I don’t know exactly why my Soulie thinks that’s funny, but she’s still laughing, Kiddo. “Candlepants”. “That’s Mr. Candlepants to you.” She’s still laughing. “Ah, Mr. Candlepants, right this way my good man.” I don’t know, Kiddo. Will I be able to cope with all these cheeky shenanigans in Real time? Only time will tell.  

Do you think that your readers might think that Candlepants is a metaphor for something? It is quite different. Then again, so are we. Just how different, Kiddo? Pretty different, if I do say so myself. 

My brother Michael had a saying, and that saying was “All women are daughters of Satan.”. Could there be some truth to that, Kiddo? I mean, why would he say that to me, and to other people? “All women are daughters of Satan”. Are they? What if they are, Kiddo. What if all women are daughters of Satan. Have you ever felt a little devilish? 


Related image

But still, why would my brother tell me that.

I guess we’ll never know.

Anywho, how are you doing, Sweetheart? We’re hoping to get power soon, maybe sometime this coming week which would be nice. It would be nice to cook something again, Kiddo. Maybe a hearty stew, or two.

Related image




I want to eat some real food so badly, hopefully some alterations I have made will compensate shortly. But enough about that.

Remember all those headaches I talked about, Kiddo, you know, that unbearable pressure inside my head? It’s gone.

I haven’t experienced many electrical shocks inside my brain lately, but the most recent ones were quite extraordinary.

One of them took place not that long ago.

We were lying in bed one night, and I was just about to fall asleep when . . . 


I woke right up, and when I did I could see an elliptical, white “cloud of electricity” hovering over my chest, with, what I would identify as “electrical cloud strands” reaching out from the football-shaped electrical cloud over my chest and sides.

It lasted for about 3 seconds, the dematerialized right in front of my eyes.

The most recent one was a pretty strong one . . .


and when it stopped, I went to sleep.

I’ve become used to them, but after some time.

One of the first ones will stick in my head forever, Kiddo, this one was “wow”.

We were about a month or so in, and at that time I didn’t have a bed, only the couch. The couch wasn’t where it is when you visited, it was against the wall under the clock. I was exhausted, and all I wanted to do was to get some sleep. So I stretched out on the couch and I began to fade. Just as I’m about to float off into dreamland . . .

 Related image

I’m not ashamed to say that it scared the shit out of me.

After about 10 minutes of my heart racing I told Aphie that I didn’t want to play anymore, so to speak. And it stopped. Well, for a while it stopped, but we needed to keep moving forward.

 Image result for images of "bang!"

Related image

Related image

Image result for images of "bang!"

“Is all this really necessary, Aphie?” 

“Yes, baby.”

” 😦 “

” 😉 

Image result for images of "bang!"

Receiving electrical shocks directly to the brain before sleeping is not my idea of a good time.

But it was quite necessary.

I just asked her “How much more”, regarding shocks, and she shook my head, meaning “Not much more”.

Works for me, Kiddo.

 Related image

So let’s get back to this “All women are daughters of Satan” thing, because I think it’s important, after all, why would anyone say something that wasn’t true over and over again?

Could this be a fact, or is it fiction?

Image result for images of question marks

One time my brother Michael told that to our cousin, and he laughed. Maybe that was his way of agreeing with him.

Could there be some underground cult that worships this?

You know, that all women are daughters of Satan?

If that is a fact, then the female members of my family are daughters of Satan, including my little sister, or my Soulmate’s baby sister, G.

Image result for images of cartoon devil girls

G is actually more my Soulmate’s sister than mine, in the Divine sense. I call her “little sister” because that’s how I love her, even if she is a wicked daughter of Satan. My Soulie calls her “baby sister” because she was once her baby sister.

Image result for images of cartoon devil girls

And still thinks of her as a baby sister.

She must have been one hell of a baby sister, wouldn’t you say so?

