Hello, Kiddo, it’s Wednesday morning and I feel like talking. I hope you don’t mind. I also hope that you are doing phenomenally well. Last night I gave a written review for 2 of my employees, I think they will be quite pleased. I don’t know, Kiddo, at this rate I should have my own office by the Fall. 2 promotions within 6 months, not bad for a crazy old man. 

In my most recent posts I talked about everyone’s friend and mine, the Devil. This is someone that I did not talk about up until now, and for a very good reason. If I touched on this topic from the beginning, it would look like it does now to some. And that is what we want. After 2 years of dealing with nonsense we feel obligated to deliver, Kiddo. Some actually believe that I just might be the Devil himself. Do you know why? Interpretation of certain known facts.  

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If I handed someone an apple, and they told me that it was an orange, is the apple really an apple? Why are they telling me it is an orange when it is an apple, Kiddo? If I know Kiddo, she would answer me with “Because they’re fuckin’ crazy.”


Because she uses common sense with what she knows. She knows that the apple is really an apple, and she knows this because I wouldn’t lie to her. And common sense tells her the obvious. Which is told with honesty. “They’re fuckin’ crazy”, because they are. Related image

A fact is a fact, it doesn’t need anyone’s approval nor opinion. A fact isn’t always accepted, but it is the truth, and that is what matters inevitably, always. 

An Apple is not an orange, that is a fact. Very simple concept here.

I asked a hypothetical question on Facebook about how would you know if Jesus was not the Devil in disguise if you were approached by a man who claimed to be Jesus Christ himself? He looks just like he does in the paintings, talks, walks, everything Jesus, and he is asking directions to the nearest Home Depot. Someone is hysterical right now, Kiddo. So if Jesus, who might be Satan, asked you for directions to the nearest Home Depot, would you give him directions, Kiddo? 

We both know that answer. But what if this guy claiming to be Jesus said “But wait! I can turn your bottle of Smartwater into a Heineken”, and he does. Is he Jesus? I mean, turning a bottle of water into a cold beer, now that’s quite a trick, isn’t it, Kiddo? Would you give him directions now? Of course you wouldn’t. Anyone could play slight of hand with a distraction. 

With your cellphone in your hand ready to call 911 he then says “But wait! I can walk on water. Just lead me to a body of water, my child, and I will showeth thee. Cometh.”

Does that sound creepy to you as well, Kiddo? 

Related image

By now that guy claiming to be Jesus is picking green glass out of his grill, and Kiddo is about her day. 

Related image

Now, could that guy have actually been Jesus Christ?

Did Kiddo just rearrange Jesus’ face with Holland’s best? According to “Jesus” she did. Do you think that he was calling out for himself during his attack? “Help me, Jesus, help me!” Ka-POW!! My wife’s laughing. By the way, good job defending yourself, Kiddo. 

So here I am, an outcast because of nonsense. Woes me, woes me, I’m about as secluded as I can be. And in the two years passed I have not bumped into anyone in public, anyone I know, that is. It would be impossible for me to be myself in a mutual conversation with someone from my social past. What would I say if asked “Do you have a girlfriend?” Do I? No. “Do you have a girl in mind for yourself?” Do I? Yes. Now how do I explain her in an answer, Kiddo?

Related image

Let’s say that I explain my answer and they believe me. How long before they start thinking “How does he know that this “Soulie” is actually his Mother and not Satan himself?”, just how long before they start thinking that, Kiddo?  


 Is my Soulmate Satan? No. 

So where is Satan? I mean, to play a trick one needs to exist, but where is he? People don’t seem concerned about Satan’s whereabouts, if they were, they would know where he is, wouldn’t they? But how would they know if it’s him or not? Did they ask him if he is Satan? “Are you Satan?” “Yes.” “See, I told you he was Satan.” 

And if they found Satan what would they do with him? He’s not a criminal. In fact, she punishes bad people just like I do, Kiddo, isn’t that a good thing? I mean he not she. You don’t want bad people able to do bad things do you, Sweetheart? I mean, what if you should have a child someday, you know, a little version of yourself, wouldn’t you want him safe, Kiddo? It’s not easy to be safe with all these bad people running around. You’ll have your hands full raising a little minion I mean child and that’s a full time job. And it is a full time job. A mother cannot raise a child successfully and have a successful career. And the ones who say otherwise are proof to this. I think you know who said that one, Kiddo. So before we open Pandora’s Box we’ll move along.

Related imageThere are a few, and I do mean a few, people that believe “God” is here and is hiding from his experiment. If an employer wants to see his employees for what they really are, the employer will watch their employees without them knowing that they are being watched. If the employee knew in advance that they were going to be watched by their employer they would put on a show to persuade him from the truth. Does this sound plausible? The best possible way to for the Creator to experience for himself the living conditions humans provided for themselves and for others is to hide amongst the humans as a human himself, completely unaware the he himself is the Creator. 

If he was aware that he was the Creator since childhood his perception of life would have been influenced from outside parties. He would have been biased from familiar emotional input, which would affect rational thinking. To avoid this conflict the Creator remains unconscious until he is needed to fix something that only he can fix.Image result for images of gashlycrumb tinies

After learning what needs to be fixed the Creator will need to fix it. The Creator also needs to know that what needs to be corrected will be corrected without emotional influence. In other words, regardless of one’s emotions, a 7 remains 7. A fact will not change for a fearful mind, therefore the number 7 is fearless.

