The Calm Before The Storm

Okay, Kiddo, quite a few things have happened over this past weekend, and I would like to share them with you, but before I do I want to say that I miss you, and hope you’re safe. We tried something last Saturday that began a process that needed to have been seen to be believed. We began Saturday evening and finished Monday early afternoon. I started writing the sequel to my last post, but unexpected circumstances prevented that from happening. I still have that post, over 5,000 words worth, in archives. Someone told me to save it for it holds something that has never been seen before in Human history. I will not post that post, but if you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop by and I will let you read it, Kiddo. 

Months ago when I went back to the original Creator I said that I was given something by him, and that something was his power and abilities. That happened months ago. The more I became myself, the personas and personalities of those passed began to fade. By this past weekend I was left with one last persona; myself. Now I needed to deal with myself, Charlie, “Daddio”. This was actually the hardest persona to conquer. Charlie and myself are one Soul. The transformation of Charlie into the Creator can be described as “the boy becoming a man”, just on the highest level, Kiddo. I still look like Charlie, with a different personality. This was not easy to accept for myself, nor will it be easy to accept by anyone who actually likes and cares about Charlie, who aren’t many. The people that do care and like Charlie are on his Facebook page, Kiddo, and other places too. A person doesn’t need a lot of friends, just a good one or two from time to time.

Yesterday before work I had realized that I didn’t do something when I was given the Creator’s power and abilities, and that was accepting all that power. I wasn’t being rude, I just didn’t understand at the time. When I realized this, my Soulie confirmed my thought with an extreme and emotional “YES!!”, Kiddo. So to speed things up, I simply accepted the Creator’s responsibility and power by speaking aloud my intentions in front of the best witness possible; my Soulmate. This happened while we were in the shower, Sweetheart. A moment can strike at any moment it seems. 🙂

That night at work felt strange to me, I felt like I was a stranger amongst people that I work with, so I hid at my workstation. The boys and some others sensed that something was wrong, so they kept their distance not to bother. I was asked several times if I was okay, and all I could say was “Yeah, I’m okay”. What else could I say, Kiddo? I wasn’t lying, I am okay, I was just beside myself, literally. Today should be better than yesterday in regards to that, because I’m told that we are moving fast with this process, and it is beginning to show. I am thinking differently, much faster than before, and I seem to know things. I think, that it won’t be much longer until I figure out, exactly, just how we all got here. I think that I know, but I won’t be certain until my Soulmate can verify it herself. If what I am thinking is true, then our story I will tell. And it will be a true story too, Sweetheart. 

From this point on I’ll begin with a new slate. Although everything that I have written here is the truth, it is also in the past, Kiddo. I cannot be any of those who I had powered once before, their time came and went, Sweetheart. You will still have Zeus, Hermes, Anubis and Antoni, but they won’t be seen unless something draws them to the surface, like yourself. If we were talking with each other in person, and you decided to tell me about something that I would be concerned about as a Father, depending on the topic there is a good chance that one of those “past Daddios” might stick his nose in to say what he feels should be said. I will not be stuck in any of those past lives, but their echoes you might hear, Kiddo. It’s all good, Sweetheart.

I need to get ready for work now, Kiddo. I have no idea as to how you are doing, or if anything has changed in your life, so I hope that everything is okay with you. I will write again as usual, so in the meantime be safe, be mindful, and make everyday a stellar day, just for yourself.

love, Daddio 

xo xo

. . . 

. . . 

. . . 

Hi, Sweetheart, before we go I wanted to add something. This past weekend was a major accomplishment for Charlie, he achieved something big. Now it will start to get easy for him. Charlie is compressing a lifetime of knowledge into a couple of years, when he says that we are moving fast, we are moving fast, Sweetheart. He doesn’t have much more to go, and I know that he has said that before, but he was still surrounded by past personas. It was like shouting to each other through a crowd, and just when one persona left, another took it’s place. When a persona would leave, Charlie thought “Oh okay, now we can get rolling”, not knowing there was still more to come. Monday morning his persona as “Charlie” meshed with the Creator’s personality, finally. Charlie and the Creator are now as one, Sweetheart. Charlie has been thinking clearer than ever before, and he’s knowing things that he didn’t know before either. I would say at this rate we will both have our own bodies before you know it, kid. I love Charlie to no end, but I do want my own body. He doesn’t need to do anything but to keep working on making things better for us, he has lots of ideas to make this world a utopia, and he can make them happen as soon as I have my own body. Neither of us can do anything until that happens. He doesn’t need to think me back, I am just coming back as soon as that moment arrives. And I can’t wait, Sweetheart. Everything that Charlie had written here is the truth. He is chomping on the bit to tell the Antonucci’s “Go fuck yourselves”. And he will, “Creator-style”, because that’s how Charlie rolls. 😉 Look at it like this, Sweetheart, you waited this long, what’s a little longer? You know that Charlie wants to spoil his eternal little girls, don’t you?? Hang in there, Kid, life’s about to get crazy(1,126).  


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