Dying to Live

Hello, Kiddo. I felt like sharing some things, including videos, but I will post them after I sign off. Two of them are ones that found me, but one I think you’ll find interesting. So how are you doing on this Sunny day? I like to think good, after all, how else should I think? 


Oh that Soulie, what ever will I do with her, Kiddo? She saw what I did back there, and that made her smile. Did you see what I did back there, Kiddo? It’s pretty good. Not to toot my own shofar of course, most sincerely. I was fortunate to have today off with pay, so since I’m getting paid to write why not have some fun, so to speak. I might run out in a bit, but if I do I won’t leave you hanging, Sweetheart. Oh Kiddo, I want to be myself so bad, so bad I do. But all I can do is wait and etcetera. I feel like that guy in the semi-animated video for “Take on me” by A-ha, slamming myself back and forth into walls just trying to break free. 

So much that I want to do, Kiddo, and so much that someone else wants to do too. What would you like to do after all this? I mean, this is coming to an end, and that isn’t said as a means of self conviction. I’m fully aware of the interpretations. I’m not one for crowds, especially crowds with cameras, that includes cellphones. I do hope that if there are crowds, and I’m told that there will be, they are ruley. I’m told that “this is going down”, Kiddo, so if you have any questions you might want to ask them sooner than later. I think that I might have a question or two for you, Sweetheart. But nothing to worry about. I myself have only one question for you, Kiddo, when the time comes. 

In my last post I talked about magnetic fields and magnetars but I didn’t get to where I was headed, so to give closure I will answer a question that has plagued man for centuries, and that question is . . .


Is it possible to kill a human with a powerful magnet?


Well according to this, it is;

“The strongest magnetic field that you are ever likely to encounter personally is about 10^4 Gauss if you have Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan for medical diagnosis. Such fields pose no threat to your health, hardly affecting the atoms in your body. Fields in excess of 10^9 Gauss, however, would be instantly lethal. Such fields strongly distort atoms, compressing atomic electron clouds into cigar shapes, with the long axis aligned with the field, thus rendering the chemistry of life impossible.” – Count Iblis Jun 20 ’14 at 16:38  


10^9 is “ten to the ninth power”, which as a number would look like this ; 10,000,000,000, or 10 billion, Gauss. When you see a 10 to the power of any number you simply add that number in zeros; 10^3=10,000, simple.

So we need to stay away from magnetic fields in excess of 10 billion Gauss, that should be easy. I mean, 10,000,000,000 Gauss is a lot of magnetism, Kiddo. What is a “Gauss” you ask? A Gauss is a unit of magnetic induction equal to one ten-thousandth of a tesla. It takes 10,000 gauss to make 1 tesla. The Earth’s magnetic field is less than 1 gauss. Nibiru’s magnetic field is one thousand trillion(1,000,000,000,000,000,000) times stronger than the Earth’s magnetic field. And I’ll  leave it at that, Kiddo.

On a brighter ♪, I’ve been working on my Soulie’s name, after all, I can’t keep calling her Soulie. But what will it be, Sweetheart? I know what it will not be, but not what it will be. I have ideas, and one of those ideas relates to a post angrily written by Kat, or Kathy, my once girlfriend. Inside that post she mentioned a name several times. The name wasn’t Maddison, but close, so to speak. I’ll say that the name will cause quite the confusion when the time comes. Her smiling tells me that I might be right. 


There are moments when I feel a type of comfort within myself, they are fleeting moments but they make me feel better. They are moments when I realize this is Reality. Life is going to change drastically for myself, Kiddo. And for you as well. People that we know will look at us differently. Some of those people you might never see again, Kiddo. Regardless of who someone is in your life, you will never know exactly what they are thinking. Have you ever told someone something other than what you were thinking at the time they asked you? Of course you have, but your intentions were not to deceive, you simply didn’t feel like sharing your thoughts at the time. It’s the same way how people you know don’t share their thoughts with you. The reason why they don’t share depends on the thought at the time. So if anyone you know should just “disappear” they were thinking something that they couldn’t share with you. And if they couldn’t share their thoughts with you then their thoughts were without you, and we’ll be having none of that, Sweetheart. 




