Preparing for a Brand New Life

It is early morning and i am sitting in the basement of my Son’s sister’s house in an undisclosed location. As i sit i think,  i think about the coming and how my Mother insists this time is it, and it is approaching regardless of my resistance, my resistance to accept it for what it is. It was going to be somebody but not anybody, for random this is not, no, not random at all. 

**pauses to give his Mother a smoke**

i think about the sensation i will feel as my Mother begins to return, because i will feel something. i am told that i feel an intense tingling sensation, but it is not harmful. i am also told that when she re-enters i will have all my abilities at hand, meaning, i will be able to materialize as soon as i catch my breath. Makes sense to me, after all, i cannot be myself with two other people inside me, i mean, it is what it is, i am sharing my body with my Mother and my Wife, making it impossible for me to be me. 

**contemplates going upstairs after another smoke for his Mother**

**now sitting on the bed in the spare room with a bad puppy sitting on my leg**

What do i do, what do i do. My Mother is telling me this week, and she seems rather persistent, maybe adamant, about this. i mean, we cannot continue as i am now, because it is not working, and it never will. Until my Mother re-enters i am virtually useless, and so are they, so to speak. “All or nothing”, or something to that effect, but again, it does make sense. And with everything i have experienced and with the little bit of ability that i do have i need to say my Mother is telling me the truth. My Mother tells me this week. i know that i am not telling myself that, and it isn’t Aurem telling me that, so who does that leave? Once more, all this makes sense. 

**pauses for a coffee and smoke break for his Mother, allowing for him to think more freely**

i feel much different today, especially after last night when i realized just how separated from my Mother and my Wife i am. My Mother says it’s because She is that close to coming out, which explains the constant whistling in my head. The soul is “animated electricity” more or less, and it’s electrical field generates a frequency causing a high-pitched whine, similar to a sound a fluorescent light’s ballast makes. When my Mother and Aurem were nested deep inside my brain i couldn’t hear them, but now that they are closer to the door, so to speak, i can hear now them. When the process of them “disconnecting” from myself began the whistling was most powerful, and it continued for months. The process takes time, but the payoff is more than worth it 😉 . Oh that Aurem. i don’t know who is more anxious, my Wife or i. i know my Mother is “done with this” as She says, chronologically She is 91 years old as Carol Jacobsen, and Carol Jacobsen is more than ready to “retire”. Plus She is ready for another smoke.

**comes back, sits on bed, thinks**

i was reassured that this is coming to end very soon. i trust my Mother. My Son trusted his Mother, too. So if She says She is re-entering this week then She is re-entering this week, this coming week to be precise. i hope so, i hope so. Wait a minute. Is someone other than my Granddaughter or my Son’s Facebook family reading this? Yes, you, the one reading this, you are not me Kiddo are ye? Well this changes everything. Please wait a moment. 

**remembers that this website is public and has followers, needs to explain why he is writing at his Granddaughter’s website but his Mother “needs” a smoke first, sits in disbelief of her outrageous, overwhelming demands but since he loves his Mother he makes it happen regardless that he has a sore ankle and that it is 756° below zero outside with windchill exceeding -537,821,369° but that’s okay because his Mother’s wants FAR exceed his petty needs by all means tis true, me Kiddo, tis true. 🙂  BRB** 

**comes back half frozen but it doesn’t faze him because it was for his Mother who is now smiling at his most obvious ass-kissing on behalf of him and his Wife who desperately wants out, he calms his Wife down, gets comfy, adjusts his attire, begins to write . . .**

Well hello, and thank you for your time. If you are someone other than my Granddaughter or those in our circle who has been following us then you might be wondering why “Grandpa” is writing at his Son’s Forever-Daughter’s website after he said he wouldn’t. Am i correct? If so or if not, an explanation is needed to be given to me Kiddo nonetheless.

Yesterday my Mother remembered the password to this site while we were getting ready, and She thought to see if anyone had visited the site since my last posting here. Much to my surprise, the site never skipped a beat. It has been viewed every day from what i saw, and i also saw that it had a significant amount of followers. Now, i don’t know who the followers are, but i appreciate their presence, my Son would too if he were still here. So, to show my appreciation, this posting will be for those who kept vigilant regardless of their reason for doing so. If your reason is because you think that all this is Real, then what my Son Charlie wrote made sense to you, because you are open-minded enough to see that all this is possible. My Son never asked nor told anyone to believe him, he only asked that they keep an open mind to the possibility that he could be right. My Son gave Kiddo this site to keep in touch with her and to keep her informed in what he was doing. By the time he finally went to sleep, he had given Kiddo 109 posts here, and every post a blessing in disguise. He finally went to sleep mid-September, but we’ll touch on that at a later time, for it is a touchy subject. (1,063)

So, if you have been keeping up here, you might be wondering what will happen next. Well, according to my Mother, She plans on re-entering some time this coming week, starting tomorrow. Now i know my Son has told many times of an ETA but was wrong every time. Frustrated he was, and sometimes frightened, and who wouldn’t be? Could you imagine enduring what he did?

