The Halloween Edition

Hi, Kiddo. This post is going to take a few days to Create, so it will be saved to my “drafts” folder when I am not working on it. I still want to write that “special post”, but I am told to wait with that. She hasn’t steered me wrong yet, so I wait. What’s a little more waiting, yes?

Do you like horror movies, Kiddo? Years back I would watch horror movies with my little cousin, my baby sister. One time I took her to see “Silence of the Lambs”, an excellent movie. Another time I took her to see “The Exorcist III”, which I felt was as scary as the original. Here is a short clip from “The Exorcist III” ;

Her and I jumped out of our skins with that scene.

So what I am about to write is something like an “RPG”, a Role Player Game, however, instead of playing the role of the game’s main player, the reader will be the main character in my writing. To Create the connection between the reader and the main character I will keep the main character “gender free”, and I will identify the main character as “you”. Anyone can read this, Kiddo, and if you should read this just know that what is told does not apply to you, and I’m sure that you know what I mean by that.   🙂

This will mostly be narrated, along with some parts written in a screenplay fashion. There will be pictures, but the ones displayed will be from my economizing. There’s a little of everything in this post.

Since you have been following this website you will know what certain words and terms mean, for example, an “orb” is a soul, and so forth.

With that being said, let’s begin.

Love you, Sweetheart

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The Halloween Edition 

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It is the Fall in upstate New York. You are a successful, single 36 year old. You have a nice house, which is located on a rural street with only a few other houses near.

Image result for images of white-sided two-story houses

You have a nice car.

Image result for images of black jeep liberty

You have a good job, with your own office.

Image result for images of business offices

You have friends, though not many.

You have a dog.

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Today is Sunday, late afternoon. You spent the day maintaining the grounds of your property, and now it is time to head inside as the Sun sets. Once you’re inside, you decide to order a pizza for dinner. You fill your dog’s food dish with fresh food, before you let him out of his crate. After you let him out you get into the shower, to wash off the evidence of your day’s events. Once out of the shower you throw on some comfortable sweat pants and a hooded pullover, and you check your cellphone to see when you ordered your pizza. You see that you have some time, so you turn on the television, and drop down on your expensive couch to relax. While you are sitting on your couch you see your laptop sitting on your coffee table. You move forward and turn your laptop on to check work emails. After a few minutes of reading emails regarding work, the front doorbell rings. Your pizza is here.

After three slices of pizza and two bottles of Coors Light, you return to the television. You are sitting back on your couch and your dog is lying on the carpeted floor in the same room. It is now after 9 PM, and you realize that your dog needs to go out. You attach your dog’s leash, and take him outside for him to do his business. A half hour later the both of you return, him refreshed and you exhausted. You put him back into his crate and you return to where you were on your couch. You pick up the remote to your widescreen TV and begin to surf the channels for something good to watch. You come to a channel that is running a horror movie marathon, and you decide to stay on that channel, watching the the tail end of this movie ;

Once it ends, you get up from the couch to retrieve another beer for the next movie, which has already begun.

Three slices of pizza and six beers later, you are asleep on the couch. After a few of hours you wake up to a different movie.

Not wanting nightmares, you decide that it is time for bed. You shut the TV off, you say “goodnight” to your dog, and you head upstairs. It is cold outside, so you climb into your king-sized bed wearing what you have on. The room is dark, with only the light from your alarm clock giving some illumination. With your alarm clock set to go off for tomorrow morning, you curl up into a fetal position and wait for the Sandman to visit you. Minutes later, you are sound asleep.

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It is Monday morning, 7 AM. Your alarm clock did as expected, and you lie in bed for 2 minutes before getting up. Once up, you head to the bathroom. After relieving yourself and throwing some warm water onto your face, you go downstairs. You enter your livingroom where your dog is anxious to see you. You tell him to wait a minute and you go into the kitchen to make some fresh coffee. As you’re standing half awake at the kitchen sink rinsing your coffee cup, you look up at the window above the sink and you see something.


