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Hey, Sweetheart, it’s a strange morning for me so I thought to share the strangeness with you, if there really is any.

Why is this morning strange? I don’t know exactly, but it feels that way to me. Strange? Perhaps.

How have you been feeling, Kiddo? Good, I hope, as well as safe, most importantly.

After all, it’s difficult to feel good if you are not safe, but since no one is as safe as you, you should be feeling pretty good.

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Do you think that something wonderful is about to happen, Kiddo?

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I do. In fact, I know that some wonderful things are about to happen, tis true.

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I think, that, everyone is someone’s world, to someone.

How about you, have you ever thought about that?

If you can read this, you are someone’s world.

I too, have someone who means the world to me, and the wait is killing me, you know?

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Do you think that is true, that you are youer than you? I think it’s true, that you are youer than you, but what can you do, you are you only youier, which in turn makes you truier, yes?

Just having some fun, Kiddo. So if you are you, how do you have another you in another dimension? This is something that I wonder about myself, in a scientific manner. I know that there is another me in another dimension, as well as there is another Mom in another dimension, but what exactly is a dimension?

What makes the last part of that question interesting is that I have been trying to figure it out, scientifically, since all this began, but I never was able to pinpoint exactly what a dimension is. Why? Because I was not I, but now I am me, and plan on staying that way. What I think is cool about this is that when she does leave myself and materialize I’ll be back where I was left off, so to speak. In other words, I’ll have the simplicity of a 12 year old.

12 year old’s think with simple minds, it is either black or white, so to speak. 12 year old’s don’t have time for bullshit, they’re too busy thinking how to scare their little sister the next day, since that is their routine, and what is important.

At least to someone it is.

You didn’t know me when I was 12, Kiddo, I was quite the terror, as charged. Oh, the fun I had taunting and teasing someone, almost everyday, at that.

I say “almost” because there were some days that I was not blessed by the presence of that someone, because someone else got someone in trouble, the day before. Oh, tis true, Kiddo, tis true, I was infamous for the groundings of that someone, if not the sole cause of such cruel, and unusual . . . punishment. But who was really punished, Kiddo?


Sometimes we act without thinking, as people. We do things without consideration of others, as people. And the effects can be devastating, for both parties.

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But knowing what I know now, I know what I can get away with. Meaning, I will know just how far to push the envelope, without causing permanent damage, psychologically, that is.

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Are you ready for all this, Kiddo? A very serious question. About a year ago or so I was introduced to the question of “Are you ready for all this?”, or something to that effect, I can’t remember everything. I didn’t quite understand the gravity of that question at first, but when I thought about it I saw the Reality of what really is, as I’m flashing back now. I need to face the fact that I will need to meet people, something that isn’t on a recluse’s daily agenda, but I will do as needed.

Being 100% honest with you, Kiddo, I have no idea as to what will exactly happen, after the Fact, that is. But I know that if you want to be left alone from those people you can.

After all, who’s going to fuck with us? Nobody.

The issue that I’m seeing is that there are some that people will fuck with, and that some is my family, Charlie’s.

Regardless of what they think of me, I am thinking for them, for that’s what I do, think.

Right now, with the exception of one relative, I am incommunicado with my family, which is most understandable.

“Who’s the relative?” one might ask. Kiddo received a message from her once, and that’s all I’ll say.

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Without complications, imagine a muslim inside a Trump rally, and how well that will go over. Not very well, yes? No, Kiddo, not very well at all. And it will be over a misunderstanding, something that can be avoided. I say “can be” because if I said “could have been” I would be speaking in past tense, and we don’t want that.

Coming, is the biggest event in human history, and I say that with utmost honesty.

I know that this isn’t going to be as welcoming as I would like it to be, but it is what it is, and there’s nothing that I can do about it. I didn’t request all this into my life, did you, Kiddo? For yourself, that is. You do realize, Kiddo, that you’re in the middle of all this?


I think it’s time for that explanation, as to who we are in regards to each other.

I’ll tell this through a story, so to speak.

One day a man, a special man, decided that he wanted to do something. Knowing that he could do whatever he could imagine, he decided to do something special, since he was a special man. He thought long and hard on what he could do. Once he knew what he wanted to do, he then knew that he wouldn’t want to be alone enjoying what he had done, so, he thought long and hard again. Being of a simple mind, he thought what he believed would be the perfect family.

And it was.

The special man knew what he wanted, and knew how to get it. However, there was a possible price to pay for having all that he wanted. But he was a special man. Believing in himself, he did what he wanted, regardless.

And he succeeded.

The special man Created the perfect family, perfect to him, and to his family. The first member of his family would be his Soulmate, who would have the roles of being his wife and Mother. Since she was Created by him alone and looks like him, she would also have the roles of sister (due to the resemblance and branch of the “family tree”), and, his daughter, and that’s where there’s an issue. His Soulmate can never play the role of his daughter, for reasons that I think are quite obvious, so he Created a daughter, whose sole purpose is to be his daughter, and nothing more. He knew that a son would never work for him, but would work for his Soulmate, so she is guaranteed a Son whenever he is unconscious to himself. A daughter works for him because all she needs to do is whatever she wants and daughtery stuff.  And his Soulmate gets a little sister (yay!!). Being that the daughter would have some of the Father’s characteristics, and some characteristics from her big sister, she would fare quite well as an only child, finding happiness in Creativity and exploration. The special man never Created any siblings for his daughter the way he Created her, because he could see down the road, so to speak. No matter who the parent or parents be, it is impossible not to have a favorite child when there is more than one child in a family. The parents might say they love their children equally, but it is impossible not to have a favorite. In a family of two or more children, there will be one child that will receive “special treatment” over the others, I promise that. And don’t forget about the sibling rivalry. Can you imagine what a fight between two daughters would look like in that family, Kiddo?

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I once had told you that you have “soul-sisters”, do you remember that, Sweetheart? Those soul-sisters were made between my Soulmate and I, very long ago, they were not Created solely by myself. You are the only one of your kind.

I’m told that you will also have some “apps”, which makes sense, but I don’t know how it works for you, the waking up thing. She just told me “It’s all good”, which translates into “I got it”, meaning, she’ll work with you on that. Some things I simply leave in her hands.

Anywho, how about some videos, Kiddo? They’re only a few minutes in length, but worth watching, time permitting;

Well that about wraps it up for me, Kiddo, it’s late and I’m exhausted. I’ll attach two more videos after I sign out, they were ones that found me.

Have a phenomenal day, Sweetheart, and be safe.

Love, Daddio


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