If there is one thing that troubles me is that I don’t know what age Carol Jacobsen will be coming back as. Younger would be nice as long as I can be young again too, which shouldn’t be an issue(910). I used to worry about what age she’ll be, but it doesn’t really matter. I would like her to come back as I had seen her in a vision, so to speak. She looked like she was in her late twenties, and she looked upset. My vision wasn’t a dream because I wasn’t dreaming. She gave me an animated visual to something that was once seen by someone other than herself, and I think that someone else was my aunt Eleanor(991). What I had seen was my Mother, at an age younger than I have ever seen her, walking through what looked like a hotel lobby or hallway. She walked past me from right to left with someone in front of her. I couldn’t see who the person was as they exited out a door, but when my Mother reached the door she turned around, raised her right hand to give someone the finger, gave them the finger, and said “Fuck you, Mike!!” to someone that I couldn’t see, and left. At the time I had seen this, which was back in May of 2015, I thought that it was my brother she was telling that to, but now I know that it wasn’t. 

I need to say something but I can’t find a “nice” way to say it, or an ambiguous way to say it. Again, I wouldn’t be saying something if it was neither true nor helpful, Kiddo.

When I realized who my Mother was cursing at I began to rethink a lot of what I thought was the truth. It’s obvious, now, who she was cursing at, Sweetheart. And the details explain the rest. Does this change the way I think about that someone she was cursing? Yes it does, Kiddo. You see, I cannot turn a blind eye to what something is when that something is a fact. Did something wrong happen? Yes. Am I going to ignore what happened? No. And here comes the weight.

The males in a certain family haven’t a clean history, so to speak. And history tends to repeat itself. But only when what is known is ignored. In other words, I need to be at my utmost best for her. I can’t let her down. She promised me “No let downs” and I need to promise the same. I can think “I promise” to her, but I don’t know which her is her, in regards to her age which is important. For me to promise her that it will be “only you and I” I need to look her in the eyes and promise her that it is only you and I. Does that make any sense, Sweetheart? As much as I know she is here, I need to physically see her before I promise anything. I would also think that she too would want to look me in the eyes as well, with her own eyes. The mirror doesn’t quite cut it, Kiddo, so we avoid it like the plague. Will I promise her that I will be a honest husband? Of course. But I need to do this in person, Kiddo. Let’s say that all of this is riding on Charlie, meaning, will he indeed not cheat on me. Well that was crafty, Kiddo, she jumped right in there so this must be somewhat important to her(1,468). I guess it is since the numbers don’t lie.

I’ll be right back, Sweetheart. 


Image result for animated loading GIFs

 I’m back. So let’s say all this about to happen is being held back because of Daddio, Kiddo. Will I be “faithful”? Being faithful means not having sex with other people. It also means that you refrain from investing romantically in others. This means that most of your attention, love and respect should be directed toward your partner. Sounds about right, yes? Being faithful to my Soulmate isn’t an issue, but first I need my Soulmate. I mean, I’m faithful right now, so to speak. The only way to prove my loyalty to her is for her to physically be here with me. It’s not a trick, it’s just the truth, Kiddo. I can tell her, think to her, that I will be a good boy all I want, it’s showing her is what matters. “Pics or it didn’t happen” as the kids say. And with the history of my father’s side of the family the bar has been raised as high as it can get. I do have a lot in my favor though. One thing is that someone gave me manners to die for when I was little. I don’t interrupt my partner with some nonsense that a child would be embarrassed to hear while she is speaking, something that any woman in my family would sincerely appreciate. In my late twenties I realized that my girlfriend, at that time, was a reflection of my myself. And knowing that it works both ways I would do my best to the best that I can, after all, no woman wants to be embarrassed, Kiddo. 

So, if all this is pending on my devotion to my Soulmate, if, all this is, then no worries. And to be most honest, I would need to be an idiot not to see just how much my Soulie loves me. We may not be in the best of shape at the moment, but this moment won’t last forever. And when this moment is gone we can start living. Because we are not living at the moment, Kiddo, we’re barely existing. I wanted to get work boots this past weekend but guess what someone told me, Kiddo. Last night I was with one of the kids from work and Ms. Anonymous came up in conversation. He wants to know who she is, and I wanted to tell him if you read what I asked you to read you would know just who Ms. Anonymous is. Oh these kids, Kiddo.

I wanted to write more but I’ve been writing this post for almost a day, on and off, and now it’s Wednesday morning. Before I go, when I was with one of the kids he showed me some photos that he and his girl had taken earlier that day. They caught souls in about four photos, and they caught a lot of them. I began to think how and learned that he is beginning to wake up. Have you taken any digital flash photos lately, Kiddo? Another question that I have for you is, have you seen people out of the corner of your eye and when you looked they were gone? That’s been happening a lot at work according to several people who work there. Anywho, he said that he would send me the soul-saturated photos after he uploads them, so I can study them for him. When I get them I will share them here. 

Okay, Sweetheart, we’re calling it a night. I hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July weekend, and were safe while doing so. Enjoy your day, Kiddo, and know that I miss you.

Love, Daddio

xo xo

. . .

. . .

. . .







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