You stop. You lean forward towards the window for a better look. You see what looks like balls of light moving about outside your window. You utter “What the fuck?”. You stand there for a few minutes watching these balls of light streak across your backyard, while some stay in front of your window, as if they were watching you. You break away from the window and fetch yourself a cup of freshly brewed coffee. As you are making your cup of coffee you keep going back to the window. They are still there. You leave the kitchen with your coffee and go into your livingroom to retrieve your cellphone. Your dog is still happy to see you, clawing at the bottom of the crate’s door. You tell him “calm down” as you begin to call your job as you normally do every Monday morning. As you are typing in the number to your job your boss calls. You answer.

You – “Yes, boss.”

Boss – “Have you watched the news this morning?”

You – “No, I just got up.”

Boss – “We are now under martial law, no one is to leave their homes unless it is an           absolute emergency, so work is cancelled for today.”

You – “Would it have anything to do with those things outside my window?”

Boss – “Yes, you have them too?

You – “You got them too?”

Boss – “Hundreds of them, how many do you have?”

You pause and take a look outside your front window. You see about a dozen of them stationary at your window, with dozens more in the background moving over your front lawn.

You – “I’d say about a few dozen, do you know what they are?”

Boss – “The news says that some scientists are calling them orbs, like the ones you see on those paranormal investigative shows, but since they aren’t certain they are being regarded as aliens with a possible threat. Right now just stay home, and if anything pops up I will either call you or send you an email. I gotta go, my kids are home today from school and their mother has her hands full. Make sure that you watch the news, and I’ll talk to you later, bye.”

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You stand silently with your cellphone in your right hand, thinking, as you stare at your couch. Your dog begins to whimper, breaking the silence in the room. You turn around to see your dog anxious to leave its crate, and then you realize something.

You – “Shit.”

And that is just what your dog needs to do. Outside.

You place your cellphone onto the coffee table behind you, and you sit down on your couch. You pick up the television’s remote and begin to search for the news. After a few seconds of searching you find a news station that is reporting of some people who have ventured outside their homes with no harm done to them by the orbs. You take a look at your dog who is still whimpering to go outside. You take a sip from your coffee cup and tell your dog “Okay.”

You get up from the couch and walk towards the crate. You slip your bare feet into your slippers before you open the crate. Your dog runs out and begins giving you kisses. You lift the leash from the top of the crate and attach it to your dog’s collar, while softly saying “I should’ve listened to my mom and got a cat.” With the leash attached, you walk your dog to the front door of your house. You take a deep breath and open the door. The dozens of orbs you have seen outside rush to your presence, though keeping their distance. Your dog begins to bark at them. You tell your dog to stop, and after a few repetitions he does. You and your dog walk down the front steps and towards the road in front of your house. Your dog is watching the orbs as attentively as you are. You tell your dog to hurry up. As your dog does his business you keep a watchful eye upon the orbs that seem to be everywhere. Once your dog is finished you rush yourself and your dog back into your house. You detach the leash and let your dog go to the kitchen where his food and water is. You drop down on your couch, exhausted from the recent outgoing. After composing yourself, you turn your attention to the TV, and sit back. 10 minutes later your dog joins you but on the carpeted floor beneath your feet. You don’t want him on the expensive carpet, but the matters at hand tell you that your concern is not important. You continue to watch the televised news reports.

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It is now 9 AM and all the cable channels are reporting the same thing. Your dog is now sound asleep by your feet. You look out your front window and see that nothing has changed. You begin to think how nice it would be to have someone in your life right now to share this event with, to, share your worry with. You look at your cellphone and think of people you could call. Your parents come to mind, but they are on vacation in the Bahamas. You think of an ex but they want nothing to do with you. Then suddenly a friend comes to mind, a friend that you haven’t spoke with in weeks, a friend who is familiar with the paranormal world. You lean towards the coffee table and grab your cellphone from it. You type in their cellphone number and place your cellphone to your right ear. You wait for an answer.

Friend – “Hey, I was waiting for you to call me.”

You – “Why didn’t you call me?”

Friend – “I didn’t know if you were up or not.”

