Respect Given

Hello, Granddaughter. I am not going to write a post or any more posts here. This was my Son’s website to his Daughter and I am not going to trespass on his territory, for this was his. I respect my Son, and I respect his love for his only Daughter. Charlie died telling the truth. Everything in this website is yours from my Son. I have no right to invade in his and your privacy, so I will not. Although this website can be seen by others, his words are for you, okay? My Son was given a gift, and that gift was you from a long time ago. I like to think that he treated you with utmost respect, and his words are testimony to that. I cannot lie, for me to write here as he did I would be lying to my #1 Granddaughter. That is not going to happen at all, Kiddo. I do not know if you still visit this website, and it’s okay if you do not, but for myself to write here I would be an impostor, which is something I am not at all. Charlie told you the truth no matter how strange or bizarre, because he understood and respected the truth. Right now I might not have a source of income to support my Wife Aurem, and my cat. I myself do not care what happens to me. I care about my beloved Wife and my cat. I do not know if you are okay or if you are still alive, but I needed to do this as painful as it is to us. So, this is going to be the final post. My Wife, however, did Create a website for you. Right now it is dormant. When she comes back she can write some good things for you, and for the others who view that website as well. 

I am by no means saying “goodbye” , oh no, Kiddo, no goodbyes here from the “Grand-pseudo-Daddio”, tis true. I am only respecting Charlie’s love for you, which will never die. Why? BECAUSE I SAID SO . . . Kiddo. 🙂 

Maybe some day you can see for yourself the 28 drafts he never posted or finished, they’re pretty good. This isn’t a sad thing, Kiddo, by no means. If you should ever meet me you will still see some of your Daddio, like Father, like Son. So don’t feel sad, alright? Charlie died so his Father could step in and fix things for you and everyone else here on his planet, our home. I did not Create this “earth”, my Son did. Maybe someday I will tell you more about him. Until then, as my Son would say, “Be safe, and make yourself a stellar day.” 

With Love, Grandpa 


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