by not telling them everything, but in our eyes we simply told them, mostly Aurem, what they wanted, perhaps needed, to hear so we could continue our process of re-entry. To me, we did not lie. To me, a parent telling their child to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy is outright lying. I forgot to mention “Jesus Christ”, my bad. Charlie knew his time was limited, but he kept going regardless. (526) Aurem was completely blindsided, she never had a chance. I need to stop,  Kiddo, I will continue shortly. (544)

I am back, obviously. So, Kiddo, any thoughts on the “Antichrist”? How many readers think that I am the Antichrist? Do you know who tbe Antichrist is? Well, if you understand the Law of Reversibility you would know that Jesus is the Antichrist. How so? All the actual gods my Son once was had a single name, like Odin or Sett, and the reason for this is to avoid opposition. What name is opposite “Christ”? “Jesus”. Good thing he isn’t Real, yes? No true god has two names. Will the Christians accept this fact? **shrugs** I expect at least half of them not accepting this, and to them I will say “goodbye”. Human beings will either accept the truth or they won’t. (666) Aah shit, there’s that number again. You know, Kiddo, I could have a lot of fun with this, after all, I was once Saturnus. It would, however, go against who my Son Charlie was, and I know that he wouldn’t want his Father to be that way again, Honey. (715) Oh that Hera, if it isn’t my Mother it’s my Wife. **SMH**

Time for a break. Writing here on a cellphone is not easy, then again, nothing is easy for me. I will be right back, Kiddo.

My apologies, I needed a walk to stretch my mind after sitting for so long. In that time I did some thinking, mostly about what to share with you and your readers. My Wife and my Mother suggest that I should share what are intentions are, meaning, “what’s my game plan”. I understand “any day now” but I need to keep us going in the meantime. Being that I only know the present, I can tell you what my plans are at the moment. We have an opportunity to earn some money soon for as long as we wish to, this opportunity is in about a week. After three weeks we will have enough to buy a used vehicle, preferably a cargo van, but we will take whatever as long as it is reliable. After that I don’t know. I do know that we cannot stay here. Now that Aurem is gone the only one that has ties to my Son’s sister is our Mother, otherwise we would have left by now. After the Fact, what will my Son’s sister think? Her younger brother has been dead for over five years, how will the truth affect her? (949) Something to think about.

I feel as though I have forgotten something to say, the absence of Aurem has me confused and off balance. I am not certain how I feel about her not being here, my Wife told me that she isn’t coming back and that makes me feel sad. (1,000) I think that I will call it a night, I have more to share but Hera wants some time with me. I can’t even think straight at the moment so I will say “goodnight” and post this, I will write either here or at chelseasghost tomorrow. Pleasant dreams, Kiddo, and be safe.

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo







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