You – “What the fuck is going on?”

Friend – “Are you watching the news?”

You – “Yeah, for about an hour now.”

Friend – “What station?”

You – “FOX news.”

Friend – “Alright, shut the TV off and go online, FOX news is only telling you what the government wants them to tell you. Go online and go to Youtube.”

You – “I have to turn my laptop on.”

Friend – “Do you still have your computer with that huge monitor?”

You – “Should I use that instead?”

Friend – “Yes.”

You – “Okay, I have to go upstairs, wait a minute.”

You leave the livingroom with your cellphone, walking quickly up the stairs to your bedroom where your computer is.

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You – “You still there?”

Friend – “Yeah I’m here.”

You – “Give me a minute while my computer warms up.”

Friend – “No prob.”

After a minute or so you’re logged into your computer.

You – “I’m at Youtube now.”

Friend – “Okay, type in “RT news aliens” in the search box and click “enter”.”

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You do as they have asked, and soon you see videos that were uploaded hours ago.

You – “Any one I should watch in particular?”

Friend – “Look for the one that has a picture of a news anchor woman dressed in red, with the letters “RT” in the upper-left part of the screen, this is happening over in Russia, too.”

You search for the video suggested by your friend, and when you find it you see that it already has half a million views. You click onto the video’s thumbnail. After the 9 minute video ends you return to your friend, who has been waiting patiently while you watched the video.

You – “You there?”

Friend – “Yeah I’m here, what do you think about that video?”

You – “I don’t know what to think. The video said that Russian scientists are saying that those things are orbs, but they don’t know why there are so many. What exactly is an orb?”

Friend – “An orb is a soul.”

You – “You sure?”

Friend – “Positive. Long ago when people didn’t know how to explain something they used pictures to try and explain what they were talking about. How do you explain what a soul looks like? If you drew a simple picture of one it would only look like a circle, but, if you wanted to show someone that an orb is a soul, you draw a picture of a deceased person with wings; an angel.”

You – “Interesting. So why are there so many?”

Friend – “I have two ideas about that. One, it has something to do with Planet X in our solar system, as the video you just watched mentioned. Planet X is basically a giant magnet, and the magnetic field it’s producing, which is a big one by the way, is interfering with Earth’s magnetic field. It’s possible that Planet X’s magnetic field opened another dimension allowing the orbs, or souls, to enter into our dimension. Ever hear of the “Philadelphia experiment”?”

Image result for pictures of uss eldridge

You – “No.”

Friend – “The Philadelphia experiment took place back in the forties. Our navy was looking for ways to camouflage their ships better, and a team of scientists told them of a way to make their ships invisible by using special magnets that would deflect the Earth’s magnetic field around the ship, causing the ship to become invisible. But the ship wouldn’t actually be invisible, it would be in another dimension that we in this dimension couldn’t see. They tried the experiment and the ship became invisible, but there were horrific side-effects, and the navy dropped the idea. Now the Philadelphia experiment is being regarded as a hoax, that it never happened, but it did.”

You  – “What were the horrific side-effects?”

Friend – “The crew that was on the ship became part of the ship itself through molecular fusion. Once the Earth’s magnetic field was deflected there was no field to contain the molecules of the crew, so they basically fell apart. Pretty horrific since the crew was still alive after the experiment ended, fused into the ship itself.”

You – “Holy shit. What is your second idea?”

Friend – “You know that I belong to a paranormal investigation group, right?”

You – “Yeah.”

Friend – “One of the group members has a friend who sent him a link to a website that they found yesterday. His friend has an interest in the paranormal too, so when they found this website they sent him the link, asking for us to investigate it.”

You – “Did you find anything?”

Friend – “Yes we did. I am going to email you the link to that website right now, the website is free to visit. Hold on a second while I do this.”

You turn from your monitor to look out your bedroom window as your friend prepares to send you that email. You see 4, maybe 5 orbs at the window who appear to be watching you. You look at them for few seconds before turning away.

You – “Hey, those things are at my window, could they be watching me?”

