Hey, Kiddo, I felt like writing something constructive about something, if that makes any sense. Are you feeling stellar? The weather here is quite cleansing, wet and intentional. Any plans for the Fourth of July, Sweetheart? I think that we’ll be staying home, where the heart is, after all, where else would you rather be? 

No souls??

That photo was taken on King’s Road while I was driving home. I was thinking about this weekend that we’re all in, and what I would write here in your site. I had thoughts about Nibiru, and if you have read my post on Facebook you would have seen that others are thinking about Nibiru as well. My thoughts on Nibiru pertained to what exactly is Nibiru, so that everyone will have a better understanding. Nibiru, by human terminology, would be classified as a “magnetar”. 

noun: magnetar; plural noun: magnetars
    a neutron star with an extremely strong magnetic field.
Related image
I cannot be told everything. I needed to learn this on my own, Kiddo. 
There’s a few, but there should be more than that, Sweetheart.

So how strong is a magnetar’s magnetic field? 

It can generate the most intense magnetic field observed in the Universe. The field strength of a magnetar is one thousand trillion times stronger than Earth’s and is so intense that it heats the surface to 18 million degrees Fahrenheit.” – Google

I was going to further on about Nibiru but I changed my mind. There are other things to write about I think. I mean, how much more can I tell, Kiddo? We’ve now passed the 90 post mark, that’s a lot. There’s possibly over half a million words back there. Or down there, depending on how you view this. It’s mid-morning Sunday and I’m feeling pretty good, Kiddo. 

Just sayin’ 😉 .

Uh oh, Kiddo. 

What, I’m just sayin’.

As I’ve said, we’re feeling pretty good this morning. I’m not sure what our plans are for today, but I would like to do some housecleaning first. Nothing drastic, just some tidying up. I still need to Create a Google account for my new cellphone, my, “Hellphone”, so I can upload photos and videos. Where I’ll upload them I don’t know, but at least I’ll have those options. Facebook maybe? I wonder if I still have a MySpace account under my name. I should probably investigate, yes, Kiddo? Hang on.



I’m back, yes, I still have a MySpace account. What I will do with it, I don’t know, but I still have one. I plan to write a post about Facebook, but I have ideas for another post regarding our furry four-legged friends, which I think I should write first. 

Related image

I have a lot to tell in that post. I think that people will look at cats and dogs with a new set of eyes after they finish reading that post. 


When I started to write this post I was going to eventually lead into it’s title. “Aphelion” is the point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid, or comet at which it is furthest from the sun. Doesn’t sound too exciting does it, Kiddo? Well it gets better. According to what I have found on the internet, the Earth’s aphelion is tomorrow. Think about that, Sweetheart.

As you might guess, this greatly exaggerates the eccentricity - or oblongness - of Earth's orbit.

“Planet Earth reaches a milestone today, its aphelion, or most distant point from the sun. We reach this point on July 3, 2017 at 20:11 UTC. That’s 15:11 (3:11 p.m.) Central Daylight Time in the U.S.” – http://earthsky.org/?p=34670#

So what that article is saying is that we, in July, are the furthest away from the Sun. 

Something is wrong with that article, don’t you think, Kiddo? I don’t care what fantastical explanations scientists come up with, when the Earth is farthest from the Sun it is slightly colder than when it is closest to the Sun. Simple science and common sense. So why are they saying that Earth’s in aphelion? Did something change that we don’t know about, Kiddo? I hope not(666).


Oh that Soulie. We’re still messing with the whole “Satan thing”, just because it’s fun. You know that Daddio isn’t Satan, right, Kiddo? Good, good, my plan is coming together I mean that I’m glad to know that you know that I am not Satan.  🙂 <—Daddio

Someone is in a hurry, I wonder where he’s going . . . 

For the past two weeks I have been rehearsing(730). My Soulmate is so close she can speak to me by using my mouth. She has been doing this at home, and at work more and more. And the kids still haven’t read this site yet. If they don’t, one night they are going to hear me say something that I didn’t say, which will raise an eyebrow without doubt. If they ask who am I speaking to I will tell them that if they read this site they would know exactly to whom I was speaking. Oh those kids.

