“You better not cry . . .”

Well, Kiddo, I am just a writing machine lately, yes? Post after post, day after day. Maddening I say. And getting angry doesn’t solve anything. Words of wisdom. So mad I shall not be, wise is me. 

However there is coming a moment when I shall not be wise, wise until I rise to speak. A foregone conclusion that it is and needless to say though I say anyway regardless of time of day nor day of week for when I speak. 

My words will sound vindictive to the average ear that listens near but has no fear for my words will be clear and true. Wherever whenever I decide to speak it takes me awhile though less than a week to find the right words so you know that I’m speaking to you and to you I will speak true.


That was my Nostradamus. They might not be quatrains but they are cryptic. If anything they’ll keep someone busy. Anywho, I was listening to the song “Estimate” by the Black Angels and some of the words weren’t clear to me, so I looked for them online and found them. Well, I think I found them because I know that what the lyrics say and what I am hearing are two different things. I think that I shared this song once before. I am going to write what I am hear unless I can’t decipher. If I can’t decipher something I’ll place in parenthesis either a question mark or what I think is being said with a question mark. Here’s the song, what do you hear, Kiddo . . .

When you left in Spring,

I thought I lost you.

Never felt quite the same.

Never let them shoot you down.

They’re killing our children.

I’m being protective.

Well I am raising my eye on (gun?)

And I’m I am losing sensation for your (god?)

They’ll search our home again, I think they’re on to something.

I’ll own my own mistakes.

Never keep your head tucked down.

It’s kind of seductive,

the hand of (ever love?).

Never gonna lose your Daughter.

Never let them shoot us down.

Never going to lose your daughter,

never let them shoot us down.

All we have is us and you and me.

Everyone we know has (come of age?).

I would love to stay here in this town,

but they’ve poisoned our water.

And I’m into protective (?).

It’s kind of seductive.

Oh I, will never shoot you down.

Oh I, no I,will never shoot you down.

No I, no I, will never shoot you down.

No I, no I, I will never shoot you down.

Those are the words that I heard, Kiddo, did you hear similar? Now here are the lyrics for that song according to several websites ;

My old car keeps breaking down
My new car ain’t from japan
There’s already too many Datsuns
In this townAnother thing that’s bugging me
Is this commercial on t.v.
Says that Detroit can’t make good cars
any more

Motor City

Who’s driving my car?
Who’s driving my car now?

My army jeep is still alive
Got locking hubs and four wheel drive
Ain’t got no radio, ain’t got no mag wheels
Ain’t got no digital clock

Ain’t got no clock

The paint job is lookin’ blue

The whitewalls are missing too
But I guess until I get my car back
This’ll do

Who’s driving my car now?


Those are the lyrics that I found at lyricsmania.com and every other lyrics website. Strange, wouldn’t you say, Kiddo? I mean, those lyrics are like night and day. Strange. 

Anything good with you, Kiddo? It’s been a trying week so far for us, I came in on Monday to find out that I made a mistake on the previous Friday which cost the company some time and money. Yes, I was rather displeased with myself, it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have so much going on in my mind lately, so, my bad. I must say, Kiddo, I have a sense of anxiousness unlike any before and it is frustrating as fuck. Just being honest as always. I feel like I just want to scream, or at least engage in a conscious conversation, so to speak. Hang on a moment, Sweetheart. 

Image result for animated loading GIFs

Okay, I’m back. I’m not as back as I would like to be, but I am back to write to you. “Almost . . . ” someone just said. The numbers look good, but you can’t see them. Take my word for it, the numbers look good.(757 words) So tonight I asked one of the kids, again, how far to he read into this site. He told me he was about halfway through, and he was, but only halfway through one recent post. He hasn’t skimmed the surface yet. There might be half a million words written in here, Kiddo, seriously. And lots of meanings too. Interpretation, it’s a bitch.


It’s been tough trying to hide at work, Kiddo. I mean, I have been squeezing her out by my squeezing me in, if that makes any sense. And it’s not intentional either. It was easy until a month ago when I started noticing changes about myself. One change would be the dramatic voice drop. I’m hearing it more and more as days pass. For me to ask, again, if he had read this entire site says something in itself I think. You see, Kiddo, when a moment happens it was only going to happen just at that particular moment. That doesn’t make sense, does it. 

Okay. Reversibility. If the past can be known in the present, then the future can be known in the present also. The only way for anything to be known, someone would need to know it. Otherwise it wouldn’t be known, yes? So, if at least one person is needed to know the future, who should it be? It could never be me, Kiddo. So if the future could never be known by me, then my Soulmate would need to know. See how that works? If I were to know anything of the future the future would never happen. Why? Because I would know how the story ends. I mean, why bother? There’s nothing more to see. I would turn my curiosity to something else interesting. If I knew that the planet was going to suffocate and burn itself into extinction why would I stay? I know how this story ends, where’s the challenge? But I don’t know if that will happen. It could quite easily.(1,090 words) It could also be stripped down to it’s engine if a strong magnetic field should happen by. And that too is possible. But what would really be bad if this engine should begin to knock. 

Related image

In our case the tractor blows off the engine that is continuing to run. That wouldn’t be good. I thought that the GIF was pretty cool though. One of my kids is without his truck right now, and he’s hating it. He was showing me pictures of newer models but not the newest models. So here, I found one ;



 Image result for 2017 dodge ram 3500

I think it’s him. I’m more of a Ford man myself, like this ;

Related image


But honestly, Kiddo, this is the truck I like ;


Related image

Would you go over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house in one of those, Kiddo? I’d be driving and you would be riding shotgun. I’m serious, look, there’s even a seat for you ;

 Related image

Something to think about I guess. In the meantime I hope “Shadow” gets something to drive until he gets the truck that he wants. What truck it will be I don’t know, that’s up to him. But I’m sure it will be what he wants. My other kid doesn’t seem much for trucks, he’s more of a sports car guy. I’ll need to inquire one day, after all, you can’t give to one and not the other.(1,320 words)

Related image










Anywho, Sweetheart, Daddio is tired but needs to eat something before bed, so off to Cumby’s we go. Oh I can’t wait to have some power. I miss the refrigerator. 😦 But not as much as I miss you, Kiddo.(1,360 words) The numbers don’t lie, and neither do I.(1,369 words) 

Have a stellar day, Kiddo, and as always, be safe.

Love, Daddio

xo xo 

. . .

. . .

. . .


Image result for images of children shushing






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