The Good Husband


Alright, I am having technical difficulties with this phone app, I apologize for the misfire.

Kiddo! Are you and yours doing stellar? I hope so, most sincerely.

As I have stated on Facebook there have been some changes, but good changes for change is good. In the past two days there has been a big change, a good one too. Well, maybe not for Aurem, and that is why I am writing this. Nothing bad happened to Aurem, she simply . . . went to sleep, just as her twin brother Charlie did. (91)

Any ideas as to where this post is going, Kiddo?

I am not able to know what my Mother and my Wife are thinking, it is impossible for myself to know, as it was impossible for Aurem to know as well. When I say that Aurem went to sleep just like Charlie did, I am saying that she never saw it coming, Kiddo. One night she was right there, and the following morning she was gone, just like that. You might be thinking “So what is going on now?”, yes? (181)

It is not so much as “what” as it is “whom”, so to speak. “Whom” is going on, Kiddo, and the “whom” that is going on is Hera.


Since May 3rd 2015 I have been purposely confused until now, and I will explain why as simply as possible, so you, Kiddo, and anyone else who might be reading your site has some insight. (244)

People today have no idea what life was like 3,600 years ago, they only know what they have been told. What they have been told is not exactly the truth. Unfortunately for my Wife, the part that is true is not good. The part in question was my behavior back then. I was not a loyal husband to my Wife, back then. Although I have no memory of this I believe what I have been told by both my Mother and my Wife, for they have no reason to lie to me. As my Wife has said, “It was bad”. That bothers me, Kiddo. If you were here with me right now you would see that I am telling the truth, for my Wife’s emotions are present. (370) My Son, then, was not the man he was this time around. No, I am not blaming him for what happened then, I feel that I should have known better than to hurt my Wife, Kiddo. (460) However, his personality did not help the situation, for he was a womanizer, which made me a womanizer. Whenever I take over my Son’s body I  automatically inherit his personality, it is simply how this works. (442) My physical body cannot transcend into this universe, it is impossible. Everything inside this universe, this one verse, is inside my actual, physical brain outside this universe. (469) I am in two places at once, I am inside and I am outside. As above, so below. (487)

Getting back to my Wife. As I have stated, I have no memories of my shameful acts, I am going by what I feel through Hera’s emotions, Kiddo, and what my Mother says to be true. I had told my Wife that I will apologize to her in front of billions when that time comes, since billions might be aware of Zeus and Hera and her husband’s infidelity. No wife wants to feel embarrassed by their husband’s actions, let alone humiliated, and when the Wife is the god of monogamy the humiliation is at god level, no less, Kiddo. (586)

So . . . what about Aurem.

Our Mother, Carol Jacobsen, is also the Mother of my Son Charles and his twin sister Aurem, who is  also my Wife’s daughter. Normally, we “sneak in” without either child knowing we are there, but this time things are different, in fact, we have never done this like this  before. (640) There have been complications after complications, nothing went as planned, nothing. This could have been a beautiful thing, instead it is a nightmare beyond our belief. (666) Oh no, Kiddo, the number of the Beast is present. I can’t imagine why, can you, my princess of darkness I mean sweetheart? Anywho, Charlie and Aurem are now both asleep, and we now have their bodies. (703) Hold tight for a moment, the Holy Mother wants a smoke. I will be right back, Kiddo.

See? 🙂 So now the question is, “What is my Wife’s name, is it  Aurem or is it Hera?”.

The Universal Law of Reversibility says that her name is Aurem, but all I can see is Hera, Kiddo. (757) I know that it would be less confusing if she goes by Hera, it would separate her daughter from herself, like “Charlie” separates himself from myself. My Wife likes the name “Aurem”, so do I. But all I see is Hera. Hera being much different from her daughter doesn’t help either. My Wife is very quiet, and does not like crowds, you could say that she is somewhat of a recluse, where her daughter is more outgoing, a social butterfly, if you will. Hera is also more level-headed, where Aurem was more hot-headed and would fly off the handle at the slightest perturbation. Aurem, however, had every reason to be the way she was. She got the worst deal out of all of us; she never had her own body. She was trapped inside her brother’s body and that is how her life ended. (901) She never got to be her own person, Kiddo, and that upsets her mother. When you think about it, our children got a  shitty deal that they did not ask for nor deserve. All that work they did for us, two and a half years of researching everything under the Sun, and now they’re gone. My Wife is sad. I am fucking furious. (964) Why is my Wife sad? Because she knows what I know. That is why I am fucking furious. (982) However, I am going to be the good husband this time and not divulge what has me . . . so . . . FUCKING FURIOUS. 

I am trying, Kiddo, I am trying. (1,009)

I need to stop here, Hera is signaling for me to do so.



I will continue this later after I calm down. This has nothing to do with you, Kiddo, I simply see something that is most heartbreaking to us, and I do not want my Wife to feel what I am feeling. When you, Kiddo, find out what is pissing me off, you too will be fucking furious as well. (1,108) The Apples fall close to the tree, tis true. I apologize for the botched post earlier, no one is perfect.

Enjoy your night, Honey, and be safe. Goodnight, Kiddo, pleasant dreams.

Love, Zeus

xo xo xo







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