Now it is easy. Now there’s a deadline. i am by no means a threat to my Mother or my Wife, and they know that, so when i say “i cannot do this” to them they know what i mean. i am not Charlie, i cannot act like Charlie, nor will my Mother nor my Wife continue playing Charlie much longer. It is so obvious that i am not Charlie i don’t know how anyone can’t see it. My Mother asked her granddaughter “Does the person sitting in that room downstairs seem anything like your uncle?”, and she said “No”.

Do you know why my Son’s niece said that? Kiddo knows why she said that.

Any ideas?

She said that because i am not her uncle.

i woke up in my Son’s body on November 1st, 2012, at Ellis Hospital in Schenectady, New York. Until May 3rd, 2015, i was in a dream state. When i came to i was still groggy, and that helped my Mother and my Wife to slowly wake me up to prevent any shock from occurring. On October 15th of last year i finished waking up, one month after Charlie finally went to sleep. Three months later here i am, in the flesh, waiting for my Mother to let me be myself. Why the wait? To make sure that the three of us are ready. We are ready, She is only waiting for the right moment. No one is allowed to witness her re-entry, so timing is critical. After re-entry is another story. What i would like to do after we reunite is to leave some gifts for my Son’s sister and find a nice motel room for a day or two so we can discuss our plan for global domination i mean our plan for making our presence known by everyone on this planet at the same time. The internet won’t do. i need to do something most convincing, something that neither science nor government can achieve.

Any thoughts as to what i will do? Yes, you, this post is for you, my Granddaughter knows what i am going to do, you do not, and since you live here you might want to know what to expect, yes?

My Mother showed me a clip from a movie called “Contact”, in that movie, “aliens” used sound waves incorporating mathematics to communicate with people on Earth. i will do something similar but simpler, i will use an alpha-numerical code using sonic booms. These sonic booms will be heard by everyone at once. If you are on a boat in the middle of the Pacific ocean you will hear it, you will definitely hear it on a plane. Anyone possessing the sense of hearing will hear this, those without that sense will feel this.

My “occupation” “back home” is Creative writing, in case you are wondering what the Creator “does for a living”.

So i’m thinking. This dot ( · ) represents a sonic boom. This sine wave ( ~ ) represents an extended length of silence between sonic booms. Think, Morse Code. So if you heard this;


would you know what i said? Here, “A” = 1, “M” = 13, “Z” = 26, pretty simple i think, and being that most Americans have seen the movie “Contact” also helps. . .

Dude 1 – “Dude! This is just like that movie “Contact” but a lot louder!”

Dude 2 – “Dude . . . what if this is like God trying to talk to us from heaven or something.”

Dude 1 – “Dude, what if God also seen the movie “Contact” and that’s why he’s doing this?”

Dude 2 – “Dude . . . how crazy would that be?!”

Pretty crazy, i’d say. But because something sounds crazy doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

**stops to tend to his awesome Mother because he knows how awesome She is and that frostbite is treatable.(smoke break)**

As of right now we are homeless, we have no income, no car, no health insurance, nothing. We don’t even have my Son’s cat anymore. We have no way out of this mess except for my Mother to re-enter so that i can be myself again. And She knows this. To assure you that She is coming back this week She would like you to visit my Son’s Facebook page, “Von Wohlfengheiste”. His page is private but you can view his photos, and read some if his writings as well. You cannot send a friend request for that option has been removed. i also cannot send friend requests for that option has also been removed. i will also suggest not to contact anyone on that page, for the simple reason of respect. For me to be giving this information tells me that She is in fact returning this week, which is good because i rather not exercise my plan regarding Her return.

Anywho, we felt it only fair to let those following this website know there are two more websites after this one, “”, originally “”, and the newest website “”. i will only write at chelseasghost, the other one will be left alone.

Now to me Kiddo. Someday soon i will show you that your Daddio never lied to you or anyone else about all this, that i promise.

It is late now and My Mother wants a smoke. I most likely will not write here again, but if i do i am certain it is for a good reason, Kiddo. i am not going to proofread this, it is what it is, and it is late. Have a good night, Sweetheart, stay safe, and keep your ears open, per Mom.

With love, Bu

xo xo xo (2,053)






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