72 Hours

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72 : “The natural number following 71 and preceding 73. It is half a gross or 6 dozen.”

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Seven : “Equivalent to the sum of three and four; one more than six, or three less than ten; 7.”


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Two : “Equivalent to the sum of one and one; one less than three; 2.”

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Hours : “A period of time equal to a twenty-fourth part of a day and night, and divided into 60 minutes.”

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Hey, Kiddo.

The numbers are rolling, so to speak, so I am not only going to write like no one is reading this, I am going to write like nobody’s business, or die trying.

This will be a post of a different sort. The content of this post could be considered personal, possibly private, if it were read, but I don’t know if anyone is reading this right now, Kiddo. How would I?

What I do know, Sweetheart, is that this post will be viewable for 72 hours before a coin toss. If  “tails”, I win, and the post comes down. If “heads”, she wins, and the post stays up.

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Now that it is published, I sent the link to a family member to investigate, if they choose to.

Why did I send them this link? Because this post is about something that we share; a name.


There is a reason for everything that I do. Sometimes there are several reasons, and this is one of those times, Kiddo, and for a good reason. 

I have an idea as to what is going to happen, so I decided to write an introduction, and a factual one, to my family’s name; Antonucci.

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The name “Antonucci” is over 2,000 years old. It just might be the oldest living name in human history. And the oldest living bloodline. 

Although it is known where the name Antonucci came from, it is not known just how, and why, the name is “Antonucci”. And who exactly created it. 

As I have told you before, Kiddo, that if I told of something and later found it to be incorrect, I would say so, and give the correct information, like now. 

The name Antonucci is actually a compound word. The word “Anto” is Italian for the Greek word “Anthos”, which is a botanical term for “flower”, or “flowers”.

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The name, surname, “nucci” is also Italian, but this one took a little bit of work to validate.

The surname “nucci” is a derivative of “notti”, or, “notte”, which is Italian for “night”.

“Anto” and “-nucci” combined gives you “Flower-night”, or, “Flowers (of the) night”, which do exist.

The Moonflower is a beautiful night blooming, pleasant smelling flower that grows best in the Americas. As the name suggest, the Moonflowers open at the dusk and close up in the morning. The beautiful white-pink blossoms also look like a full Moon.
The sandy loam soil is the best soil to plant Moonflower seeds. The plant grow 6 to 15 feet in height. They need warmer temperature. The Moonflowers bloom in spring and summer. The white-pink flowers open at the dusk which have a diameter of 2-43 inches. The Moonflowers also produce pleasant smell that last throughout the night.


Italian, motherfucker, do you speak it?!”

That was my version of Samuel L. Jackson’s performance in “Pulp Fiction”.

Is the meaning of Antonucci correct? Of course it is, after all, who better to research the name Antonucci than an Antonucci? 

So now that we have the meaning of that name, where did that name come from? Meaning, who created it.

Now this took some research.

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And not by Marc Antoni (correct spelling). 

After the death of Marc Antoni, Cicero Caesar declared that the name “Antoni” was never to be seen or heard of again. “Antoni”, not “Antonucci”.  

When Antoni left Rome for Cleopatra, he had also left his wife, Octavia.

Octavia :

The name Octavia is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Octavia is: Born Eighth. In the Roman Empire, Octavia was the sister of Octavian who was married to Mark Antony (as a political alliance). They were later divorced (in 32 BC).
Octavian is also known as Augustus Caesar, and “August” means “eighth month”. Octavia was simply Octavian’s sister. 
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Marc left Octavia when he failed to convince her that her brother Octavian, “Augustus”, was planning to overthrow the Roman Empire to begin a new regime, one that was not pleasant. Octavia thought Marc went insane. He was making claims against her own brother that were most unsettling to her, after all, Octavian was Octavia’s flesh and blood.
Knowing that he couldn’t convince Octavia, and with his life on the line, Marc left Rome for Egypt, where Cleopatra could protect him. Eventually, the Roman army caught up with Marc Antoni, but only after he took his own life, just as Cleopatra did later. Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” is modeled after this event.
A few years later, Octavian becomes Emperor Augustus Caesar. And Octavia is now heartbroken. Her husband had told her the truth, and she told him “You’re crazy”. Now her husband is gone, and she’s alone with a family she never knew. And this includes a daughter.
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Marc and Octavia had 2 daughters between them, Antonia Major and Antonia Minor. Antonia Major would grow up to be “daddy’s little girl”. 
Antonia Major was little when her father died, but as she grew older she learned more about him. When she learned about the particulars behind her father’s death, she left the family and her little sister.
Now on her own, she decides that she wants her father’s name back, and comes up with a way to do so. She used a little Creativity, courtesy of her Father.
Antonia simply disguised her father’s name by adding extra letters. The name “Antoni” is 6 letters long, to disguise it enough to make it “legal” yet still keep “Antoni” recognizable, Antonia needed to add at least 3 letters and no more than 6 letters.
After several attempts Antonia came up with “Antonuccio”, which later became “Antonucci”.
It’s not “Antoni”, is it? But it’s pretty close. 
What became of Antonia and her little sister isn’t recorded, but after Antonia Antonuccio passed away, she returned to the Antoni bloodline.
Marc Antoni had five wives that are known of, the first wife was Fulvia. Cicero Caesar claimed that Marc and Fulvia had no children, but that was just a claim by Cicero.
The only son of Marc and Fulvia was kept secret by Marc and Fulvia, due to political reasons. That son would have a son of his own, who would father a daughter.
That daughter would also learn of her heritage, but her reactions were slightly different from her predecessor Antonia’s. 
The daughter eventually left her family as Antonia did, and she would also change her name, but in honor of her great grandmother Fulvia, after all, women do need to stick together.
Marc Antoni’s great granddaughter had moved to northern Italy and raised a family under the name “Favia”, which would later be transformed into “Faviccio”. 

