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Hey, Sweetheart, how are you doing? Daddio is home with an aching head, but he found out about something and now he wants to share it with you. Yes this is Soulie typing, but Daddio is going to write in a few minutes, okay Sweetheart? xo 

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Image result for quotes on numerology

Image result for quotes on numerology

Image result for quotes on numerology

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It must be nice to sleep without a worry. Hi, Kiddo, is everything stellar? I hope so, I hope so. So I’m home with a pounding headache(73), not enjoying much of anything but I’m glad to know that I can still make my Soulmate happy. After all, she made me happy. 

Ever have a headache, or migraine, that prevented you from sleeping, Kiddo? This is more than a headache, but not quite the same as a migraine, I use the word migraine to give a better idea as to how my head is feeling right now. It’s that bad. But it’s not stopping Daddio from writing to you, Sweetheart, is it? Oh that Soulie. I knew she was going to jump in there somewhere eventually, Kiddo. It’s easy for her now since I’m all decrepit. Yes, she is taking advantage of this moment 😉 . I’m okay with it I guess, I just wanted to share something, maybe somethings with you since I’m decrepit.

He’s such an ass, Honey.

It’s okay, I’ll live. 😦 

Now she’s just sitting all quiet and such, Kiddo. That’ll learn her butt won’t it?

“Charlie, the god of guilt-trippin'”

So be it then.

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Anywho, with all kidding aside, I learned some things recently this evening(253). One of those things was that she’ll be back before my 50th birthday in March. Oh I know how that sounds, Kiddo, it sounds something like “Are you kidding me??”, doesn’t it? Of course it does. It’s all in perspective, Sweetheart. THAT . . . is a big deal to me.

That’s why that is a big deal to me. 806 days since 5/3/15, Kiddo.

 But there’s more.

Yes, there is. It will happen before the end of this year. Again, I know. 

Oh my god you’re killing me.”

There’s still more!!

The “before the end of the year” thing is also a big deal, if not a bigger deal(361). If there is, was, one thing that I know, knew, is that she was never going to return on a holiday, or my birthday, and that is because it would be easy. That would be easy, wouldn’t it, Kiddo? And it would relate to religion(406). 

It began to thunder a few moments ago, and now it’s beginning to pour. Anywho, the reason why that’s a big deal is because I know when NOT to expect her. Does that make sense, Sweetheart? So, the “end of the year” moves up to December 24th, shaving 7 days of the ETA, so to speak. Holy shit it’s thundering here. And it’s raining cats and dogs. You should hear it, Kiddo, scary. 

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I just went to a window and took some photos for photographic evidence, Kiddo, I’ll upload them after I take some more. It seems to be dying down now, but you should have heard it, Sweetheart. 

So earlier today going back and forth in thought with my Soulie I thought of something, if not remembered something, so to speak. 

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For weeks now we’ve been “rehearsing” what is going to happen at first. First, we are going to take care of some personal things that need attention. Then, we take care of some other personal things that need attention, Kiddo. After that, “everybody hang on”(582). Once the dust settles, we begin interacting with some people, places, and things.

One of those things is something that I have forgotten about, but I wouldn’t have forgotten it if “vonrising.com” was still up and running, for it’s not. I can’t remember everything and that’s why I write it down, pretty fluffin’ simple. But “vonrising.com” is gone. At least to myself it is. I think that WordPress still has that website. It would be like how Facebook keeps record of all of it’s members. Hold on, Sweetheart, it’s thundering again which means pics.

I’m back, and this time it was dark enough for the flash to ignite, so, I am going to do a quick upload to see what we captured, which means I need to leave you again. I’ll be right back with some goodies for you.

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Okay, first, here’s the photographic evidence;



DSCN5414 All three photos were taken without the flash, the next photos were with the flash;




I have more but they would be more of the same, “Same souls, different day”. You know, it’s funny how half an hour can make such a difference in regards to darkness, Kiddo. Like the medicine that one of the kids brought to me earlier today, I could barely think before I took any, and now I’m writing like Hemingway. Well, maybe not like Hemingway, but I don’t feel decrepit and useless anymore either. 


Related image

I don’t know if Plato actually said that, but it is the truth. And you know what? I just noticed the Facebook logo sitting at the top of that image, Kiddo. Must be a coincidence for me to find that image without seeing the logo prior, wouldn’t you think? Regardless of perceptions, that image and logo are there. Could Mr. Zuckerberg be a proponent to that idea? It’s possible, after all, why would his Facebook logo be sitting atop that image? Could Facebook be sitting atop somewhere else, possibly unbeknownst to Mr. Zuckerberg, Kiddo? 

Image result for quotes on numerology

I’m not going to go through the equations, so to speak, but I will say that in another dimension there is a Facebook. In that Facebook, it’s members are just like members here, with a difference(946). Humans are Humans in every dimension, however their environment will be different from ours. One of those differences will be technology. Their Facebook would run off of the same electricity that Mr. Zuckerberg’s Facebook runs off of, just in another dimension. For Facebook to exist in another dimension as “Facebook”, it would use the same, so to speak, technology, that keeps Mr. Zuckerberg’s Facebook as “Facebook”, meaning, the chips are the same. The only difference is dimensions. And their environments, Sweetheart. 