I guess he was in a hurry to meet up with the other souls.








I figured something out the other night at work, and it was after I had taken these photos . . .




One of the kids told me to go outside and to take a look at something, and that something was that cloud, which was about 100 feet above the ground, if that. After seeing that cloud I realized that the pinkness in the clouds we see at work is due to a “rogue magnetic stream” collecting Nibiru’s Iron oxide. Along with collecting Iron oxide it is also pounding down on the land our company is built upon. A rogue stream is what affected the Guilderland Hellhouse(937). 


You didn’t witness any of the “paranormal activity” that would occur in that house, Kiddo. You lived there during the Summer when it was hot outside, magnetic fields are weakened by heat. The paranormal activity that took place there happened when it was cold outside, and the colder it was the more the activity. Do you remember my post on Facebook about me being pulled out of bed by my right leg, Kiddo? My Soulmate did that 😉 . I posted about that when I was still with Arie, your “evil step-sister”. I wonder how she’s doing. I hope she’s okay(1,036).

One of the components of an MRI is Helium.

Image result for images of helium Helium in liquid form is -452° Fahrenheit, making it the second coldest substance known to man. The coldest substance is Space, which is roughly -459° Fahrenheit, or “absolute zero”. The definition for absolute zero is an improper one;

At the physically impossible-to-reach temperature of zero kelvin, or minus 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 273.15 degrees Celsius), atoms would stop moving. As such, nothing can be colder than absolute zero on the Kelvin scale.” – Google

How do they know that atoms stop moving? If that temperature is impossible to reach, how can they prove this theory? Which is a sad one. Nothing can stop atoms. This theory of theirs is just that, a theory. And saying that there is nothing colder than absolute zero, how do they know that? They don’t, Kiddo. If our Earth is in Aphelion right now we would be halfway through Winter. Do these people who write that nonsense understand just what the effects of ill-given misinformation can do to a society, or planet? How are we in Aphelion? Could this be “magic”? Maybe it was “magic” that removed all the images of Nibiru from Google images. Type in “images of Nibiru” and see what you get. You get nothing. Luckily, I downloaded two images of Nibiru, these two;


nibiru (1)

Anywho, an MRI. The human body is mostly water. Water molecules contain hydrogen nuclei (protons), which become aligned in a magnetic field. An MRI scanner applies a very strong magnetic field (about 0.2 to 3 teslas, or roughly a thousand times the strength of a typical refrigerator magnet), which aligns the protons. The magnetic field is produced by a large coil;

Image result for images of MRI

What that diagram doesn’t show you or tell you is that large coil is submerged in liquid Helium. A lot of it. If the vessel that contains the coil and the liquid Helium should rupture into the imaging area(where the patient lies) the patient would be frozen solid instantly(1,360). They don’t tell you that though, do they, Kiddo? Remember this the next time you need to climb into one, and if you need to make sure the MRI isn’t made by Philips, I know how their MRI’s are built, and so does someone else. 

Image result for images of exploded MRI machines

Magnetic fields are nothing to play with. But I guess we’ll all soon find that out(1,423). Anywho, I just wanted to touch base with you and vent a little I guess. I think we are going to order pizza tonight. I could either order it from Empire or from across the street. Across the street is easier, but Empire has better pizza. And cheaper too, believe it or not, $9.99 for a large cheese pizza if you pick it up. Not a bad deal, Kiddo.

No it’s not.

Oh that Satan I mean Soulie. What am I going to do with this woman, Kiddo? I mean, every day I’ll be a victim of some cheeky shenanigan. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle this, Kiddo, I really don’t. I have lived physically alone for so long that I’ll need to adjust to having someone physically living with me again, even though she has been with me for 37 years. But I think we can do it. 🙂 ❤ 😉 

It is 5:29 PM, Sunday, the day before Earth’s Aphelion, or something like that, and we are out of here. I might begin to write that furry four-legged friend post after dinner, but first I have some other writing. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, Kiddo, and be safe. 

Love always, Daddio

xo xo 

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