Hellphone II; “Your call may be monitored . . . “

So, Kiddo, I was so anxious to write that I couldn’t come up with a title, so hence what you see, a continuation of yesterday’s post posted today. How are you doing, Sweetheart? Stellar I would think. I was thinking of you earlier but I can’t remember what it was about. I have been having a bit of that, not being able to recall recent thoughts. “All good” I’m told. Okay, I’ll take her word for for it, so to speak, Kiddo. I will say that someone is feeling pretty good tonight if I say so myself. I guess that I’m feeling pretty good too then. You know, Kiddo, I learned a few things in the past 24 hours. But before I start, do you understand the numbers? Meaning, if I were to add (127 words) or (127) directly at the end of a sentence, do you know that it is telling how many words I have typed up until that point, right from the start(163)? I could write all night and when I’m done with what I am writing at that moment the numbers will always be good(186). 1 + 8 + 6 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6. It’s the digit sum(190) that is important here, Kiddo(195). That is not intentional. 


Anywho, I took some more photos last night, while I was driving home to see if they were still tailing me and they were. It reminds me of this ;

Related image






Someone liked that GIF so there it is in the flesh, Kiddo. I took a few more photos on the way home ;




I was driving at about 55 mph when I took those pictures, and they were keeping up with me. Maybe I should try taking some photos at 105 mph. Someone said “No.”. Okay, scratch that idea then. Although it would be interesting to see if they could keep up, Kiddo. But we’re obviously not going to find out. 😦  <— Daddio

Moving along slower than 105 mph, and feeling rather good(316), I’m going to have some fun with an idea. I said that I would try to keep a positive attitude a few posts ago. So, instead of venting about nonsense I am going to tell of an idea I have, and it’s a good one(361). Some music to read to, Createss?

Remember what I said, Sweetheart.


I did some thinking about the whole work scenario regarding the incredible appearing woman because of something that I had noticed. When I went to work yesterday I brought my Hellphone with me, so the kids could show me how to operate it. Upon doing so someone made sure that they both had the PIN to unlock my Hellphone, and I thought to myself “why”. I mean, I trust those two bananas, I just thought that was rather out of character for someone. That’s because it was(460). 

I will admit that I have been wrong about this event before, but I wasn’t quite myself then. She says that I’m not wrong, Kiddo. Okay, let’s take a run with this.

Related image

Between me and the boys we now have 2 cellphones and 1 Hellphone, and all 3 have cameras that can record video and upload it to the internet, possibly even stream it live. 

Image result for images of Facebook

The significance of the 3 cameras is being able to triangulate on a specific point. If the 3 cameras are equally distant from each other 1 camera will have the other 2 in it’s focal range. If the cameras are in the shot, so are the people holding them. If aimed properly, the subject being recorded will be in the center of the shot with the other two people in the background. The purpose of this is to give the most evidence as possible with the least amount of energy expended. It is economizing(613). To make it even more credible have the 3 cameras in a slow counter-clockwise rotation as they’re filming me. What will I be doing? I have no idea, probably stumbling around like some drunk. Think about it, Kiddo, just how good it will feel for me. And to be honest, the only thing that I will want to do is to feel that hug. I have imagined just a little how good that hug will feel. I say a little because too much would be a torment. This life blows, Kiddo. So back to the stumbling pseudo-father. I don’t know what my initial reaction will be, but whatever it is I won’t hide it. I know that I want to say something funny. When I woke up in Ellis hospital I could here my family talking, but I didn’t let them know that I was awake yet, because I was thinking of what would happen if I were to sit up straight really fast and yell “The devil’s got me!! The devil’s got me!!”, but I chose not to do so. While I was thinking about scaring the shit out of my little sister I would have given my sister a heart-attack, and upset the only reason as to why I came back. In that time that I was dead I said to myself subconsciously 3 things. The last thing I said was a name; Arie. When I said “Arie” I spoke in the form of an answer to a question I was asked. I answered after 3 seconds, give or take a fraction, of thinking as to why should I come back. And after saying “Arie”, 3 seconds later I came back. Who asked me the question? I did, Kiddo, from another dimension, if you will. Think of it as a type of “Total Recall”. 

Other than doing my unintentional imitation of a drunk, I will eventually do some parlor tricks after I regain my bearings if lethargic. Regardless of what happens, I will need to do something pretty effing convincing and fast. The kids need to know that if I should be in a state of shock or something similar that the woman standing there didn’t hurt me. She will look very much like myself, rather tall and very Swedish, ja! She would basically look like a sister to me. A protective sister at that. I might not be communicative at first, so it’s best that the kids keep as quiet as they can. I myself think that it might happen in an open area as opposed to an area out of view, for at least one of the kids. And I’m sure that he’ll get the other’s attention. Someone’s laughing about this. This has all the makings of a comedy, Kiddo. When I think of these things I use visuals that would give ILM a boner.

 Related image

Exactly what to expect I don’t know, but I do know that there will be a woman who resembles myself standing on the shop floor who wasn’t there a second ago, that much I know(1,122). The numbers don’t lie. And we don’t lie either.

I thought about what those seconds after will be like, and I will say it’s difficult to imagine. There are many possibilities. I’m told that whatever happens it will be good(1,162). And that’s what we need the kids to know ahead of time, that this is a good thing. I can imagine one them in a panic and the other one just standing there. Think about it, Kiddo, what would you do if you saw that? Would you think nothing of it? I think not. Now after you calmed down from what you have seen you will want to tell someone immediately, yes? How do you explain what you just witnessed, Kiddo? Who would believe you, if anyone. They would want to see some proof of what you are claiming. “Pics or it didn’t happen” as the kids say. I say that they better have a steady hand. And I say that not in a bossy way. All that is recorded needs to be as clear as a bell both visually and audibly. When all is said and done, we should have 3 videos of the same event from 3 different perspectives. I recently charged my second camera so I’ll have two cameras available(1,333). My two cameras can be used as static cameras. If they were positioned properly they would capture each other in the background with the subject centered. As they are recording myself and each other they will also be recording the kids, and someone else. If all 5 cameras are successful then each 1 would have captured the other 4 cameras on film. All 5 cameras will have trace-ability too. How’s that for looking down the road.

DSCN5280   Related image

I think what concerns me the most about all this is, how will we be looked at, Kiddo(1,423)? Things will change, that’s a fact. It must be coming soon because I know that I wouldn’t have told the kids anything about this website at all. It was suggested yesterday for them to visit here. Sooner or later I guess, either way I’ll know. “Not much later” I’m told. All I can do is to go with what I know and feel. I do know that my boots are about to die. Still “No boots!!”, Kiddo. My boots, oh my. I will take photos of them if I remember. They need to be seen to be believed, Sweetheart. I want to go this weekend and get something to replace them but someone tells me not to. I don’t know, Kiddo, I might have a week or two left, if that.

Have you thought about the barrage of questions coming your way, Kiddo? I know I’m going to get hit with a slew. But mostly from the kids. At least at first, then it’s everyone else and their brother asking questions. Oh those questions, they’ll get you every time, Kiddo. 

Anywho, I posted my new phone number on Facebook, and so far it works. Next is a new Google account, just for my Hellphone. One of the kids told me that I need it for something. And now I need some sleep, Sweetheart. It’s been a busy week so far, hence the exhaustion. 

You’re probably sleeping right now, Kiddo, so pleasant dreams.

Always with love, Daddio

xo xo







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