Well, Kiddo, I guess you know what’s coming.


To climb over, to cross, to get beyond, to pass, to rise or extend above, to be superior to, to surpass, excel, to exceed, to prevail over, to overcome, defeat, to surmount from superus.


gods on high| celestial deities; those above

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Okay, Kiddo, I needed to put that out there. So what’s new with you, Sweetheart? We had a busy night at work last night even though work is a bit slow. Tonight the company is having an indoor cookout with hot dogs, salads and sodas, and they call it “Weenie Wednesday”, which I’m sure raised a giggle from the office girls who probably named it “Weenie Wednesday”. It doesn’t matter to me what they call it as long as we can eat. Hot dogs, yumm!! 

I told my Soulie that I need workboots badly, but she tells me “No!!”. You have no idea as to just how bad my workboots really are. Maybe I’ll take pictures of them. The upper to my left boot has detached from the sole at the heel, but she tells me “No!!” regardless, Kiddo. I do have enough money to buy another pair. “No!!” Could it be that my Soulmate wants me to look like an idiot? Methinks not. So why can’t I have a new pair of boots, Kiddo? Would I be wasting our money? She nodded “yes”. I guess that she is coming sooner than later. I mean, my workboots are really fucking bad, Kiddo. A homeless person wouldn’t wear them.

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I have been working on a little project both at work and at home, and it involves Reality. What a surprise. I started to write a post at Facebook involving light and consciousness, but I never finished it. I’m told that it is easy for me to materialize objects and people who have passed away, and vice-versa. I know and understand just how the universe works, but I want to know just what Reality is. In other words, what are we consciously experiencing, Kiddo?

First of all, human beings are not having a “spiritual” experience, they are “spirits” having a human being experience. That is if you are a human being. Technically, souls are humans, and when they are in a vessel they become a human being. When I use the word “humans” I am subconsciously referring to souls. A human being without the human is a being. A human being without the being is a soul. 


The human body has five faculties; sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. These five senses are to distinguish the difference between life and death. If you didn’t have those five senses you would be consciously lost. If you are conscious, and you cannot feel, see, taste, smell or hear, you wouldn’t know if you were still alive or not. How would you know? The answer is you wouldn’t, and that would be terrifying to any human regardless.

The five senses are different from each other. Their differences create a priority. Which sense is the best sense. Well, common sense is the best sense in my opinion, but before you can exercise any common sense you will need at least one of the five senses to assure you that you are actually conscious in a being. That best sense would be the sense of sight.

Sight is also the only faculty that a soul, or human, has outside their body. You can get by without the other four senses, but without sight life becomes rather difficult, for anyone. The issue that I was having, still having, is just what do we see when we see. This is going to be quite the read, Kiddo.

According to my Soulmate, I Created light, how, I don’t remember, but we have it, thank god. I researched what scientists claim to be light, but something with their claims doesn’t sit right with me. Too much jargon about things they don’t even understand, and you can see this by their use of very big words that the average person wouldn’t know. And if they aren’t using big words they are using words improperly. Here, Kiddo, take a gander at this . . .


“The natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.”

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Okay, what is a “natural agent”? What does that mean? It means it’s time for some simple definitions, Kiddo. 


Existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind.


person or thing that acts or has the power to act specifically.


To take action; do something.

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Light can be defined as “A natural thing that has the power to do something”. Does that sound better? Or should I say . . . look better? Get it? “Look”? Look and sight?

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Well I thought it was funny. Without light we cannot see, which would render our eyes useless. Pretty important stuff that light is, Kiddo, but what exactly is light and what is it actually doing. Are we seeing physical objects? In other words, is what we see really there? You see these objects;


You do see them don’t you?

You see them in the photo but in actuality you can’t see them outside the photo, at least for now you can’t. Are there objects in the photo? Yes. Are those objects Real? Yes. Do you see them anywhere else other than the photo? No.

Why not?

They are everywhere on this planet drenched in Sunlight but for some reason you can’t see them, can you? There’s a better than great chance that you have one of those objects right next to you as you are reading this, but you cannot see it. Can you see me right now? No, but you know that I am there.  🙂 

So why can’t anyone but myself see them? They are here, and in Sunlight, so everyone should be able to see them, shouldn’t they? I think before we continue on with this I need to give the scientific definition of Light since I have given the generic, or simple, definition of light. Yes, I know. I know. 

Light, or visible light, is electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength that is visible to the human eye (about 400–700 nm). In the broader field of physics, light is sometimes used to refer to electromagnetic radiation of all wavelengths, whether visible or not. ( nm stands for nanometer, which is one billionth of a meter in length)

The three primary properties of light are:

Frequency or wavelength

Light can exhibit properties of both waves and particles (photons). This property is referred to as wave–particle duality. The study of light, known as optics, is an important research area in modern physics.


I don’t want this to become confusing or intimidating, so let’s see if we can make this simpler. 

Light is radiation.

Radiation is the emission of energy as electromagnetic waves or as moving subatomic particles.

A subatomic particle is a particle smaller than an atom.

subatomic particles captured in Brookhaven collider
The 20th century brought many surprising discoveries about the subatomic realm, including that there are many, many types of subatomic particles, some of which are seen above in the aftermath of gold ion collisions at Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider.

Light is an emission from a particle of matter that has been positively affected by an extremely negatively charged electromagnetic field. When your basic incandescent lightbulb is charged with electricity the light emitted is a mass of physical particles. Those physical particles emitted are spherical, and when they impact anything they invert, after all, they are moving at the speed of light. The inverted particle carrying information from what it had impacted enters the eye where the image carried is inverted back so the brain can store it as an actual physical memory. There is no “delete button” on the brain, everything that you have ever seen is stored in memory. Since your brain can only hold so much information in one area it transfers information into another dimension. Where else can the brain store everything you’ve seen? When you are trying to remember something, you are trying to see something that isn’t in this dimension. That is what you are doing, aren’t you? You are trying to see something that has once been. If you didn’t have light, you couldn’t see anything. There would be nothing for you to see, Kiddo. Fortunately, human beings have 5 senses. If a human being was born blind their other 4 senses would compensate for the absence of the 1 sense. Instead of storing visual memories the brain would now be storing audible memories, until there is no room. But that’s another story.

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Something like that. Anywho, we’re off to get some Chinese food for the first time this year, Kiddo. I hope you and your father had an enjoyable Father’s Day today, if you can give him a hug for me, Kiddo, it would be greatly appreciated. 

In the meantime I wait. 

Love, Daddio

xo xo 







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