My Soulmate has had a few sisters over the course of time, but only a few did she like. Now, you are her very first Sister, and technically her only Sister, but you’re different from her other sisters because they weren’t “custom Created”. They were incidental. They weren’t planned, you were.

Image result for images of cartoon devil girls

Oh, there was quite some animosity between you and your other sisters, Sweetheart.

Which is understandable, for sometimes we all happened to be together as a family, and the children knew who “Daddy’s little girl” was.

Image result for images of the word "you"

And sometimes they knew exactly who you are.

Hence, eternal sibling rivalry.

There is actually still a rift between you and someone else, and that rift explains why you and someone else never friended each other on Facebook, Kiddo. 

This was a subconscious feeling.

Related image
Athena and Arachne

Thanks to man’s interference with history, I needed to investigate this “myth”, and what I found to be the truth actually makes sense.

Zeus and Hera had several daughters, one of them was named Arachne. Arachne wasn’t a weaver from the village, she was Athena’s step-sister, since Hera wasn’t Athena’s Mother.

Arachne was jealous of Athena.

Athena didn’t like the fact that her Father had more than one daughter, even though she knew that she was Daddy’s little girl.

Athena also didn’t like the fact that Arachne was better at the loom than she was.

One day, Athena challenged Arachne to see who the better weaver was, against Hera’s advise not to do so.

Athena didn’t listen to her big Sister, and she lost the competition to Arachne.

Now Athena is embarrassed.

And Arachne knew she was, but instead of just being happy that she beat her older sister at weaving, Arachne begins to gloat.

Which was a mistake.

Athena, now mad “AF”, throws Arachne into another dimension.

And couldn’t bring her back.

Hera is now caught in the middle of this web of family drama.

And it might have went something like this, Sweetheart ;

Related image




“Bring your sister back right now!!”

“You heard what she said about me, you were standing right there!!”

“She’s your sister, Athena!!”

“She’s my half-sister.”

“That’s it, I’m calling your Father.”

“Why? I didn’t do anything!”


“No, don’t call him!!”

“Then bring her back right now!!”

“I don’t know how.”



“It’s not my fault, Dad!!”

“Your daughter threw her sister into limbo.”

“She pissed me off, and she’s not my sister she’s my half-sister!”

“She’s your sister.”

“That’s what I told her.”

“Athena, bring your sister back.”

. . . . . . . . . . .

“She doesn’t know how to.”


“She doesn’t know how to.”

. . . . . . . . . . . 

“I don’t know exactly where I put her.”

. . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .

“Are you kidding me?”

“I was mad!”

“It doesn’t matter, you don’t do that to sisters and brothers.”

“But you heard what she said!!”


“Can you get her back, please?”

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know??”

“I wasn’t here to see where she put her.”

“Since when does that matter??”

“Just kidding.”

“You’re such an ass, Zeus.”

Image result for images of "poof"

“What the hell, Athena?!”

“You pissed me off!!”

“So you throw me into Limbo?!?!”

“It’s not my fault you couldn’t stop me.”


. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . .  

“Thank you.”

“I am only going to say 3 things. 1, get over it. 2, get along. 3, get out of here.”

“Daddy, are you mad?”

“He’s embarrassed.”

. . . . . . . . . . .

“Why are you girls still standing there?”

“Go, I need to talk with your Father.”

Related image


Zeus wasn’t the most pleasant father to have, unless you were Athena. And even then he wasn’t always nice to her. 

 But he loved her, even when she made him mad as hell, Sweetheart.

Image result for images of daddy's little angel

I don’t know if I would say “mad as hell”, Kiddo, because I know who I am now, and not who I was then. If that makes any sense. It works the same for hell in a way, since hell doesn’t exist, I don’t know how I could compare being that mad as. How mad is hell? See, you can’t answer that question because you know that hell doesn’t exist, Right? Exactly, so now you know that you have nothing to fear, people. Nothing at all, move along, nothing to see here, just keep moving people.