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Friend – “I don’t know, they seem to hang out at windows in the videos on Youtube, so maybe they are watching us. Okay, I just sent you that link with some instructions on how to view it. My question is why are they outside and not inside. Not one video I watched today has told of any orbs being inside occupied spaces, like people’s homes or businesses. Why are they outside?”

You – “I have no idea and I’m not complaining about it, I don’t want those things inside my house, fuck that shit. Hey, I just got your email, anything you want to tell me about this site before I go to it?”

Friend – “The name of the site is misleading, but we don’t think it was intentional. The website opened in January of this year, and it’s a blog from a man who’s talking to a female. The first post at this blog is an introduction to the site, and he makes it clear that the site is dedicated to the female, but others are welcome to read what he writes. After the first post the man begins to talk about an event that happened to him a year and a half ago, while communicating with the female. What he says in most of the posts will seem outrageous, but if you think about what he says it makes sense, and believable.”

You – “I’m not wasting my time, am I?”

Friend – “Go to the website and see for yourself. Call me back around dinner time, I know you’ll have some questions.”

You – “Okay, call me if you find out anything else, I’ll be home all day.”

Friend – “Of course you’ll be home all day, we’re under martial law.”

You – “Thanks for reminding me, Bye.”

Friend – “Bye.”

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You set your cellphone down on the desk before you. You read the instructions in the email before clicking onto the link. You click onto the link, and your monitor’s screen opens a new window. The link opens and you stare at what is shown. You then begin to scroll down slowly, glancing at some of what is written. “Aah, fuck it” you say, and you scroll down quickly to the first post as your friend suggested. You come to the first post at that website, and you begin to read.

And read.

And read.

You’ve become entangled in this website.

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Hours have passed. And more hours would have passed if your dog didn’t startle you, wanting attention. You yell at your dog, telling him to go down stairs where he belongs, because the carpet in your bedroom was very expensive. He lowers his head, and with his tail between his legs he does as you have asked. You mutter something foul under your breath as you return to your huge monitor. As soon as you succumb to oblivion your cellphone rings, startling you once more. You yell “Jesus Christ!” before collecting yourself. Once collected, you answer your cellphone, which has your friend on the other side.

Image result for animated creepy phone GIFs

You – “You scared the shit outta me just now.”

Friend – “Sorry, you told me to call you if I found anything else out and I did.”

You – “What’d you find?”

Friend – “Before I tell you, did you visit the site?”

You – “Yes, I’m at the site right now.”

Friend – “And?”

You – “I think that either this is one of the most elaborate internet hoaxes ever, or, as much as I hate to say this, he is telling the truth.”

Friend – “Why do you think he is telling the truth?”

You – “The photos. And what he says does make sense. You know that I hate to say it because I was brought up as a Christian, and the thought that everything I was taught regarding Christianity is wrong really bothers me. So what did you find?”

Friend – “We think that there’s a number code encrypted inside his writing.”

You – “Why?”

Friend – “He shifts his writing of number amounts from numerical to written. For example, he’ll type the amount of three as the number 3, then type it again as the word “three”, all in the same sentence. Very unique. And, if he is who he is claiming to be, he will communicate using mathematics, since math is the universal language. Did you see the movie “Contact” with Jodie Foster?”

You – “Years ago.”

Friend – “When Jodie Foster got that signal from outer space she discovered that the signal was being transmitted as a count of prime numbers, numbers greater than 1 that can only be divided by themselves and 1, like 2, 3, 5, 7 and so forth. Only an intelligent being would recognize that. If the “average Joe” stumbled upon this website he would only see what looks like a blog, which it is, but someone with a mathematical mind would see something else.”

You – “So would you be considered as that mathematical mind?”

Friend – “Maybe, read the rest so we’re on the same page, then call me back .”

You – “Will do.”

Friend – “If I hear anything new I’ll let you know, talk to you later.”