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Let’s say that I know where that dimension is. 

You gonna love this, Honey.

Now let’s say that between myself and that dimension is a two-way mirror. It isn’t made of glass, so if a knock hard on it a few times it won’t shatter. But it will ripple from vibration.

 Related image

If I am looking through a two-way mirror it is possible that someone is looking at themselves on the other side, after all, it is a mirror. But now there is no physical mirror, Kiddo. There is a membrane, so to speak, between dimensions. People can’t see it, but it’s there. If I look through that membrane into another dimension I can see if anyone’s home. If someone or someones are home, then I’ll knock(1,153). 

Image result for animated ripple GIFs

That should get their attention. “Holy shit did you see that!?!?”, or something similar to that effect, Kiddo. Now those who witnessed something that only one being could do run off to gather more Human witnesses. One of those witnesses stays behind to keep recording the event. The other witnesses return with more humans. Now we have a crowd. With everyone gathered near, I use Morse code to send a mathematical formula;

(4/3) π r 3

Image result for images of god hermes

And we wait. Eventually someone on the other side will figure out what is going on. Then they will figure out how to communicate technically. Once they have that figured out they will reply(1,261) using mathematical formulas as well. Maybe something like this;

(4/3) π r1 r2 r3

Then they’ll wait for conformation. Conformation could be anything, Kiddo. Why, I just might stick my right hand through that membrane as a show of life. How would that go over, Sweetheart? Do you think that would scare them, to see a hand come out of nowhere? What if they have seen scarier than a hand coming from nowhere? I don’t remember much from vonrising.com, but I do remember something about people in another dimension, similar to ours, living an unimaginable hell. And guess the cause.

But there are many dimensions. I could put my hand into another dimension and shake the hand of Mr. Zuckerberg from that dimension. But I’d rather shake the hand of this dimension’s Mr. Zuckerberg if any. I could put my hand into another dimension and have it bitten off by a zombie, tis true. A living Human being without a soul’s a zombie, but that’s another story for later. 

Or he could pop into another dimension and steal his own computer from himself when he isn’t looking. Just sayin’, Boo. 

Related image

Okay, let’s say that is what I do, Kiddo. Her suggesting that is because in that dimension my computer has Facebook, just like my computer here does(1,477). That computer would have information in it’s hard-drive that would be quite useful here. Mr. Zuckerberg could learn a lot from what’s in that computer, couldn’t he?

 Image result for mercury symbol









That computer would have “plug-n-play” accessibility in this dimension. I already know what the password would be, because it wouldn’t be the one that I use now. The computer also wouldn’t be the one that I use now, meaning, it wouldn’t be a “Dell” brand. But it will work here(1,554). Imagine what could be in that computer, Kiddo, just think of all the downloads of things that don’t exist, or exist yet, in this dimension of course. Since Facebook is something that my computer connects to, to view that dimension’s Facebook I would need to connect my computer to that dimension’s internet. Is this possible to do, Kiddo? Someone thinks that it is. If so, how do I get internet service from there to here unnoticed, after all, I did steal my own computer so pirating it’s internet service only seems just I’d say. 

Image result for animated pirate GIFs

The music would be different. Pictures, paintings, ads, movies, all that good stuff would be different, Kiddo.

Women’s clothing would be different too, Honey 😉 .

All the things that we use here in this dimension would be very similar to all the things that are used in another dimension, they’d be “universal”, so to speak. The differences would reflect their dimension’s way of thinking. Their way of thinking will reflect their environment, meaning, if they live in a shit-hole because it’s beyond their control, they are most likely thinking vindictively, Kiddo. If they live in a Utopia, then their thinking is most likely to our advantage, careful and intelligent. Because you need to be careful and intelligent to live in a Utopian society. She speaks the truth(1,774).

So now I have “my” computer and internet service from a different dimension, the big question is “how do we merge each Facebook together”? And that’s where Mr. Zuckerberg comes in, Sweetheart. The wealth of information in the other Facebook is beyond one’s imagination, Kiddo. And vice-versa, but this dimension’s Facebook will need to be tidied up before we can do anything. That too, is on Mr. Zuckerberg. I will have access to the other dimension’s internet regardless of Facebook’s existence, and others will want to have that access too. 


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Why does my dick need to be hanging out in every representation of myself? Why?

To show that you had nothing to hide, baby.

Not sure how to take that. Someone’s laughing though. The images of Hermes is her way of saying something suggestively important. Although that persona has long past, traits of Hermes’ personality are still with me. And that’s fluffin’ awesome ❤ 😉 . My personality throughout my life resembled Hermes’ the most out of all those prior lives. If you knew me before all this happened, Kiddo, you would agree, And that’s who I wanted personality-wise, and not Zeus. Hermes and Zeus were very much alike in regards to power, except Hermes didn’t exercise it the way Zeus did. Hermes was that “highschool football player that all the girls wanted”, Sweetheart, but guess who had him?? Now guess who plans on keeping him, Kiddo? 


