“You and Me”

I thought that since I have a moment of electricity I would write something. I’m not sure what, but something. How are you doing, Kiddo? Miss you lots.

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There are two things that I am told everyday. One of those things is “Almost”, and the second one is “You and me”, and for a reason.

I am told “Almost” the most out of the two, in fact, I am told that so much that it leaves me thinking “This is never going to happen”, but someone cuts me off before I can finish my thought with a head-shake and an image of my Mother exhaling cigarette smoke only the way she would if she was smoking a cigarette.

When is “Almost”? It’s sooner than “Soon”, if that makes any sense to you.


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I am told “You and me” the second most, and for good reason.

“You and me” is actually more important than “Almost”, to me it is, anyway. I don’t think that people truly understand what it means to be married. If they understood what marriage is actually about the word “divorce” would have never been invented and used.

“You and me” means that I am home every night with her, and not “out with the boys”. I was never a social butterfly, so no worries. The way I see it, if you don’t place yourself in a situation that can lead to another, much different situation, that other situation will never happen. If I am with her in seclusion, no worries.

No one knows me better than her, no one. I am not one to cheat, by actual definition. “Cheating” means to begin a new relationship while in an existing relationship. When a boyfriend cheats on his girlfriend, he is cheating her out of her time. Time is the important factor, and I’ll explain why.

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Relationships take time to build. If someone spent ten years in a relationship with someone that ended over cheating, one person lost ten years of their life. That time could have been spent with someone else. The person who cheated didn’t lose their time, they used it accordingly to their schedule, so to speak.

“Women are emotional, men are mechanical”

Males don’t think with the right head when it comes to relationships. Then again, males don’t think with the right head period. But they try, Sweetheart.

What people don’t know is that the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence, meaning, “it” feels the same. The only thing that intensifies sex is the mind. A female might have the body of a swimsuit model, but also has the mind of a slug. Not very attractive in my eyes, but to some males it is something to stick their dick in.

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Being a male I can understand that type of thinking on the male’s behalf, I don’t think it is right, but I can understand. The male simply wants to fuck, that’s it. Nothing more. The male doesn’t want a relationship, he already has one, he just wants to fuck something. If the male isn’t homophobic he could have sex with another male, and this is more common than you think.

My Soulie knows me very well, and knows that I have no limits sexually. And she also knows that if I were to sleep with anyone now I would never get rid of them, she would. Think about it, who knows sex better than it’s Creator? Exactly, so, to avoid any dimensional mass extinctions of FBs I stay clear of any possible interactions. And that includes males too.

In my futile quests for anything I came across something that I found most interesting, and that would be the amount of males looking for sex on Craigslist in the “casual encounters” under M4M, or, “Men for Men”. I read some of the ads and found that most of these men were either married or living with their girlfriend. Their ads read “GF out of town. . . “, “staying at a motel on business. . . “, “wife’s working the night shift. . . “, and my favorite “happily married but not getting sex at home. . . “. If he was happily married he would not be looking for sex from another man. Sex is important in a relationship after it’s applied. If the supply ceases, so will the male’s loyalty. The male whose supply was cut off will find a new supplier, regardless of gender, age, or looks. Hang on a second, Kiddo.

Here, I went to Craigslist and copied the title and content of an ad that was posted minutes ago, this is an actual ad ;

MWM will give blow job to MWM This Weekend – m4m (Airport hotel) 

If you are a married white male hwp who has a decent size cut cock that you would like another married white male to suck on it to completion, contact me with your complete stats. No reciprocation asked for, cum to my hotel room. I’ll be in Albany starting late Saturday afternoon and I’ll be available late into the night and Sunday. In reply put “blow” or it’s spam.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers




I did a little research, and with some valid statistics and surveys I discovered that, using facts and logic, 4 out of 5 males have had sex with another male, which is quite alarming, yes? Males lie like rugs, more so than females, and they will lie through their teeth if they were asked if they ever had sex with another male. To some, that type of sex is regarded as “gay”, to others is is regarded simply as sex. Sex is nothing more than friction and fluids that you can’t enjoy without a body.


I have no desire to have sex with another male, which is good, but my desire for my Soulie is overwhelming me. 30 months without sex is a long time for me. And now that she has been maintaining her image and her persona the gravity of all this has increased, for now I know just what she will look like, meaning, she’ll be Carol and not Hera. What age, I don’t know, but if she comes back young, say, 16, then I want to be 16 again. But first I want to be my age for a while.


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Well, it is now Saturday morning, and we are having some much needed fun. The work week was a hot one, but the lightning storm on Thursday brought rain, which cooled the shop considerably. The kids were hoping that the power would go out, and so were we, but no such luck. I did get some photos though. Here ;













The lightning that night was amazing, there were numerous horizontal bolts across the sky, and for a while. I like lightning storms, especially the thunder that follows.

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Speaking of follows, about 3 weeks ago 6 people from Germany visited this site 51 times in 1 day. Not bad, Kiddo. I wonder what caught their attention enough to visit this site 51 times, in 1 day. Must have been something. It would be funny if they investigated me now. I’ll be right back, Sweetheart, we’re going to drop a gravity bomb in the kitchen so hang tight.





I’m back. It looks like today will be a nice day, weather-wise, maybe we’ll venture out and about, get my mind off things. One thing that I need to do is to get my hair cut. I’m thinking of doing it myself, but I don’t know if my hair is long enough to do what I want to do. I’ll have a better idea after I shave the beard off. Oh yes, Kiddo, Daddio is “Zeusing it” right now, but who do I need to impress? After we come back I’ll break out the clippers and go to town. I will be a new man when I’m done, I will I will.

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Any plans for the summer, Kiddo? I heard that it is going to be a hot one, but I don’t know for certain as to how hot. Summers are generally hot, since the Earth is in close proximity to the Sun. So if this summer is exceptionally hot, would it be because the Earth is closer to the Sun than it should be? If it is closer, will it keep growing closer?

I would like to enjoy summer this year, Kiddo. In fact, I would like to enjoy anything. Talking to another person in person would be nice. Talking to my Soulmate in person would be best.

I can’t wait to talk.

So much to say.

And no one is going to like it, at all.

Encendiendo cerillos,un cerillo encendido,inflamable.

My Mother has told me “You’re gonna explode” when my time comes to speak. There is no possible way that I will be able to keep calm. And this will be filmed. I guess I better shave and cut this hair, I don’t want to embarrass you in front of your friends and family, looking like some stumbling scalliwag.

Anywho, the day is calling and I’m sure you have things to do as well. I’ll leave you with a video that found me, it’s from a show called “Lucifer” ;


So can Daddio be loyal to just one woman for the rest of his life?


😉 ❤

But just how long will Daddio live, Sweetheart??

Well, there are two things to be considered here. One, I’ve already died. Everyone needs to die, and since I’ve already died, I don’t need to die again, do I?

Two, we’ll be able to imagine ourselves young again.

Daddio has a long life ahead of him, Sweetheart. And it’s “you and me” for that long life.

Sounds serious, Kiddo, I better do what she says. 🙂

Enjoy your day, Sweetheart, be safe, have fun, and know that I miss you.

Love always, Daddio






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