“He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice . . . “

Okay. I will share something with you, Kiddo, something new. I figure out why Nibiru was Created to begin with. When that universe collapsed, it sent souls everywhere. This universe is tremendous beyond imagination. It does have a perimeter, or walls, if you will, cell walls. Some souls bounced back, some souls didn’t bounce back. If I am here, how do I retrieve them? There is no possible way for myself to ever find them, all of them, so what do I do to bring them back home to us? I send out a giant magnetar to go get them. Nibiru rotates from top to bottom, not side to side. Nibiru is depicted and has been seen with what appears to be two tails on both poles. Some call those tails horns, like Devil horns, Kiddo. Those tails are actually souls caught in the turbulence caused by the intense magnetic field produced by Nibiru. There was no other physical way to bring them back or to find them, but to send out a giant vacuum cleaner, our little “Roomba”, planet X. What was throwing me off was the term “planet”. Those souls have been inside those twin turbulent tails TUMBLING consciously for billions of years, rendering them insane. Nibiru is also acts as a rolling insane asylum. I didn’t think it out far enough back then. I, too, make mistakes from time to time, Kiddo. And now, Nibiru is about to open the gate. And let them all out, as I had planned. An actual zombie apocalypse is approaching, thanks to me. All Humans are connected to me. Those souls that are now beyond insane are coming home to Daddy. World War Z, Kiddo. Okay. Now let’s compound that with everything else, Sweetheart. Oh, how I hope someone very important is reading this right now. Now my hands are burning, Kiddo. In my book, I wrote of the end of the world in an abstraction, meaning, life imitating art. Need I say more, Kiddo? 

I need to be clear. All those who need not be here, for whatever reason decided between my Wife and I, will be catching a ride on the tragical misery tour, to be most honest, Kiddo. Eternity is a state of mind. Nothing lasts forever. However, Humans will never know when their Eternity ends. I decide when their Eternity ends, if it ends. And judging from what we have seen and experienced, this planet is about to get a bit lighter. Kiddo, I know what Human Beings need, not want. Sometimes, you just need to take a chance, Sweetheart. We can make a world that is enjoyable, fast. All that Human Beings need to do is to try to use common sense in what they see. If light can travel backwards to it’s original source, than souls can travel back to their original source. That is all about that.

Let’s say, that I think the people that know will agree with what we need to do, and what we want to do, and what we want to do is to build a Utopia again for all to enjoy, Kiddo. My Wife and I can make it happen, lickety-split. With no hidden fees or unexpected billing charges either. 🙂 I am trying, Kiddo, I am trying so hard. Okay. Christianity came before Kris Kringle, that is true. 

There is a path from when I Created all those souls from my consciousness a long time ago. Think, “tether”, so to speak. Everything gives off a vibration. The soul gives off a vibration as well. That vibration travels down that tether back to me. With all those souls vibrating, they generate a type of harmonic balance, so to speak. Imagine plucking a string on a guitar, and watching how it vibrates. That vibration will generate a frequency, and that frequency is dependent on what is generating it, meaning, are they good vibrations, or bad vibrations, who’s to judge? If the general climate of the crowd is bad, the it is bad here. In other words, if all the souls are in a bad mood, then I am in a bad mood right with them. Who wants that, Kiddo? Certainly not I, I say. This is where I can understand just how they feel, they feel like I do. Their feelings, along with their thinking, brought the Devil, who doesn’t exist. Thank you. And that is why have Santa instead(739). Santa has the same letters as Satan, so why not use them to our advantage? I want to turn your frown upside down. I think that I can, in fact, I know that I can, Kiddo. I do not need to say that this is The Creator speaking, so to speak. Just having some fun, I think, with the word play. I, too, would like to have some fun, some Real fun. 

I think that we can work with the Christians. All religious should be condemned, but I can understand. They are the most likely to be open minded. I can understand how things can get overlooked sometimes. I mean, to be honest, and to say something that anyone could understand, I really fucked up, Kiddo. I am responsible for the traveling carnival of souls. Does it bother me? Yes. I can imagine what it would be like caught up in all that. I can show you someday, without having the experience. They are still conscious, twirling around in a tornado. To add insult to injury, injuries are included too. They are spinning around and bouncing off of Nibiru. Due to Nibiru’s intense magnetic field, bordering dimensions are opening up around Nibiru surface, every time that happens those souls are back in bodies for a brief second only to feel the pain of their bodies being pulverized again and again, over and over, literally. This has been going on for billions of years. How do you think that soul will perform in the bodies that my Son Charlie promised them, Kiddo? The bodies promised are everyone’s body, except for ours. That’s what happens when you don’t know what you’re doing, and that is why it’s done this way. And Sweetheart? It wasn’t his fault, he didn’t know. I can fix this permanently, once and for all. And that is what we are going to do. I don’t want anyone that I know to worry. They are safe and sound. Genetically encoded in the DNA of all living things is a racist gene. That is how species survive. Racism is the survival of the fittest, so that the best man wins. Human Beings are supposed to be racist so that they don’t let another species overtake them, like “blacks”. Only I can say that without being a racist. THAT is what Human Beings want to hear, Yes? I think so, me Kiddo. My Wife says “YES”(1,144). The numbers are good, and so are the vibrations. Can you feel it, Kiddo? I can, can you? I am told that we are not going into work tonight, because we are just about there, Kiddo. I am told that I am not going to lose my job, something I can’t afford to do. I am trusting my wife. Because we are done. I am going to take a break now, Kiddo. 




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