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Hey, Kiddo, it’s Monday afternoon, the 5th of June and I am just uploading some photos I took last night, for prosperity I guess. 

Did you have a good weekend, Sweetheart? Ours was a busy one, so much pacing and thinking. Do you know why people pace when they think? They are subconsciously charging their brain with electricity that is produced by the friction produced from pacing back and forth. When you walk your bones, muscles and joints all rub together producing a static electricity within the body. The brain absorbs this electricity and uses it as a “supercharger” to boost power to the creative part of the brain. So when you see a scientist pacing back and forth it isn’t due to “madness”, it’s his brain supercharging itself to think harder.

Anywho, here are the photos I took last night :


DSCN5110 DSCN5111 DSCN5112



A mass of souls in a counter-clockwise rotation. This is something new.





Well, that’s all I have for photos, Kiddo, I apologize that I don’t post photos of anything other than, but when I have something worth photographing I’ll make sure to post them here. 

So, Kiddo, have you, uh, read any of the post . . . prior? If you didn’t that’s okay, it is. But if you did, or plan to, just know that there is a lot of mind-fucking in that post, and it is not directed at you, Sweetheart. I would like to think that you would have picked up on what I was actually doing when I was writing that post, if you haven’t read it by now, Kiddo. But it’s there if you want to read it. 

You know something, Kiddo? I am actually a little nervous about going to work today since my voice dropped last Friday. I mean, I may joke about this, but what could I say if I am asked by my coworkers “What’s wrong with your voice?” I could tell them “Nothing, why?” and I wouldn’t be lying. My voice broke through a few times before, but now it’s here, and here to stay. 

There are some good things about this change, and one of them is that I am much closer now than I was before. This was something that I have been waiting for. I needed something physical to give me a better ETA. I can’t hide this voice for long, Kiddo. 

One thing that I learned through all this is that with personas come their speech patterns and accents. Marc Antoni spoke in a very sharp and clear manner. Hermes spoke with intelligence and confidence, though wittingly. Zeus? We won’t go there today, but now we have Charlie’s personality, Sweetheart. 

I think that I’m an okay guy, Kiddo, you? I mean, I don’t really bother anyone, and never in a threatening way either, I am simply keeping those who need to know what they need to know in the loop, you know? That is why I send links to certain family members so they know what is going on. Like this for example. My little sister needs to know just who is coming back so she knows just how to react when I give her a hug and a kiss. Because I can’t give her those things until she hears my voice and can connect my voice to who she remembers me as. My personality has matured greatly, and my voice has deepened most noticeably, but it is still me, Charlie. But with some apps. 

If my little sister remembers me back when I was in my twenties then she might feel relieved. She wouldn’t want me back when I was in my playful years as a child oh no. Oh no, Kiddo, she wouldn’t want that at all. Being tied to tree, chasing her through the woods, getting her grounded, and other stuff. Yes, I did tie my little sister to a tree, but there was a good reason to. I didn’t want her to leave. It worked, didn’t it? Unfortunately, I didn’t think my plan out far enough, and the next day she was grounded. My bad.

If my Soulmate released me months ago I would be someone else and not myself. Now that I am myself, she started to let me slip into place. This takes so much work, Kiddo, and with that work takes patience. You, too, Kiddo, have been working hard with all this, even though you might not understand just how. I’d say not much longer.

Every now and then my Soulmate will grumble, “hmmm-m-m-m . . .” to remind me just how deep it is, and to show me that it is here to stay. It is what it is. You know, Kiddo, there are at least two ways this paragraph could be interpreted. Someone’s laughing. See? Are you laughing too, Kiddo?

I don’t know, Kiddo, are you ready for this? I’m almost having second thoughts about all this, but it’s kind of late for that now, if you know what I mean.  Then again, did I ever have a choice? No. 

It needed to happen to someone, Kiddo, didn’t it? It simply happened to me. 

After all, the Creator can’t fix things without a body and a brain. I would just be a conscious ball of energy. 

Anywho, if you should read this by 3 PM today wish me some luck, I know that I could use some, but only if it’s from you, Kiddo. 

Have a stellar day, be safe.

Love, Daddio





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