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You place your cellphone down on your desk and stare at the monitor for a moment. You decide to tend to your dog who has been waiting patiently to go outside. You leave your bedroom and go downstairs to take him out for a walk. With his leash attached you lead him outside. You watch the orbs move all about, and so does your dog. After 10 minutes of being outside you head back to the comfort of your home. Walking up the steps to your home an orb comes between you and your front door, causing your dog to bark at it. You stand still. You don’t know what to do. After what felt like an eternity the orb moves out of your way, allowing you entrance to your home. You quickly make your way inside, shutting the front door behind you. You remove your dog’s leash so he can return to sitting at your front window, where he has been watching the outdoor activity. With your dog occupied, you go back upstairs to your bedroom.

Image result for creepy animated bedroom GIFs

You sit down in front of your monitor and begin to read from where you left off. After an hour or so you finish reading the last post at the website. You sit back in your chair and reflect on what you had read. You say to yourself “This has to be a hoax”, but the photos are damning, and what is outside your window is validating what you have read. You want to call your parents, but they are on vacation, so instead you send them a text message asking for them to call you back, when they have the time. You look out your bedroom window only to see what you have been seeing since you woke up. You return to your monitor and stare at it. And you start to think. You think about what your friend had said about a number code being encrypted into the writings of that website, but you take it a step further.


After 30 minutes you break away and look at the time on your monitor, it is now after 4 PM. You call your friend, for you have something to say.

Friend – “Hey, what’s up?”

You – “I read all the posts and I realized something.”

Friend – “What did you realize?”

You – “He was prophesying while talking to the female.”

Friend – “Close. The soulmate was prophesying through him while he talked to the female. He had said that he can’t see into the future but she can. He, however, can see into other dimensions, and that’s how he is able to take the photos that he does. The group I belong to has, at the most, a hundred photos of orbs taken over the past ten years, and not one of our photos has as many orbs in it as any one of his. In fact, if we added up all the orbs in our photos they wouldn’t amount to as many orbs as he has in just one of his photos, and from the serial numbers we found in the photograph properties I’d say he has at least two thousand photos of orbs, and that’s just from one camera.”

You – “So he knew this was coming.”

Friend – “The soulmate knew this was coming, he didn’t, his focus is on the here and now, not the future.”

You – “This is fuckin’ crazy.”

Friend – “What I think is crazy is that all this information was sitting right in the middle of the internet, and nobody saw it. Or if they did see it, they didn’t take it seriously.”

You – “Hold on a second, my dog’s barking at something. I’ll take the phone with me.”

Friend – “Okay.”


You leave your bedroom and head towards the stairwell that leads to the downstairs. As you begin to walk down the stairs you yell at your dog to stop barking, but it doesn’t work. You reach the bottom of the stairs, and as soon as your dog comes into view you see what he is barking at. There’s an orb inside your house. Although your dog is still barking you can’t hear him at the moment. You slowly raise your cellphone to your ear and say “There’s an orb inside my house.”

Friend – “What? How did it get in?”

You – “I don’t know. It’s just hanging there near the ceiling. What should I do? Hello? Are you there? Hello?”

Your phone lost service. You look at your phone and you see there are no bars for signal. You look up at your dog and tell him several times to stop barking. He does, and he retreats to the corner of the livingroom to lie down and watch the orb. With your dog quiet, you go back up the stairs towards your bedroom in a hurry. You enter your bedroom and sit down at your desk to use your computer. You shake your mouse to wake your monitor up, so you can begin to type. Once your monitor is ready you go to your email page to send your friend a message. As you lean over the keyboard to begin typing you feel something in the back of your neck, a warm, tingling sensation. The sensation suddenly turns into a pressure inside your head, and you freeze. You cannot move. Your hands are motionless over the keyboard when they shouldn’t be. You push away from the desk, you don’t know why but you do. You grasp your cellphone with your left hand as you slowly stand up, and you begin to walk towards the far end of the upstairs level of your house. You enter a bedroom reserved for guests, and you walk towards a window near your garage. You open the window all the way, and you swing your right leg over the windowsill. You lean out the window, with your left leg following. You are now sitting on the outside edge of the window, high above the blacktop driveway that is in front of your garage. From where you are sitting you can see a white sports car slowly driving in front of your property. You turn away and look straight down at the blacktop. You lean forward and let yourself slip away from the window, falling head first into the blacktop. And the lights go out.