Related image

So we both know and everybody knows that there is no Satan nor hell.

But what if Daddio was indeed Satan, Kiddo, how would you feel about that, you know, if Daddio was Satan?

Would that, bother you, Kiddo?

If, I was Satan. 

Would it, Sweetheart?

You know he would still love you even if he was Satan.

Just sayin’.



This is only a hypothetical question. Would it matter to you if I was Satan. 

Who doesn’t exist. 

I would like to believe “No”, that it wouldn’t matter, my little soul-reaping angel from the fiery depths of my eternal blast furnace, I mean my charming pseudo-daughter. 

Related image

But who did it not end well for, Kiddo? It could not have possibly been for them 2, they fell in love, and when 2 people are in love, truly in love, it could never not end well because love never ends. That’s love.

Image result for images of hades and persephone

This is rather interesting I think. The last 5 words of that quote are quite vague to me, and to someone else. Now that I think about it, how do we know that what didn’t end well was even meant towards outside people? I don’t even know what lead me to believe that whatever didn’t end well was intended for people. “It” could be anything. “It” could be a soccer game for all we know, especially with those vicious soccer-moms, you don’t want to tangle with one of them mamas now, Kiddo.

See? See? Now you know that if I was Satan I would still look out for you, Kiddo, because that’s what good Fathers do, look out for their children, especially their daughters.

 Image result for quotes on the devil

Now here we go again. What does that mean, “If I cannot bend heaven I will raise hell”? How do you “bend” heaven, Kiddo? Which also doesn’t exist. Have you ever seen heaven? No, of course not, so how do you bend something that doesn’t exist, because it doesn’t.


I guess we’ll never know, just like we’ll never know if all women are daughters of Satan or not, because he doesn’t exist, just like hell doesn’t exist.

And speaking of hell, how do you raise hell? 

Is hell a crop? Could it be a child? Maybe it’s an Amish barn.

Related image

Ever see a round barn, Kiddo? The settlers used to build round barns because the Devil likes to hide in the corners. No corners, no Devil, such a silly superstition, yes?

Do you have any idea as to how much work it takes to build a round barn? All because of a superstition? Regardless, painting a barn red is probably not a good color choice when trying to escape the Devil. 


Image result for quotes on the devildscn4505

Image result for quotes on the devil

That reads as if I wrote it, Kiddo. Structurally, that is. The writing is similar, almost familiar. Actually, I think that I can see the mathematics. Nonetheless, the Devil is not real. That picture. It looks like I wrote the 1st, 3rd and 4th line and my Soulmate could have wrote the 2nd and 5th line in that picture. Probably just a coincidence.  

And besides, I’m supposed to be Satan, remember, Kiddo? Now that I think about it, you did remember to turn all the lights off before we left home, yes? I know that I didn’t, and she didn’t either. If you didn’t, then we’re going to have one hell of an electric bill when we get back. But it’s okay, Sweetheart. 

I am looking forward to having my power back, I don’t know how much I owe, but I know it isn’t much. But before I take care of that, we’re going out to eat, big time. I am so effing hungry, Kiddo. One more day of nothing then it’s Friday. Thank God. 

And that’s something to think about, too. If I did happen to be Satan, where’s “God”? Isn’t this guy supposed to be everywhere, you know, omniscient.




Having total knowledge; knowing everything: an omniscient deity; the omniscient narrator.


1. One having total knowledge.
2. Omniscient God. Used with the.
For anyone or anything to know everything, they would need to be everywhere, all the time, for all eternity never ending, continuously learning through self awareness.
Meaning, that one or that thing would need to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell every single thing that ever was and everything that will ever be before it happens.
THAT, is what omniscient means.
And that, is effing impossible.
If I were Satan, Kiddo, God would have known about me before I was born, and stopped me. At least I think he would have. That is if I was Satan, of course.
Read closely, honey.
Now let’s say that every Christian on this planet reads this post. What will they be thinking by the time they’ve finished reading, Kiddo? I have a pretty good idea as to what all those Christians will be thinking, because they would have read this; 

Image result for quotes on the devil

And now their brains are in a dither, but only if they are Christians true to their faith.

