“You better watch out . . .”

Hey there, Funshine, I had some time so I write. You doing good, Kiddo? Methinks yes. So, I went on Facebook before work last night to check on a message, and when I did I noticed a notification from Dr.Sam Harris telling something to the dislikes of “There is no room in the brain for a soul” and I immediately thought to myself “I just lost all respect for this man”. How the fuck does he know what constitutes for enough room? Does he know something that I don’t know? And they say that Atheism isn’t a religion. That’s religious gibberish in disguise of intellect. Just like fear is in disguise of faith. I, unlike someone else, use as many frequently used words as I can, because I know not everyone knows what less commonly known words mean, and that is what is important here, knowing what is being said. When I do use those less frequent words in here I also add the definition, in case you or someone else reading this isn’t familiar with the word they are reading. I feel that is only courteous to give explanations as to why I used that less frequent word. I’ll give you an example . . .

 “one who uses big words” 
I never saw that word before tonight, Kiddo, I was looking for something simple and I found it here ; http://www.bigwords.com/bigwords/
Now if I used that word for someone to read or to hear I would need to know that there is a good chance that they might not know what it means. Have you ever seen that word before now, Kiddo? It looks kind of creepy, doesn’t it? Almost squishy. 
I don’t understand how anyone could think that there is no room for a soul. That doesn’t even make sense. Hang on a second, Sweetheart.
I’m back, I thought of something while I was writing. Don’t ask me how I got here, but I was thinking, what if Mr. Zuckerberg was indeed following me in the shadows on Facebook. There is a good chance that by now he might have thought of something just as I did a few moments ago. He might have opened my very first Facebook account to see who I was before my present account. In other words, he wants to know what’s coming. He knows that I am not who I was 6 months ago through my writing. He wants to see if I am an okay guy. Sound possible, Kiddo? I mean, I had a Facebook account under my birth name once, but he still has still it. If he hasn’t investigated by now I would tell him to if I could. He has no idea as to what I am like. I think that I’m an okay guy, I could tell him that I’m an okay guy as well, but that’s hearsay, inevitably. Although you will never know everything about anyone, you will always know more about someone eye to eye. And I’ll leave it at that. 
Some music, Createss? It’s not long, here, Sweetheart ;
Ever see that movie, Kiddo? If not it’s worth an hour an a half of your time. Timeless classic I say. Anywho, I was going to further on about someone but I don’t have time for him, so to speak. What I should write about is something important;
Image result for images of change
In the past posts my tone was not always positive, but that is in the past now, Sweetheart. One of the things that we plan to incorporate is a new economic system. One that actually works. The way I see it, human beings belong to the planet Earth and not the other way around. And the planet Earth belongs to it’s Creator, Daddio. Daddio, very much a Father, says that if his kids want to keep living at home they will need to start helping out. If they choose not to help out then they can’t live at home. The kids know that have nowhere to go, so they can either float around the streets or just do what they’re told to do. Once agreement has been established we can incorporate our new working system. The one that actually works. The details are long, but in the end Americans will be able to retire at the age of 45. And live quite comfortably. This is an easy fix for us to do. But we need cooperation first. Children of this country will be creating their own nest egg for after graduation by maintaining realistic grades (75-85% average sounds reasonable) throughout their school term. School term, not indoctrination term, when a child graduates they should be able to start their own business and to keep their own business. If a child graduates in the top 30% nationwide they are given a fund worth, let’s say, $5,000 or so. That money would be a helping hand to their independence, and a “thank you” for taking life seriously. If the child should exceed the top 30% then the fund will exceed the previous $5,000. If a child should exceed the top 1% of the national average, the fund is increased and a few extras are thrown in. Going to school is like going to work, except the children don’t get paid. Ever hear of “schoolwork”? Ever hear of “homework”? Well, homework is going away. There is absolutely no reason why any child should bring their work home with them. And need the parents’ help on top of it. If the average mother can school her child at home well enough for her child to earn a diploma, then a trained professional, known as a teacher, should be able to do the same, yes? I mean, a child is a teacher’s responsibility just as a mother’s responsibility. What is taught to that child will determine them. Feed them shit you gain shit. Fed them facts and you gain their honesty, after all, who wants to be fed a bunch of shit, not me. Be honest with children and they will do likewise.
  Another reason why homework is going away, they already have a job to do. So why not pay them for working in school? It would encourage responsibility. These are some of things that we can do. 
Up for some math fun, Kiddo? Let’s say that there are 100 million human beings living in this country. Half of them are working. The other half is either in school or retired. The 50 million that are working are also paying 7 dollars each week into their retirement fund, equaling $1 per day. Every week, $350,000,000 goes into a fund, and after 52 weeks that fund has collected $1,932,000,000,000. That is almost 2 trillion dollars.
About 3 million Americans retired in 2015, but that is with the current population now. With 100 million Americans about 2% will be retiring each year. When they retire they will have $966,000 waiting for them, for only a dollar a day. Imagine that, Kiddo, a lottery where everyone wins. $1,000,000 guaranteed at your retirement. No matter what you do to earn a paycheck. The interest on your retirement is yours to keep. That is if you are wondering where the extra $34,000 came from to make $1,000,000 even. This retirement is guaranteed, no matter what any American does for a living. And they still have their company’s retirement plan, too. Not too bad if I say so myself, Kiddo. 
And with the price drop on everything retirees can easily live like kings, just like they’re supposed to. Oh yes, Kiddo, change is coming, good change, too. 
Some photos, Createss? 
Get used to it, honey 😉 .
Another mass in counter-clockwise rotation


He still waits for his papa-cat to come home. And he does. And he will for that matter.
Well, Kiddo, I’m going to call it a night. I’m not sure what I wanted to say, but I’m sure that I said something that is positive. I’ll keep you posted on current events as they come.
Make today a stellar one, and stay phenomenally safe.
Love, Daddio
. . .
. . .
. . .

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