You open your eyes. You are now lying in your driveway, facing the road with a broken neck. You are paralyzed. You cannot move your body. All you can feel are your eyes and that pressure inside your head. You don’t know what to do. You don’t know how you got to where you are. You panic. In your silent panic you notice that the white sports has stopped several yards past your driveway. It is just sitting there, running, with it’s lights on. Just sitting there. You then see the back-up lights come on. The car begins to move slowly towards your driveway in reverse. It passes your driveway and stops. The car then pulls into your driveway, and slowly creeps to where you are, and stops eight feet before you. The car’s engine stops running. The driver’s side door opens, and a man steps out. He shuts the door to his car, and when he does the orbs that were all around your house rush to him. The man is standing beside his car, with his eyes on you. You walks away from his car towards you, studying you. When he gets to where you are he stops, and looks down at you. He isn’t saying anything, but you can hear him breathing. He turns away from you and walks past you, out of sight. A moment later he comes back with one of your expensive Adirondack chairs in his right hand. He sets the chair down a few feet away from, turns the chair in your direction, and sits down in it. He is looking right at you, breathing. There are now hundreds of orbs behind, maybe thousands, you don’t know. He is just sitting there. Breathing. After a minute, he leans forward in your chair, still looking at you. Breathing.

He begins to speak.

“I am going to tell you what is going to happen to you. In about ten minutes or so, your human body will die. You have a broken neck, and judging from the expanding pool of blood beneath you, you broke some other important things as well.

( breathing )

Once your human body dies, your soul, just like the ones you see around me, will be jettisoned out of your dead body, into another dimension. In that dimension you will not be seen, seen as one of what is all around me. But they are now in this dimension. The dimension you will be in is called Limbo, but I choose to call it Hell.

( breathing )

If you did it right, which you obviously did not, your soul would have entered another human body, a new one, a, child’s body, and you would have never known it. But instead you chose to let someone else take the blame for all  your nonsense, and all that they requested was for you to blindly kiss their ass. So that you can go to heaven. There is no heaven. It does not exist. It was made up a long time ago, when humans were not very smart. Then again, they are not very smart now, are they?

( breathing )

In that dimension, the one you are going to, you will have the ability to see and think. You do not need a brain to think, you need a brain to operate a body. You will also have the ability to move by curiosity. From the dimension you will be in, you will be able to see into this dimension. And you will see great changes.

( breathing )

By this time tomorrow, ninety percent of the world’s population will be gone, by one way or another. Some of the remaining ten percent will be of people dear to me, and people dear to them, after all, I am not a monster. Your cellphone just received a message. Here, let me take a look for you.”

The man stood up from the chair and stepped to where your cellphone landed after your left hand released it from the impact. He picked it up from the driveway and returned to where he was sitting, and sat down to view the message.

“It’s a text message from your mother. It says “got ur msg, will call u ltr”. Why must people abbreviate everything? Well, maybe not everything, but it certainly seems that way. To me, at least. I don’t see any reason why we can’t call her, do you? I’ll turn the speaker on for us.”

Your panic returns. You would scream but you are paralyzed, all you can do is breath through a bloody mouth. The man operates your cellphone, then places it on the blacktop between you and him. He sits back down.

“This should only take a second. Oh, there she is. . . watch this.”

After your mother asks for you, the orbs begin to swarm the cellphone. As they get near the cellphone they disappear. Hundreds of orbs are charging at your phone, while the man sits back and watches the terror escalate in your eyes. You hear your mother screaming, with others screaming in the background, and there is nothing that you can do. After a minute the orbs stop entering your cellphone, and return to the man’s side. But you can still here the screaming.

“The only way that phone call was possible is that she was not on land, and has not been on land for the past thirty-six hours. An ocean cruise, maybe? Does she know how to swim? Because she is going overboard, along with every human on that ship. Well I had enough of listening to screaming, how about you? That’s better. Did you like that? I mean, how I shut the phone off without moving, not the screaming. No one likes to hear screaming. At least I think no one does. But then again, I have been wrong before.

