Why “Hellphone”, Kiddo? Because that’s all my new cellphone has given me since I had activated it earlier today. It is my first touch-screen cellphone and it is not that easy to operate. I have the internet on this cellphone which is also a first me. If I should use the internet from my cellphone it will be to upload photos and nothing more. I’m also thinking of opening a new Google account, since I will need one. I’ll keep the one I have for my computer just for my computer, and I’ll have a separate one for my cellphone. I might put my Facebook account on my phone to send photos to, but I could always transfer them at a later time. This is so surreal. I still have difficulty believing all this at times(136 words). I began to write you a post the other day, but I had trouble finding the words that I wanted to say. I really don’t know what to say anymore, Kiddo. I need to speak. I can only write so much and the rest needs to be heard and not to be read. And that is so there are no misinterpretations, Sweetheart. I am certain that my appearance and mannerisms will speak clearly when that time comes. There is no possible way that I can refrain from a tirade. So, to make certain that you and some others know that our intentions are good, we are going to make some videos first. The very first one will take place at work, hence the need for my 2 kids to be on board with all this. They will be asked to record the first minutes. After that they will be asked to record proof. Once we have recorded proof they will be asked to give a copy of that proof to someone, someone that we work with. Once that third party has the recorded proof we sit back and wait. While we are waiting we make more videos. One video will be posted here for you, Kiddo, and another will be sent to members of my family. However, since WordPress doesn’t offer the option to upload videos directly from my folders I will need to upload them to Youtube first. Once on Youtube I can copy and paste the link into this site. I will remove the options for comments and likes for each video we upload. All a person can do is view the videos. In the video to you, Kiddo, we will both be speaking to you. In the video to my family my Soulmate will do most of the speaking. I’ll just be sitting there to her left, waiting my turn to speak. 

In your video, we will give specific details to what we are going to do, after all, it’s those miracles that you have been waiting for, yes? I have provided thousands of miracles, but they just aren’t destructive enough, are they, Kiddo? I mean, people want to see floods and earthquakes and people being turned into pillars of salt, that’s what they want. Can we give it to them? Well, I don’t know about the salt thing, but we can turn people into marble statues, quite lifelike for obvious reasons. 



I honestly don’t know much of the future regarding myself and Soulie, but I will tell you what I do know, Kiddo. I know that she is coming back as Carol Jacobsen. I know that this is going to take place at our job. I know that it is going to happen soon(595 words). I know that we can do tremendous things for our employer and coworkers. I know that our kids will be set for life. As long as they keep quiet, because let’s face it, I’m not that nice of a guy. If I’m not there neither will be my generosity. And Daddio is generous. But what about you, Kiddo? What will I give to you, my little warlord of the Apocalypse I mean my phenomenal pseudo-daughter, what will Daddio give you?

Daddio will give you whatever you want, Sweetheart.

🙂 ❤ 😉

There is a hierarchy in our family that needs to be understood and honored by all of your “soul-siblings”. Although you have many “soul-sisters”, and “soul-brothers”, they need to know that you aren’t in that branch of the tree, so to speak. I would like to think that they will understand this, because this is how it is with us. I mean, they might be second fiddle to you, Kiddo, but at least they are part of the band. As far as whatever you want goes it is whatever you want. I could not say it any simpler than that. I can’t do it right now, but when I can it will be easy for me to do. Imagine that, Kiddo, something that is easy for me(811 words). When can I spoil you absolutely rotten? I think it’s not much longer, judging by my boots. I am now using duct tape to hold one of them together, and she is still telling me not to get new ones. Oh I hope that this happens sooner than later. 

What will you tell your friends and family, Sweetheart? They will be asking questions, and good ones too. “Why didn’t you tell me?” will be one of them. The answer to that is quite obvious when someone asks you that. There is a lot to think about regarding this. No one in my family has taken any of this seriously, and they were given plenty of time to think about it too(933 words). And that’s another reason for why this takes so long, because it takes time to realize that this is actually happening. And in that time people who knew needed to think about the possibility of Charlie not being wrong. I think it’s safe to say that they didn’t. And that Charlie wasn’t wrong. 

But enough about that, how about some photos, Kiddo? Well, one photo, but it is a good one. I took this photo while driving home from work last week, it is the first one of it’s kind. Here, take a look ;


Someone had told me that souls follow me wherever I go, I guess that someone was right. I was cruising about 45 mph when I snapped that picture, and when the camera flashed I could see hundreds of them right outside my driver’s side window. Now the new cellphone that I have has two cameras, one with a flash. The one with the flash is a 5 megapixel camera, the other one’s a 2 megapixel camera but without a flash. In theory, the 5 megapixel camera should capture more than my 8 megapixel camera. I guess we’ll need to see if I’m right. The weather is calling for rain this week, that will be helpful for this. Rain is a large proponent when taking photos of souls outside this dimension. 


Water droplets act as miniature flashbulbs in this dimension. The more flash that I have in this dimension the more souls I can capture in another dimension(1,180). Who would have ever thought of all this, Kiddo? Isn’t this the wildest thing ever? And the best part is that it’s true. Can you imagine how some people will feel when they find out that I want absolutely nothing to do with them, Kiddo? Talk about an upset stomach. Because in their mind they’ll be thinking “God doesn’t love me”, but in Reality it is the Creator who doesn’t love them. There is no “unconditional love” where we come from. Unconditional love was made up by some failing idiot. Love has it’s conditions otherwise it wouldn’t be “love”. But getting back to that upset stomach, how sick will some people feel, Kiddo? I mean, it’s not everyday that the Creator turns his back to somebody. Or somebodies for that matter. I can see somebody saying “I’m sorry” and myself replying “Go fuck yourself”. And in that voice on top of it, Sweetheart. Oh I love my voice. The kids hear it at the end of the night when someone’s tired. 


Anywho, I need some sleep. Think about what I told you, Kiddo, about what people will ask you. It isn’t going to be easy, but it also isn’t going to be bad. The best thing that you can do is to be honest when questioned, because you will be questioned. 

I will post my new cellphone number on Facebook in a related post, and as before, do not give it to anyone. 

This wasn’t going to go on forever, Sweetheart. 

Oh that Soulie. Have a safe, stellar day, Kiddo, and know that I miss you.

Love, Daddio

xo xo 

. . .

. . .

. . .



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