Running of the Bull

I had a dream so vivid this morning that I want to share it with you, Kiddo.

It was daytime, and I was in what I thought be the Northwest. I was viewing a valley from a tree top, a Pine tree to be exact, that was atop a mountain. The valley was lush with green pine trees, and the trees carpeted the valley and the surrounding mountains. Across from where I was, was another mountain, carpeted as well. I did not have my body, only my consciousness, sight and hearing. The sky was blue and sunny. I could hear two people talking about something called “the running of the bull” as I looked forward to the mountain before me. The people talking sounded in good spirits, anticipating this “running of the bull”. Watching the mountain I noticed the trees a the top began to grow dark, as water overtook the crest of the mountain. Water began to surge down the mountainside, in a tsunami fashion, without the destruction. The trees remained intact as all this water rushed down towards the valley. The people that were talking became excited, their voices heightened with anticipation. They were not fearful, neither was I. The valley turned into blue lake, with a hint of green, and the water kept coming. Finally the water was racing toward me, still with no fear. I began to hear the wind coming off the fast moving water, but I could not feel the wind. Then, the water hit me without resistance, going through and around me. I could still see the tree top that I was next to, but now it was descending into the depths of the water. I could hear the people “hootin’ and hollering” as this was happening. I broke the surface and saw blue water everywhere, under a sunny sky. I submerged to see if there was anything to see, and when I turned around I saw a bull shark, it was swimming in a tight circle, like when a dog chases it’s tail. The shark was swimming in a counter-clockwise rotation with it’s mouth open, grabbing all the food it could, as if it were at a celebratory dinner. I felt no fear from the shark, even though it was about ten feet behind, it just wanted to eat.

Then I woke up for a moment, then fell back asleep. Once asleep, I had another dream, similar.

Now I’m back in the tree tops, but at a different location. I am now viewing a mountain range from a plain, still carpeted in lush green pine trees. I hear people talking again in the same manner as before. Then the water came, over the range, racing towards me, and yet, still no fear. The water did as before when it reached me, and as before I rose from the tree tops, watching the tops of the trees vanish into the deep blue water. I break the surface only to see what I had seen before, blue water, sunny sky, after seeing that I went below to see if that shark was there, and he was, doing the same thing as before. I thought that it was strange to see him there because I was now at a different location. This time I decided to watch him a bit longer. After swimming in circles and eating food, he broke from where he was and swam towards me. Still I felt no fear. But when he came up close to me he was no longer a shark, he looked more like a crocodile, but I could only see the left side of his face. He was golden and brown in color, and he appeared to be smiling at me. He looked at me for a moment then swam away.

I woke up again, and fell back to sleep again to dream.

Now it gets weird. Weirder, perhaps.

Now I am on land, standing, facing a forest with a lake behind me. I remembered about “the running of the bull”, and I felt that where I was had something to do with that. I saw a young man with blonde, wavy hair off to my left, and he was walking towards the woods before me. He had what I think was a pet monkey, a spider monkey, but I could not see it. He was talking to someone that I also could not see, and after the short conversation he began to run into the woods, the forest. Then I began to hear what sounded like a documentary being narrated by a man, and it was in regards to the “bull” thing. Then I saw that monkey sitting on top of a tall orange pole, with it’s arms inside the top of the pole. The monkey seemed nervous. The pole was taller than the surrounding trees. The young man ran through the woods for what felt like for days, and I could feel his concern over the monkey that was not present with him. He makes it to a small house in the woods, where a woman greets him. The narrator says that he had been running for 4 weeks, trying to escape the water from the “bull”. The woman speaks and tells “me” that he had been running for 42 days, and that the monkey, who doesn’t quite look like a monkey, was exhausted, just like the young man was, but the monkey was bloated, having a bit of a belly from the stress of running. ( I have no idea what that means ) The woman tells the young man about “the running of the bull”, and says that they cannot escape it, that they just need to see what happens. She tells him that it is a natural phenomenon for them, and somehow I managed to ask the woman where I was, and she hesitated before telling me “Alaska”. The next thing I know is that I am now inside the house, the house in the woods, and there are people in there, and here is where it gets weird.

I am in the kitchen without my body, but I am conscious, I can see and I can hear. To my right is a table where a man, whom I never seen before, is sitting facing the openness of the kitchen. To his left is a small hallway where a boy is standing. I never seen the boy before either. The boy has short dark hair, and looks to be between 10 and 14 years old, and he is looking at that openness of the kitchen’s floor at a girl who was once the monkey. The girl is about 12 to 14 years old, she has blonde hair tied in pigtails, and is wearing only a pale blue “nightie” that comes down to her waist. She is hunched over, kneeling, and has her hands over her ears, her hands in what appeared to be fists. She is rocking up and down and crying. I cannot see her face, but I can see that she has a light covering of brown “fur” all over her body. It is not so thick as fur, I can see skin through it, but it does cover her. The woman from before is there, and tells me that she is upset because another boy, whose name was something like “Jimmy Richards” or “Eric Richards”, I’m not sure, is evil and doesn’t love his mommy, and the girl is fearful for that boy’s mother. The boy who is standing in the hallway looks surprised at this, maybe the other boy is his friend. The girl leans back with her arms up by her head, and she looks upset. When she leans back she doesn’t lean back to where she is upright, but she leans back enough that I can see, clearly, that the girl has a penis, and a small one at that. It reminded me of the movie “Sleepaway Camp” from the eighties. I looked around at everyone in that kitchen to see if they were seeing what I was seeing. I looked back at the girl for a moment, and then I woke up.

And here I am telling you. The visuals in that dream could not be replicated by Hollywood whatsoever. Everything that I saw was original and very real. Do those dreams have any meaning? Yes, but I don’t know what, and that is why I write them down. When i write them down I relive those dreams, hoping to figure out what they mean, and if I am going to write them down I’ll write them so that you can read them.

Anyway, Sweetheart, it’s 9 AM and I am going to take advantage of this ample time to get things done. I am working on a post that I started last night, but it became quite intense and exhausting, so I left it to finish up later. It’s almost done though, and when it is I’ll post it.

Have a stellar day, Kiddo, be safe, and know that I miss you.

Love, Daddio












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