( breathing )

I had come to the most unfortunate conclusion that there would never be any way to get across to everyone on this planet, to tell them that there is a serious problem, or twenty. One of those serious problems is religion. Ninety percent of this planet’s occupants are religious. They believe in hearsay, not Facts. Ninety percent.

( breathing )

So I found a way to solve that problem, once and for all. Economically . There is no reason for war and destruction, why destroy the planet’s surface with nuclear explosions when the people are the problem? Simply get rid of the people. And besides, there is so much metal on the surface of this planet, it would be a shame to contaminate it with radiation from nuclear explosions after all the thousands of years of mining and refining it took to get it here. My apologies, I strayed for a moment. So here I am with billions of souls who want human bodies, and they will do anything that I want them to, just to get one. But now for them to get one, a new one, they need a body to die in, in this dimension. After being in Limbo for countless years they know what they did wrong, and they are not going to make that mistake again. So I thought about this, and I came up with an equation. I allow them into a human body in this dimension, and they kill it by using the form of suicide. The soul that was already in the body they took over gets booted into Limbo, and the soul that took over that body moves on to receive a new body. No nuclear wars, no chemical warfare, no killing of wildlife, just good old fashion mass suicide. As far as the streets being littered with dead bodies, there will be a clean-up crew coming soon, but that’s a secret, so don’t tell anyone. Well it’s getting late, the Sun is almost gone, and I have my wife and my pseudo daughter back home making S’mores. My wife found a recipe online and my Kiddo wanted to try it, so now I have two Iron Chefs in the kitchen making a mess for me to clean up when I get home. What’s the matter? Your eyes got as big as saucers. Was it something that I said? Was it S’mores?  It’s that I have a mess to clean up when I get home, isn’t it? I don’t mind, they’re having fun, and besides, I’m good at cleaning up messes, you’ll see.”

The man rose from the chair, turned around and lifted the chair with his right hand to return it to where it was. After leaving your sight for a moment, he returned, and stood a few feet away from you, looking at you as you start to shake.

“You’re beginning to die. You’re convulsing from your body’s lack of blood. I’ll tell you what I’ll do, to show you that I am not a monster I’ll end it now, because the pain you are about to experience is ungodly. As soon as you are out of your body you will be in Limbo. You will be in a world of absolute silence with the exception of your thoughts. You will be able to see into this dimension, but you will not be able to touch anything in this dimension. As much as I don’t want to say this, I will say that I’m sorry, but this is how it works in the Real World, and this is how it will always be. I’m sorry.

. . .

Are you ready?

. . .

. . .

On the count of one.

. . .

. . .

. . .


. . .

. .


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All Hallows’ Eve, or Halloween, is celebrated on October 31st, the day before All Hallows’ Day, November 1st. All Hallows’ Day is a day dedicated to remembering the dead and deceased loved ones.

So, Kiddo, that was my “Halloween Edition”. Was it scary?  Someone thinks so 😉

This was the longest post I’ve written yet, it has over 6,400 words, but there is one word that you will not find in this post. I had told you in an earlier post that I was once Hermes. Hermes was known to be a god of many things, he was the god of commerce, the god of travelers, and he was also known as the god of liars.

(The god of liars?? Oh no!!)

Yes, the god of liars. But back when Hermes existed the word “liar” meant something different, just like the word “gay” means something different today. Back then, a liar was a storyteller. R.K. Rowling would have been considered a great liar if she lived back when Hermes existed. But now we have a conundrum. I would never lie to you, but if I was once the god of liars, and I have never lied to you, what exactly did I write?  What word did I not include in this post? What word did I not use so that I can keep my word that I have never lied to you?

Anyway, Sweetheart, it’s late, or early, depending on how you look at it, and I need some sleep.

Image result for creepy animated bed GIFs

I hope you enjoyed the Halloween Edition.

Love always, Daddio











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