“He’s Making His List . . . “

Okay, Kiddo, here we go. There was something missing from Von’s story, and that was, what was before this universe, because I don’t know exactly what was there. Kiddo, what was before this universe? Hold on tight. 

As Von, I was sound asleep inside the James Dean guy, who didn’t know who he was exactly. His wife is now my Wife, was always my Wife. My Wife told me that the universe, then, was about to implode after she woke me up from a literally sound sleep in our physical bed. She had 5 minutes to convince me enough that what she was telling me was the truth. She succeeded just in a nick of time, saving us and our Daughter, and, the family cat, known as Sphinkie. Our cat’s Soul is in Mowzer. Cat’s have Souls, just a little different, Kiddo. That is why animal abusers are going away. And when you find out what that cat’s Soul actually is, you will never look at a cat the same way again, or a dog the same way again, Sweetheart. Miss you!!

When that universe imploded, I did not know just how I built it. I didn’t remember just how. Earlier I discovered just what we were living on, and possibly just where we are at right now. I am almost nervous to write what I know at this moment, yet what may come from it. My forearms are burning. Okay. 

We were once living on what may have been described as  “flat Earth”. Imagine, if you will, a sort of “dradle”, Kiddo. Let me see if I can find an image resembling what I need to describe, after all, a picture says a thousand words. Well, I was going to fetch a photo but the well ran dry, it seems. Okay, imagine a stubby carrot. The top of the carrot is where we lived, so to speak. Okay, picture a short flat-head screw with no shoulder and only a few threads. It is pointing down and spinning slowly. As it is spinning, it is slowly moving up and down in such a fluid motion it would need to be seen to be believed. The rotation/counter-rotation acted as a clock mechanism, it would wind up, stop without ever being noticed, grab a cog, lift itself up, and start all over again, day after day, year after year, forever. When you hear people insist that the Earth is flat, they are remembering something from a past life. This Earth is not flat, it is spherical, Kiddo. The “Earth” that we lived on was like a child’s spinning top, spinning and spinning, forever and ever. On that plane, someone did something very wrong, Sweetheart. It imploded, the entire universe. And it is about to happen again. History was never meant to be. You do not record the past to be used in the present for the future, you repeat history. You do not learn from history, it is unnecessary. And obviously, quite dangerous. The previous mechanism for climbing the scale prevented history from ever being remembered, Kiddo.

Whatever those spinning tops were made of, I made what we have today, a solar powered clock system. This one is also obviously different from the last. I rebuilt what I could from what was in that universe, with what I know, and that’s mechanics. That includes auto mechanics, Sweetheart. That substance Human Beings call crude oil is just that, on a crude scale. It is literally engine oil to keep things running smooth all the time. All this is Real. I can replace it easily. If I do that, no one is to ever use that oil again. Electricity is going to replace combustion engines, because who needs trillions and trillions of explosions going off all the time, day after day. Yes, this is a mess, and I haven’t even scratched the surface yet. The numbers don’t lie and I don’t lie, ever.

In order for us to fix things, we need to take care of those things that I listed on Facebook first. We know what could happen, and we don’t want that at all, none of it. We want Human Beings to simply behave, and listen. We literally need the world to stop a moment. For anything good to happen everyone simply needs to stop all at once, which is possible to do. Everyone who is left needs to simply, pardon my French for this, sit the fuck down, and shut the fuck up, holy fuck we’re mad as fuck, Kiddo. But not at you, Sweetheart, we both promise. Daddio can never be mad at you, Kiddo, never. 

There is no possible way for man to fix the mess he created, because he doesn’t know how. I hope that there is no one in that floating Space station that floats over the Earth, Kiddo. Because it is coming down real fast, I promise. Man cannot take care of this planet, so he thinks that he is going to leave this unbelievable mess behind for someone else to clean, isn’t he? I designed this to what I believed to be flawless at a moment when I had nothing to work with, under enormous pressure. I did have my family inside my Soul while I rebuilt what I could from what I could remember. Inside my Soul, my consciousness, was absolute chaos. I rebuilt a system while my Wife sang lullabies to my Daughter “Chelsea”. And with the family cat going crazy and howling. In 7 straight days, I brought the ultimate disaster under control, all to begin again. Understanding genes, I knew that I needed to wait for bacteria to grow. I knew that we needed a temporary home while the Earth was forming, Kiddo. 

So where did we live so that I can watch my work grow? 

This is, or at least should be, common sense. Where were we living for billions of years, Sweetheart? This is what it comes to right now, Kiddo. 

Where did we come from originally? Yes it’s obvious. 


Man hasn’t been revisited the moon for a reason. If you could see what I needed to do. I can see what I did, you can not. 

Image result for images of the grand canyon

I used electricity to carve into a rock, EDM. I can be a giant EDM machine if needed. EDM stands for Electrical Destruction Machining. I blasted a hole into a rock, and began to tunnel in. Once in, I was able to imagine a home. Once we had a home, we generated our bodies. She is doing a good job of helping me remember. Can you imagine hearing “Amazing Grace” during this. Can you imagine that on top of everything else being heard, like a child screaming nonstop for days. This is Reality. This happened a long time ago. I need to vent, at least pace a while. I will write another post right after I pace.

Love, Daddio

xo xo


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