Image result for quotes on the devil

Christians have been searching for anything, absolutely anything to give relief to their sentence, and maybe this is it for them, Kiddo, after all, the Devil is better than nothing, yes? Satan, I mean Satan, the Devil isn’t real. And neither is Satan. Satan isn’t real either.

Image result for quotes on the devil

Armageddon. Let’s use Armageddon for example. The religious are foaming at the mouth for this happen, and the reason is because it would, to them, give proof of their god’s existence, whether it is Yahweh or Allah.  

Regardless of whose god causes Armageddon, Armageddon, to the religious, will give relief to their ever so troubled minds, permanently, after all, who wouldn’t want relief after spending their entire life hoping that they’re right?

All those years wasted I mean spent, hoping that you made the right choice in letting strangers direct you towards your own destiny, now that much worrying uses a lot of energy. Fearing day after day, because you don’t know if you made the right choice.

Is it Yahweh? Or is it Allah? 

Who could it be, Kiddo? Whose ass are these psychophants supposed to be kissing? Apparently it’s someone’s ass but whose? Could it be . . . 

. . . this ass? 


It’s someone’s ass regardless. But it isn’t Satan’s ass, because Satan doesn’t exist, and besides, Satan is a man from what they tell me, and that’s how I know Satan is a man. Because that is what they have told me.

Image result for quotes on the devil

That is one that I haven’t heard, that the Devil can site scripture, have you ever heard that? What does that mean, that the Devil can site scripture? What scripture, what site? Could this scripture be at a web-site, Kiddo?

Image result for quotes on the devil


buah-hah-haaa . . . 😉

But one of them is not a liar, regardless that I’m Satan, hypothetically that is. 

Related image


Now, Kiddo. Do you see what I have done here? 

This is awesome, honey.

Throughout my life, Kiddo, I would remember certain things. One of those certain things was told to me years ago, though I cannot remember who had told me. What was told to me was “The greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing people that he didn’t exist.” Since then, I would think about that saying from time to time, for it didn’t make sense. People created Christianity. People created that saying, which is possibly the most dangerous saying to witness.

The idea of the Devil was attractive to Christianity. “We will convert people into Christians by using fear”. The Devil wasn’t introduced until the late 5th century. Christianity wasn’t selling so well at the time. From that idea came several more, including that dangerous saying. I am certain that when that saying became there was no thought prior.  

If someone claimed to be “God”, people wouldn’t know if he was God or Satan. How would they know, Kiddo? Both God and Satan have both the power of Creativity and destruction. At least that’s what they say. God creates angels and Satan creates devils, such balance. Makes sense, yes? Everything works in reversibility. God is good and Satan is bad. God is everywhere and Satan is nowhere. Why is he nowhere, Kiddo? Because he simply doesn’t exist. So, if Satan doesn’t exist, then God must exist, yes? But wait a minute. We have a problem. 

It’s that saying. “The greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing the world that he doesn’t exist.”. So, if the Devil exists, then God cannot exist. They are complete opposites of each other, correct? One is good, one is bad. One exists, one doesn’t. That is how it works. 

Image result for quotes on the devil

Take that for an example, “Devil inside my mind”, who wrote that and why? Why would anyone say that? He doesn’t exist. That makes no sense, how could something non-existent be inside someone’s brain, I mean mind, inside someone’s mind, how is that possible, Kiddo? How can someone have someone inside them who doesn’t exist? Have you ever touched the Devil himself, Kiddo? Of course not, because the Devil needs a body for you to touch. No body, no Devil, it’s as simple as that. Now if the Devil had a body, well, that’s something completely different now, and I’ll tell you why. If the Devil was Real, he would be a complete negative  of God. The Devil is pure evil, correct?


pure “not mixed or adulterated with any other substance or material.”