Astrology and Numerology about Faviccio

Numerology (Expression Number) 5
Heart’s Desire number 7
Personality Number 7


Abbreviation of Faviccio

F – Fabulous | A – Affectionate | V – Vitality | I – Innovative | C – Creative | C – Creative | I – Instantaneous | O – Outer-nationalist

Outer-nationalist : “the absolute individualist; free from nation, space, and time.” – positiveimperitive.com

In that abbreviation, the word “creativity” is used twice to represent the letter “C”s, but that abbreviation uses two different words to represent the letter “I”s. Interesting, isn’t it, Kiddo?

I was going to list the source from where I copied that abbreviation, but if readers really want to know, they can find it themselves. That is, if anyone reads this post.

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And that’s what it’s all about, doing it yourself.

Do you think that the staff at “ancestry.com” truly knows about someone’s heritage? No, but it’s easier than doing the work yourself. Trust me on that, Sweetheart.

I am used to working, so researching my family and it’s descendants was not laborious by any means, but gratifying. And satisfying, too.


So, Kiddo, what do you know about Lucifer?

You know. Satan, the Devil.

You probably only know what was told to you, which would be hearsay, correct?

Let’s see what definitions there are for Lucifer, Kiddo . . . 

“another name for Satan.”
“literary the planet Venus when it rises in the morning.” – Google
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“the leader of the rebellion of the angels: usually identified with Satan”


“the planet Venus when it rises as the morning star”
Related image




1. Bible An angelic being who was cast from heaven as punishment for his rebellious pride. Lucifer is traditionally identified with Satan.
2. The planet Venus in its appearance as the morning star. Also called Phosphorus.
3. lucifer A friction match.
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Phosphorus :

“the chemical element of atomic number 15, a poisonous, combustible nonmetal that exists in two common allotropic forms, white phosphorus, a yellowish waxy solid that ignites spontaneously in air and glows in the dark, and red phosphorus, a less reactive form used in making matches.”

There are several definitions, but which one is applicable, Kiddo? A friction match has no conscience, so scratch that.

Anything pertaining to religion is hearsay, and hearsay is basically a rumor without proof. But there is a little truth behind every rumor.

When confronted with conflicting information, use not only logic and common sense to determine what exactly is correct, but psychology as well. “Consider the source”, where did this information come from? It came from a male, that’s why it’s called history, because it’s his story. And not her story.

And what exactly is her story, morning glory??

Well, first we need to know just whom “her” is, Kiddo.

Would “her” be Hecate, the Greek goddess of crossroads?

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Hecate the triple goddess in two different representations. Hecate on the left is depicted with 6 cubes, each cube has 6 sides= 666. Hecate on the right is depicted with the torches of Lucifer.

Well this doesn’t sound very inviting now, does it, Kiddo? Let’s see what else the internet has to offer . . . 


Sixth panel of the Mithraeum at Ostia in Italy of the 6th degree of the Mithraic Mysteries, the Mystery religion of the Roman Empire, here we see a whip, a crown of seven spikes and a torch, the famous Statue of Liberty in New York city has 2 of these items.


Statue of Liberty during the attacks on September Eleventh, notice the towers resemble two burning torches.

It’s beginning to look a little grim here, Kiddo, but let’s not get too hasty . . .


