Il Mattacchione

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Hi, Kiddo, it’s Friday morning, the 11th of November, and I decided to write, to you. Work has been hectic, we, the workers, need to keep a promise made by someone else, so we have been working late and steadfast. I am hoping that tomorrow the work we did tonight will not warrant another late night escapade of madness. When we came home hours later than usual we found Mowzer waiting for us in the window. He is such a good boy, I gave him some albacore as a treat, for his loyalty. I don’t like working late, but I will do my share. It’s all about teamwork.

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How do you feel about our next President? I think that he’ll do okay, he’s better than Hillary, that’s for certain. The one thing that bothers me about him is the article I read regarding him and his daughter. He was in an interview and he was asked what he thought about his daughter, sexually. His answer is not what I expected, nor was it something that I needed to see, but then again, who knows if it is true or not. I hope that it is not true, for that would be rather disturbing to me, and I don’t like to be disturbed. Still, I think that he’ll do okay, with a little proper direction, something that we can show to him.

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So how have you been, Sweetheart? I like to think that you are doing well, as I do everyday. I myself have been having the wildest dreams, mostly in the past week or so. One dream was exceptionally wild, and beautiful. I had a dream that it was nighttime, and the sky was Egyptian Blue, with a hint of Electric Indigo. I was outside, inside a clearing amongst trees, and translucent blue bubbles were in the air around me. Inside those blue bubbles were brand new souls, glowing, as they moved about. Some of the bubbles would extend triangular spikes, one on the top and one on the bottom, with eight more flanking them. They would extend the spikes then retract them. Some bubbles would burst, but the ones that didn’t were inspiring to me. Strange maybe, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Another wild dream that I had was from this morning. I was back in time at my parents’ house, but they weren’t there. It was summertime, and the Sun was shining brightly. I walked through the house looking for Mowzer, whom I found in a room that I did not recognize. After finding him I found my dog Barron. Barron was a Cairn Terrier that my dad had bought for me after my Mother passed away, to keep me company while my dad worked. Barron was nicknamed “Ronie Kabonie” by my dad, and was called that everyday. When I found Barron I knew, somehow, that he was there by himself for about a month, and I was so happy to see him again. He approached me with his tail wagging, just as he would have years ago, and I picked him up to take him into the kitchen. He felt so Real in my hands. I looked down at him and told him that he needed a bath, something that he enjoyed very much, then. I fed him and gave him water, and afterwards I let him out onto the deck attached to the kitchen. He was so happy to be outside. I opened the gate that lead onto our back lawn, and he went down the stairs to the backyard. He stopped and sniffed some flowers that were near the stairs, and after appreciating the flowers he jumped from the stairs and glided, ever so slowly, to the lawn. He was gliding like flying squirrel, and when he landed he began to investigate the grounds. It was so Real. After he left the scene I became frustrated, just as I become frustrated now, but I was in a dream. My frustration lead to anger, and when it did my equal became upset, saddened, if you will. And she began telling me “Almost, baby, almost” through her tears. Then I began to hear something that I describe as a tympanic rumbling inside my ears, and that sound grew louder as it continued. And suddenly it stopped. I then woke up to what I would describe as trumpets sounding off in the distant. I stayed in bed for about ten minutes listening to it. I could hear it through the walls of our apartment. I got out of bed, got dressed and went outside to listen to it more closely. The morning traffic overpowered the trumpets, but I was able to detect where they were in the sky. After about five minutes I went back inside, and began my day at 9:30 AM, yesterday. Wild, huh?

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I had a thought about that wall our next President wants to have built separating Mexico from the United States. He wants it built to keep the illegal immigrants out, which is a good thing. But when I look at it, the wall will be doing two things, simply. It might look like a means to keep people out, but only if you are one of the people looking at it from the outside. It could also look like a means to keep people in, but only if you are one of the people looking at it from the inside. Perspective.

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I would like to think that the new President will do a good job, he seems to be for the people of this country, unlike that shitbag Hillary who was for herself and for the countries that funded her. It is disgusting what money can do to someone. You know damn well her ass is going straight to Limbo, and I must say, I can’t wait for that moment when Reality rears it’s ugly face into hers. That moment of unbelievable terror. It might not happen tomorrow, or for twenty years, but it will happen. No one escapes the inevitable. No one.

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I guess that all we can do is wait to see how the new guy works out, but you and I are no strangers to waiting, are we? I just don’t like surprises, bad ones at that. Good surprises are . . . good, it’s that awkwardness that tends to follow immediately after that I care not for. Like a surprise birthday party, one that is a total surprise, not one that you had a clue to. The ones that you had a clue to were anticipated, though sometimes not willingly, meaning, it was going to happen whether you wanted it to or not. Those, you play along with. But the ones that catch you completely off guard, those are the awkward ones, those are the ones that I am glad to have never experienced. I don’t like being caught off guard.

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Like the Joker. He caught everyone off guard, no one expected him at all, not even Batman.


So who would I be, Kiddo, the Joker or Batman?


Have you ever seen Batman and myself together in the same room?

Then again, have you ever seen the Joker and myself together in the same room?


Someone is smiling 😉 .


If I were to be either the Joker or Batman, you know which one I’d be.


Well, Sweetheart, it’s late and someone is signaling me to go to bed.

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Have yourself a phenomenal day, Kiddo, and be safe.

Love always, Daddio










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