If something is “pure” it is 100% of it’s matter. All matter exists in a physical state of either a solid, liquid or gas. All matter can be broken down into 3 categories, animal, mineral or vegetable. The Devil would fall under the category of animal, since man falls under the category of animal. The Devil’s a man, yes? I know he isn’t a chicken.

 Related image

Only with a body can the Devil physically exist. Without a body there is no proof of his existence, which makes him untouchable. And if he is untouchable you’re not able to give him a hug, which I think he needs. After all, he has been alone for a long time in Hell.



1. the place or state of punishment of the wicked after death; the abode of evil and condemned spirits; Gehenna or Tartarus.

2. any place or state of torment or misery: They made their father’s life a hell on earth.

3.something that causes torment or misery: Having that cut stitched without anesthesia was hell.


If the Devil truly exists as pure evil, then God cannot exist as pure good. It is impossible. If the Devil is here on Earth, then God is nowhere to be found. If I am Satan, here on Earth, that means that God is not. If the greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing man that he didn’t exist, it wouldn’t have been a trick. If the Devil convinced people that he didn’t exist, they would have no knowledge of the Devil at all. They wouldn’t even know what the word Devil means.  

Image result for quotes on the devil


The greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing people that he didn’t exist, yes? 


So he succeeded in playing his trick, his greatest trick, Yes?


Okay, what was his trick? 


Convincing people was the effect of the trick, but what was the actual trick he used for that effect? In other words, how did he trick people into believing that he doesn’t exist, Kiddo? You know, how did he do this and how is he still doing this, I mean, he doesn’t exist but somehow he does exist. This doesn’t make sense. How can someone who does not exist convince people that he does not exist?  Someone is laughing right now. 

Image result for quotes on the devil

She liked that image when I came across it, and she liked the other ones that were listed. Here they are in the order we viewed them ;

Related image

Related image

Related image

Related image

Related image

Related image

Those images weren’t to change topic, she just wanted to post them, that’s all. 

Image result for images of taking candy from a baby

Anywho, getting back to the Devil, who doesn’t exist according to people, but does exist according to people. If the Devil was created by God, why did God create the Devil? 

Either God created Satan, or Satan created God, it’s either one or the other. They couldn’t have created each other, that is impossible. One needed to exist first to create it’s counterpart.

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

If God came first, then he created Satan. If Satan came first, then he created “God”. I must say, Kiddo, that would be one hell of a trick to play on people, making them think that there is a God when in Reality there isn’t. Wouldn’t that be the greatest trick of all? Convincing people that there is something good waiting for them after they pass away, when in Reality there isn’t? 

You know what, Kiddo? Daddio is a bit hungry so we are going to run out and grab a bite to eat, we’ll be right back, Sweetheart. xo xo  

Image result for quotes on the devil

 God would not create something that could overtake him. This is common sense, people. However, the Devil would create something knowing that it could never overtake him. This is cleverness at it’s greatest. 

Keep reading, honey.

I have yet to give a reason as to why God would create the Devil because there is no reason for God to create the Devil. None. If you think that your God needs help with keeping order then he isn’t a god, is he? He’s just a man instead.

If the Devil created God he would have needed a reason to, and it was not to “convince man that he doesn’t exist”, that was the effect. What was the cause? Why would the Devil want someone who is nicer than him, so to speak? Does this make sense? It makes sense to me, and that’s what matters. 

By allowing Humans to create and maintain their Christianity, he would see for himself, without physically being witness, what Humans are all about. “Plant a seed and watch it grow” No thanks, I don’t have time for that, I’ll just come back later and see what happened.” And now he knows what Humans are all about, honey. 

So who created who, did God create Satan or did Satan create God? 

I have waited a long time to ask that. 

I know the correct answer. 

