Some Things I Thought Interesting

Hey, Kiddo, I was going to post some videos on Facebook, but then I decided to post them here. My Facebook page is now doing something different, I asked someone “Is this a good thing?”, and she smiled through me and motioned “Yes”. I hope so. She’s smiling again, so I guess that it’s good. Anyway, here are some things that I thought were interesting, especially since most of them found me. These are for when you have the time to enjoy.

This next one is rather pleasant, and according to what I have found, it is legitimate. All the sound that you hear in this next video is solely from crickets. Their chirps were recorded and played back at a much slower speed. Sounds very ethereal.

This one is a bit faster, I recently shared this with my niece ;


The following video is a strange one. The images are real, but the notations are wrong. The person who filmed something that is very rare believes that they filmed a planet that is many light years away, and that is impossible. What they filmed was an orb (soul) being affected by the intense magnetic field from Nibiru’s presence. This is a “must watch” ;

Why the person who filmed that believes that they filmed a planet many light years away, I don’t know. Common sense should have told them otherwise.

I wasn’t going to post this next video, but someone feels that I should. So here it is ;


I didn’t want to post that video because I knew where it would lead to; here.

And here is where common sense needs to be applied.

The Earth is not “shifting”. If the Earth shifted it would become out of balance, and we would experience global destruction beyond comprehension. Ever experience a tire that is out of balance? Your car shakes when you drive it with an unbalanced tire, just imagine how much this planet would shake if it were out of balance.

Are the poles melting? Yes, but not because of a “global shift”, they are melting because the Earth’s engine is overheating from a lack of lubrication, that lubrication being crude oil. The Earth began to overheat roughly 50 years ago, when man started to put a dent in the Earth’s oil supply. Now, with 3,000 cubic miles of spent lubrication, the Earth’s engine is getting rather hot, thus melting the ice caps.

Anyone who truly believes that there is a molten core of Iron surrounding a solid core of Iron is ignorant of physics, simple as that. If the Earth’s core was molten Iron, how is it remaining molten after billions of years? What’s keeping it molten, insulation? The fires of Hell?

Heat will always travel to an adjacent mass that is cooler than the heat itself. If the Earth’s core was molten Iron the heat from that core would have traveled into the mantle and eventually dissipated completely, billions of years ago. There would be no life on this planet at all.

Remember, it only takes 1 degree of temperature change to turn ice into water, no matter what scale of temperature you use.

Anyway, I’d thought to share some things that I felt were interesting.

Have a stellar day, Kiddo, and be safe.

Love, Daddio














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