“Hecate is the Greek goddess of the crossroads and is depicted carrying torches to light the way. She was a Greek goddess with two quite distinct aspects to her personality. In the day she had a benign influence on farming, but during the hours of the night she was involved in witchcraft, ghosts and tombs. This darker side gradually superseded her kinder side and she has become an infernal deity, a snake goddess with three heads: a dog’s, a horse’s, and a lion’s. Hecate was portrayed with her three bodies, back to back, carrying a spear, a sacrificial cup, and a torch. She is usually seen with two ghost hounds that were said to serve her. The Athenians were particularly respectful towards her, and once a month they placed offerings of food at crossroads, where her influence was strongest. The most powerful magic incantations of antiquity were connected with Hecate. She reigned over the powers of sorcery, witchcraft, enchantment, black magic, fertility, death, the crossroads, and renewal. Hecate, powerful in heaven, earth and hell, possessed all the great dark knowledge, and is rightfully called the mother of witches.
She was the great goddess of magic.”
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Related image
So, Lucifer isn’t quite like this ;
Image result for exorcist pictures wallpaper
Lucifer is more like this ;
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It will be interesting to see how people will react to this, Kiddo. They are expecting something completely different. How do you feel about this little tidbit of information, Sweetheart? I think that it is pretty “cool”. Why? Think about how people will react when they find out that “God” and “Satan” are a couple. 

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And it is.
“Lucifer” is the Christian personification of the female gender.
Christianity is not in favor of females, Christianity was created by males for the benefit of males only.
“Lucifer” is a compilation of several female Greek gods;
and, Aphrodite
And guess who is mad as fuck about this??
Both of us.
Related image
Everything that you know as history will go away.
And herstory will take its place.
After all, which human has the most say in all of this?
The males who bring death, or the females who give life?
I think it is about time for females to have their say in this world, Kiddo.
This is not man’s planet, this is our planet, and what we say goes.
In the Real World, I was only away for a few minutes.
I never left, I was only taking a power-nap, Kiddo.
And now he’s awake and waiting for something.
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When that magnetic field finally unlocks the gate I will have my body back, and this will be the first time in human history that, not only will the Creator be physically present, but so will his Soulmate, and his daughter.
As my Soulie had stated earlier, there is a little truth behind every rumor. There is a Trinity, but it is a bit different.
Right now, there is just a pinch of the Son left inside.
When that gate opens, the Son will disappear, and in place of the Son will be the Daughter.
The Trinity will always exist, regardless of conscious states.
If one person can carry 3 minds, then 3 minds can carry one person.
Law of reversibility, Sweetheart.
I count for two people, Father and Son, and my Soulie counts for the Mother. When I am fully the Father, the Son disappears. With the Son gone, who takes the place of the Royal Child, Kiddo?
Right now I am one being carrying the consciousnesses of three people, mine, my Son’s, and my Soulmate’s. When that moment arrives, my Soulmate will have her own body, and the Creator will be one again.
When that moment arrives, the Son goes to sleep, and the Daughter wakes up.
When the Daughter wakes up, if she did not have any knowledge of this prior to waking up the event would be confusing and traumatizing, for she will have memories that she didn’t have before.
But the most important question is not “when” will she wake up but “where” will she wake up.
Will she wake up when she wakes up after a night’s sleep, or will she wake up while having dinner with her family.
Related image
Either way, she’s waking up. 
But at least she will know why she will feel the way she will.
And how will she feel? Pretty damn good.
She will feel energized.
And her thinking will be much clearer, and faster.
Once adjusted, she will be able to answer her own questions before she even asks herself a question.
Her health will become above average.
Her immune system will strengthen, making her less susceptible to illnesses and diseases.
And she will have some “apps”, to boot.
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A good Father never sets his Daughter loose without a means to defend herself.
Kiddo, can you imagine a bolt of lightning leaving the open palm of your right hand and striking a physical object?
 Image result for animated lightning GIFs
We all know that Yoda isn’t Real, but this gives you an idea as to how it will look. In the GIF above, the lightning is in several strands when it leaves Christopher Lee’s hand. In Reality, the lightning will most likely be in a single strand, about as wide as the palm of your hand.





a. An abrupt, discontinuous natural electric discharge in the atmosphere.
b. The visible flash of light accompanying such a discharge.
2. Informal A sudden, usually improbable stroke of fortune.

intr.v.light·ninged(-nĭngd), light·ning, light·nings

To discharge a flash of lightning.


Moving or occurring with remarkable speed or suddenness.
Did You Know? The energy within a bolt of lightning is so great that it heats the air around it to temperatures up to five times greater than that of the surface of the sun, or 55,000°F (30,000°C). The rapid expansion of this super-heated air is what creates the sounds we call thunder.




1. The crashing or booming sound produced by rapidly expanding air along the path of the electrical discharge oflightning.
2. A sound that resembles or suggests thunder.
v.thun·dered, thun·der·ing, thun·ders


1. To produce thunder.
2. To produce sounds like thunder.
3. To move while making a loud noise: “The express train thundered past us.”
4. To utter loud, vociferous remarks or threats.