I was nervous about becoming someone other than myself as we got closer to this, because I want to be myself. But what exactly is myself, Kiddo?

You were Hermes since you were little, personality wise.

One time, my Soulie showed me what Hermes actually looked like by using a memory of Hermes that she had, and he looked nothing like this guy;

 Image result for images of god hermesOh no, Kiddo, I looked nothing like that statue. I looked more like this;

Image result for images of god hermes


 I think, from what I have been shown by my Soulie, is that Hermes might have been the second best looking life I have lived, right next to another “past-daddy”, Anubis. When she shown me what I looked like as Anubis I was blown away(2,130). Kebechet had one good looking Father when I was Anubis, and when I was Hermes. If I were your Father as Hermes, and my Soulie was your Mother as Aphrodite, then you would have been who, Kiddo? If Aphie and I had only one child, that child would have been you, Soul-wise, and you would have been Aphroditus(2,188).

Image result for images of Aphroditus

Aphroditus would be what some would call a “hermaphrodite”. She had the body of a female with the genitalia of a male, and there’s a reason as to why that happened, Sweetheart. It’s easy for us, Kiddo, remember that. 

Back when we were Hermes and Aphrodite we decided to have a child between us, meaning, we weren’t going to think a child, we were going to produce a child, big difference, Kiddo. At that time, I didn’t know that I “had” a Daughter, but someone did. Back then I wanted a son, someone I could workout with. But my Soulie wanted us to have a Daughter. Being Hermes, I didn’t want that, Kiddo. I didn’t want to know that my little princess would be one day having sex. So, to prevent that from happening I thought our Daughter a penis.


Related image
Mommy’s body, Daddy’s ding-dong

It was what it was, Kiddo. That would be an interesting dimension to peek in on and see Aphroditus once more in action . . .

Related image

You slept a lot back then, like a lot. You would sleep more than anything, Kiddo, sleep to you then was like video games to kids today, you couldn’t get enough. You knew that you could traverse dimensions in your sleep, and not only traverse them, interact with them. You can do something that only two others can do, and guess who they are. But being Daddy’s little angel, Hermes allowed you to sleep as much as you wanted to traverse.

Spoiled little brat, Aphroditus.

If I needed to keep any remnants of anyone that I once powered, the best possible choice would be Hermes.

Related image


Related image


Related image


Daddio is posting this to give people an idea as to what he’ll be like, Sweetheart.

Although mythology is is a mixture of history and hearsay, Hermes was a pretty cool guy in general. Am I going to become Hermes again, Kiddo? No. My personality and thinking will run parallel with Hermes’, that’s all(2,514). Hermes’ number was three by the way. 

So enough with a history lesson, Kiddo, and let’s move on to bigger and brighter things, yes? Did you see the lights in the sky over the weekend? The local news made light of it. In reality, those lights were very important to me. They were caused by an imposing magnetic field produced by our little Roomba, more commonly known as Nibiru. Funny how all this is coming together, isn’t it? Two years of writing and posting makes sense now. At least it should make sense to someone, Kiddo. 

By the way, Sweetheart, did you hear anything about a solar eclipse this August(2,625)? I just saw something recently on Cat-tube about a solar eclipse that is expected in August, but I don’t know exactly when it is supposed to happen. Hold on while I find out, Kiddo.


So, in 34 days North America and South America will be in total darkness, Sweetheart. 

Maximum Point: Best Location to View the Eclipse

The maximum point of the eclipse will take place near Hopkinsville, Kentucky at 18:20 UTC, which is 1:20 pm local time. Here, totality will last for 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

First Total Solar Eclipse in USA Since 1979

This is the first total eclipse of the Sun visible from the contiguous United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) since February 26, 1979. The last time a total eclipse was visible from coast to coast was on June 8, 1918.

You know what would be funny, Kiddo? If the solar eclipse lasted longer than expected(2,773), now that would be funny. “Hey, uhh, shouldn’t this have ended by now??” is something that I can imagine being said after a few extra unwanted minutes(2,800). I guess we’ll find out what happens in 34 days from now, won’t we, Sweetheart?

Oh that Soulie, Kiddo, do you think she might know something about eclipses? I think she might, if I know my Soulmate. I know that she knows me, that I know. 

34 days, Kiddo, and the lights go out for awhile. 

Image result for animated riddick GIFs


It’s late, and I need some sleep before work today. My head feels better, but I can still feel the pressure building. I’ll attach some music videos after I sign off, nothing special, just some tunage for you when you have the time, Sweetheart.

Enjoy your stellar day, Kiddo.

Love, Daddio

xo xo 

. . . 

. . . 

. . . 





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