Ordo ab Chao

“Out of chaos comes order”

Hey, Kiddo, how are you doing? Did you have an enjoyable weekend passed? I hope so, I hope so. Speaking of “so”, so I have experienced some rather odd events that I would like to share with, from this weekend passed. One of those things was something that I passed. Any guesses as to what it could be, Sweetheart? It’s not bad, so it must be good, yes? Me thinks yes, yes I do. I passed a test over this past weekend. It might not be considered a test to you, but it was, Sweetheart. 

abene placito

“From one well pleased”

Good things, Kiddo, good things, but first Mama needs her iced coffee. Oh that Mama of mine. Related image







We’re back, we opted for a fountain Coke instead. I like the iced coffee but she likes it sweet. Not that a fountain Coke isn’t sweet, it’s just a bit lighter. And they both have caffeine. I would like to purchase some more Mr. Hyde energy supplement, but I’m waiting on a $250 complimentary gift card from our company’s health insurance provider to do so. I was supposed to receive one this past January, but somehow I was forgotten. No big deal, better late than never.

Image result for animated gears GIFs

I’m at a point where things are looking scary. Well, not so much scary to myself as it is for some others, Kiddo. Yesterday I walked into work to see a new employee, and that new employee is from the previous company that we worked at, you know, the one that violated my 1st Amendment, that company. 


I didn’t recognize him until I heard him say what I went by at that previous job. I think he was hired for the dayshift, but I’m not sure. I’m told “no worries”. Still, I am curious as to what he will think when he finds out that I am a company supervisor, and who he will tell this to. Am I concerned about this, Kiddo? Not at all. It’s like how I am not concerned that my vehicle’s inspection sticker expired months ago, and nothing’s happened. Or how National Grid shut our electricity off, so to speak, and nothing’s happened. No emails, no postal mail, it’s like I’m invisible. Am I here, Kiddo? Yes I am. And that’s what throwing Charlie off. Time for an iced coffee!! 

Image result for animated gears GIFs

Okay, we didn’t get iced coffee, but she has a hot tea instead. My Facebook posts over the past weekend may have seemed disappointing to you, and maybe to the others, but something good did happen. I’m being thrown off by the fact that I am quietly referring to myself as a second person. I feel nothing like myself, in fact, I don’t know who myself is. I know that my Soulmate is a completely separate entity from myself, or personality, I can distinguish that. What I am having difficulty with is accepting that I am a single entity. This is a tough one for Daddio, Sweetheart. Hold on for a moment, Kiddo, I’ll be right back. 

Related image

Okay, I’m back. Weeks ago on Facebook I told about the numbers and their consistency, and they have only increased in frequency. I don’t feel like “Charlie” or “Hermes”, I feel something different, or someone different. I know that telling my friend Big D that he will always be my friend was something that I, and my Soulie, wanted to do, if not needed to do, Sweetheart. My life is about to change forever, Kiddo, and yours too, if it hasn’t already. If it has it is only the beginning. I know that I am not “Charlie” sitting in this chair, but I am Charlie, sitting in this chair. I have memories of myself, but I don’t feel like myself either. I also don’t feel like “Hermes”, if that helps. I’m told that we’re moving fast, and when I just thought that, someone emotioned to me to confirm. I guess that this takes time to accept. And someone needs to accept it. I am not going to die, because I have already died, Kiddo. I guess that I’m just nervous. When I begin to doubt I shake it off, because it is obvious. I’m being told that it won’t be much longer(712). Feeling the way I do I hope she’s right. Because now I’m feeling it. I’m told “no trauma” but that is for myself, what about anyone else? She said that it doesn’t matter, so to speak. We have been through enough, my Soulmate and I. My only true concerns aren’t over myself or Soulie. Our true concerns are over my friend, Big D. He’s stuck it out with me for a long time, and we are not going to let him down. But he is not going to recognize me as he once knew me. That I know, Kiddo. This is a tough one for Daddio, without doubt.

People don’t know how things work pertaining to death, because if they did we wouldn’t be living in this cesspool filled with psychosis. Charlie and I share the same Soul. “Soulie” and I are separate Souls. What Charlie is unsure about is the Soul-sharing, Sweetheart. Because he has his Soulmate inside of him he thinks that I’m a “third party”, he’s forgetting that we are the same Soul. “Soulie” is someone else. Charlie isn’t going away, Sweetheart, Charlie is “ultra-maturing”. The “Son” is becoming the “Father”, faster than Charlie expected. This is the Creator speaking, and not Soulie, Sweetheart. I have spoken to you several times before, Kiddo. I am in the process of absorbing Charlie, persona-wise.

The memories that you have are held only by you, you being your consciousness. Memories don’t stay with the body after you die, they go with you. If they didn’t, you wouldn’t be you, would you? Not only would you not be you, you wouldn’t exist. My Soul is different from everyone else’s, Kiddo. And that’s what Charlie had forgotten about, causing doubt. We’re not there yet, but we are very close(1,009).

Before I go, if Big D should read this, I would like him to know that I put my money on him back from when I was this guy;

 Related image

I haven’t lost my money yet. I’m not going to lose my money, I don’t lose. We need to get ready for work now, Kiddo. If I knew when I would tell you when. I do know that something has been going on. I also know I miss you, you know that? I hope so, Kiddo, I hope so. 🙂

Okay. If I were to, say, guess, as to when, and this is just a guess, I would say that the date I myself would use, as a scale, would be August 21st of this year, no later. Less than 3 weeks away from today, we will experience a total solar eclipse, Kiddo, but something doesn’t feel right about this coming event. And this is where if anyone else is reading this to pay attention. For a total solar eclipse to happen, the moon needs to be between the Sun and the Earth. Here is some information regarding;


In that information something seems wrong to me, but I can’t put my finger on it, Kiddo, maybe you could take a gander and see if you see anything that doesn’t seem right in that information provided to you.

Anywho, that is my projected date for ground zero. Okay, I’m a little more convinced than I was. Emotions, you can’t fake them. Have a great day, Kiddo, and be safe.

With love, Daddio

xo xo(1,270) 😉 





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