To express violently, commandingly, or angrily; roar.
Image result for animated lightning GIFs
Can you imagine just how loud a crack of thunder will sound at ground level, Kiddo?
Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?
Humans get struck by lightning and live to tell about it, it might not be an everyday occurrence, but it has happened and it still happens.
When a human gets struck by lightning, they are, in Reality, receiving lightning, though unwillingly.
If a human can receive lightning unwillingly and live to tell about it, then a human can give lightning willingly and live to not tell about it.
Can you imagine a throwing a bolt of lightning at someone, Kiddo, visually?
Yes, you can imagine that.
“The Universal Law of Reversibility”
“If a photon of light is reflected back upon itself, it will traverse the same path as it did before reversal. The law of reversibility states that light will travel exactly the same path if its direction has been reversed.”

“Photons are tiny little particles of light, far too small to see individually. All light is made of photons (FOE-tahns). The earliest photons probably appeared about fifteen billion years ago, during the Big Bang. Unlike electrons and quarks, photons have no mass, so they can travel at the speed of light (about 186,000 miles per second) – that’s why we call it the speed of light.

Photons behave in some ways like particles, little bits of stuff, and in other ways like waves. It’s not just visible sunlight that is made of photons, but a lot of other kinds of waves like radio waves, television broadcasts, x-rays, and the ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) rays that give you sunburns. The difference between light and these other kinds of waves depends on the size of the wave – the wavelength. Very short waves are x-rays and ultraviolet rays, that cause sunburn. Visible light like sunlight is made of medium-length waves. Radio and television waves are very long waves. But all of these rays are made of photons.”


The only statement that is incorrect in that recent information is about photons. They say that photons don’t have mass. If they didn’t have mass they wouldn’t exist. Anything that is tangible has mass, regardless of it’s matter and volume.

Because you cannot see something, it does not mean that it is not there.


And if people don’t understand something it doesn’t mean that the something in question is wrong, Sweetheart.

Related image

She liked that picture so I posted it. Why she likes it, I don’t know, but there it is.

Anywho, I thought to touch base with you with what is going on, Kiddo, to keep you in the loop, so to speak.

Speaking of base, this delightful version of “Paint it Black” found me ;

Nightcore’s version is also good ;

Was any of this helpful, Kiddo? It was for me, and for her too. I just realized that I never asked how you are doing. My apologies Sweetheart, sometimes I just need to write what my thoughts are at that moment. So how are you doing, Kiddo? Stellar, I hope. I also hope that you know I miss you, and so does someone else, after all, you are sisters, and who wouldn’t miss their little sister when they haven’t seen them for so long?

Before I go, I’ll tell you a little something.

If you remember my Facebook page back when it was under Von Saga, you might remember me talking about a train, a very big train, Kiddo. The train was, and still is, a metaphor for the Creator. This was all subconscious, at that time. I was subconsciously telling people he was coming by using my story, the book that I am writing, still. What wasn’t told about the train was who was driving it, and who was aboard. I had posted to my little sister about “the train has left the station”, and she gave me a “thumbs up”. That was also a subconscious act, but from her. If you could remember exactly what day I posted “the train has left the station”, you would know the starting point of this ride I have been on. My Soulie has been inside me since I was 12, but she didn’t begin the start of our trip until that post. I was living in Guilderland at the time, and it was during the summer of 2014, when I posted it. Von Saga was filled with clues to all this, as well as everything else that I have written. Several months ago when the train reached the “town of Charlie” it blew right through the station with my Mother telling me “We’re here, Boo, slow down!!”. I was running back so fast I ran past myself at my age now and finally stopped at my age of 12. I was 12 years old for a week before I returned back to my age of 49. And that took some time too. I have been my age of 49 for about a week now. The past few nights at work I was able to speak as myself for a few hours, which felt very good to me. My Soulie has been in the form of Carol Jacobsen since November of last year, with the exception of some flashes of Hera. This is due to the “wifeyness” of my Soulmate. But she assured me that she is returning as Carol Jacobsen, my Mother.


Not much longer now, Sweetheart.

Image result for animated lightning GIFs

Before I finally died on November 1st, 2012, I had an outer-body experience, Kiddo. I could see myself choking to death while I was outside my body. My body was still alive, without my Soul, exercising its primordial instinct to survive. A human body doesn’t need a soul to live. But a soul needs a human body to live.

And speaking of living, that’s what we are going to do now, for we have some things to do on this lovely Saturday afternoon. Although this post is ready to publish, I need to wait until it is early morning to publish it. 72 hours from now puts me in the parking lot at our job. 72 hours from early tomorrow puts me at home.

Enjoy your day, Kiddo, be safe, and know that I miss you very much.

Love always, Daddio








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