Image result for quotes on the devil

Image result for quotes on the devil

Related image



With all the nonsense people spew, anyone other than Kiddo will have a difficult time trying to decide who made who, whether they are religious or not. Kiddo knows the answer, and the answer is that I am neither God nor Satan, for both were created by a man. Christianity is not a Fact. But with all the bullshit about it, it seems legit, and that was the purpose of this post. To show Daddio that he is not Satan, Sweetheart, because he is so fuckin mad he is beginning to think that he is. And we don’t want that. Satan throws people into a lake of fire, Daddio throws people into Limbo, and the difference is there is no lake of fire. Unless Daddio Creates one, which he can easily do. 

Remember, “God” is only 75% “Good”. If he was 100% good his name would be “Good”.

Someone is laughing with me right now because we both find this quite amusing.

Hang on a second, Kiddo, someone wants to smoke.

Image result for animated smoking GIFs

Well, I think we had enough fun at the expense of the fearful for one day, let them figure out if I am actually Satan. Because that is what some of my family is thinking, if not all of them, especially if they know about what happened last Sunday. Did I tell you about last Sunday, Kiddo? If I didn’t, here’s what happened.

I sent a link to pseudodaughter to a relative of mine, and shortly after she contacted me back through Facebook wanting to talk with me. I don’t have a cellphone and haven’t had one in weeks, so, I couldn’t speak with her over the phone. The next day, Sunday, I found myself driving to her home, to speak with her in person. After getting lost for half an hour I finally find her home. Except she isn’t there. I knock and knock, but no answer. After 15 minutes of knocking and ringing the bell, I decided to leave a note stating that I was there, and we left.

Being concerned for her welfare, I messaged her through Facebook when we got home, and guess what?? She’s home. Now she wants me to drive back to her, and that wasn’t happening. So, I offered for her to come see me, and she accepted my offer. Time goes by and no visitation. Now I am worried. I contact her mother and tell her the situation. She contacts me back saying that her daughter was in an automobile accident on her way to me. 

I later learn that her vehicle was totaled, but she was okay, just a little bit sore. But she wasn’t as sore as her grandmother was. Oh, my Soulie, her grandmother, was livid, fucking livid. She was home the entire time, but wouldn’t answer the door, why?? That was my day off, and I was willing to spend it with someone whom I thought loved me.

Guess I was wrong, yes? 

The funny thing is, Kiddo, she was not the cause of the automobile accident. If she was, she would have been detained, and not be able to contact me through Facebook. Her accident was caused by Divinity. And nothing more.

This is just an example of how I’m treated. And she was an example of what is coming.

This past Friday was a milestone for myself. Friday marked the day my voice began to settle in. And you should hear it. It rumbles my body. I received an unexpected visit from a once coworker Friday night when I went outside to give my Soulie a smoke-break. I had sent him a link to this site a while ago, but he hasn’t viewed it yet. He asked if I was okay Friday night because my voice sounded different to him. I said that I was tired, which I was. I didn’t lie to him. I can only hope that he remembers what I had told him about keeping this site to himself. Divinity does not discriminate. And someone missed their smoke-break.

How much longer before the world finds out just who is here, Kiddo? I don’t know, but what I do know is that this voice isn’t going away any time soon. You should hear it, Sweetheart. I would like to make a video to capture my voice, but someone tells me to wait. It gets better. 

I am going to add some videos for you when you have the time to enjoy them. 

Here ;

Anywho, Kiddo, I hope you are doing stellar, and had some laughs with this post just as we did. But before I go, one more video to watch ; 

Is there a Satan, Kiddo? No. But there was a god named Saturnus by the Romans, who is also known as Chronus. There is some to truth behind every rumor, it’s knowing how to find it using logic and common sense. 

I was not, and I am not Satan. 

But he was Saturnus.

Have a great day, Kiddo, be safe, and know that we both miss you. 

Love, Daddio 

xo xo 


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