Aphie told me that this was going to be bad. I have an idea as to how bad. And it’s pretty bad. Are we making matters worse teasing with the Devil? It depends from what side of the fence you’re standing at. If you were standing on the fence you would be between two sides, unbiased. Are you unbiased? Not you, Kiddo, “you” as in you reading this. Most likely, no.

With nine-tenths of the world’s population believing in something told to them the chances of someone having no knowledge of religion whatsoever reading this post is slim to none. Everyone on this planet has some knowledge of “God”, even though he isn’t Real. Who hasn’t heard of this guy by now? But have they seen him? No, but he does exist, at least that’s what they tell me, Kiddo.

In this wondrous world of reversibility there are several possibilities as to what the hell is going on. For instance, when the Devil convinced man that he doesn’t exist, he also convinced man that God does exist. God’s presence explains the Devil’s absence. However, for the Devil to convince man of anything, the Devil would need to be here, which explains God’s absence, correct? Someone is here, Kiddo, but who.

There is also the possibility that God could have played his greatest trick, convincing man that the Devil does exist. Now wouldn’t that be funny. It would be like when a father tells their child about the boogeyman, Sweetheart. Could all these people be afraid of the boogeyman? “Better do whatcha told or the boogeyman will getcha!!”

Boo!! 😉 

Not all of them, but most of them.

Image result for images of gashlycrumb tinies "S"With all this talk about the Devil written as cryptic as cryptic can get, until that moment arrives anyone who has read this will have no idea as to whom I actually am. Who am I? Kiddo knows who I am. And Kiddo knows what Daddio is actually doing too. If anyone from my family has read this far, they just might think that I’m possessed by the Devil, especially after living in the Guilderland Hellhouse. If Kiddo has read this far, there’s a good chance that she’s smiling right now, because she knows who I am and what I am doing. I could go on with this conundrum for days. No matter what, at least one person in my family just might think that I am the Devil incarnate. Even if they were to look me in the eye they will never know just who I am, even though I told who I am. Who am I?

Daddio a legendary mythological last name of a small group of individuals with an origin from Santa Maria Vica,Italy. Once these individuals leave this area they gain super Human powers similar to that of Super Man after leaving his home planet. They are also known for there incredible hottness and charm.
WOW. Who is that hot guy walking down the Street that must be Daddio.
Yes, Kiddo, I am the last of my race. Daddios were nearly eradicated when they were overcome by a tribe of Mommios, yes Kiddo, Mommios, but somehow I managed to survive their forthcoming. Just kidding, Kiddo 🙂 . 
There are a few definitions for Daddio, but I like that one best. Do you think that I made that up, Kiddo, that definition? Of course not, but for your readers a reminder that I don’t lie to my Kiddo ;
This super-fast clicking is frustrating AF. “Cl-click.Cl-click.” Jesus Christ it’s driving me crazy, hand me that Heineken, Kiddo. And when I try to control it gets worse.” . . . . . . . . CCLICK!!” I think back to when Aphie wouldn’t let me snap my fingers, she kept twisting them up every time I tried to snap them. I can snap them now, I just tried successfully. Oops, my bad. What do you think of that photo I posted back there, pretty cool? Here’s two more, Sweetheart ;
One of the kids at work is my personal weatherman, he told me last night that the sky was really pink, so I took some photos. He still hasn’t figured out just how I drove a forklift with no source of fuel attached. Could it be that it is so obvious that people just can’t see it, Kiddo? I drove a forklift with a disconnected fuel line. And it was witnessed by two people, to boot. 
Recently we began sessions. In the beginning my Soulmate and I would perform a type of psychological exercise from day to day for about a week or so. She would give me hints to possible scenarios for me to imagine. These scenarios dealt with her return, so to speak. One of the very first scenarios involved the Devil. The finalizing scenario was myself defeating the Devil permanently. My Mother then asked me if “hell” was real, what would it look like. After a few moments I told her that “hell” would look like a blood cell made of Iron. She asked why would it look like a blood cell and I told her that it is actually a compressed hollow sphere. She then asked if anything was inside of it and I told her white feathers and red blood. Scattered all over the floor. She asked me how would I destroy Hell to save someone, and I said I would crush it. Soon after I imagined my right fist breaking upwards through the grassy green ground that filled an arena. “And the arena roared . . . ” my Mother whispered to me consciously, “. . . upon his return.” Immediately after I destroyed Heaven. And he enjoyed it. The moral of this story? I don’t think there is one, Kiddo, but if there were I would say it would be that nothing can stop love. That thing about the arena, I never told that to anyone before, that was one of the more spectacular visuals I’ve produced, right down to the startled blackbirds that flew away when my fist broke through.
Did it actually happen, Kiddo?
Did I see it?
Image result for animated lightning GIFs
Answers are coming, it’s just a question of when. Right now all I can do is patiently write. Same sith, different day. Something to that effect.
Anywho, I hope you had fun reading this post, Kiddo. Please stay safe while creating your own stellar day.
Amore sempre, Daddio
xo xo 
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
A day will come when the Humans of this planet will need to make a choice. They will need to choose either religion or Reality. Each choice has a different outcome. Once Humans know of this they will have a length of time to convince themselves that religion isn’t Real. If they cannot, they will still be here only without a body. If they can, they will still be here with their body and they can keep their body until they begin to think other than Realistically.  
I don’t need to be there.
And neither do I.
I only need to think it.
That’s all he needs to do.


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