I am going to do something a little different this time, Kiddo, then again, I do something a little different every time.

First, I just want you to know that I miss you.

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I think a lot.

I think more than anyone else on this planet.

And the things that I think about are the most important things, hands down.

One of those most important things that I think about is Reality.

The Real World.

Image result for images of wolves

The world people live in today is not the Real World.

Their reality is distorted through misinformation, lies and technology.

But I can understand.

People, most people, are lazy. Even though some might work more than one job, I need to ask “Why?” are they working more than one job. To pay for that house they can’t afford? To pay for unnecessary credit card bills? To pay for a car that they don’t need? The short of the long is, people spend money that they don’t have, to buy things that they don’t need, to impress people that they don’t like.

Simple as that.

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People, both human beings and homo sapiens, are rather interesting. They do things that boggle my mind, and Hera’s mind as well.

They have no concern nor consciousness of others, as if they were the only person that mattered.

Some feel that the world owes them something, and if not the world, the country that they live in.

Some feel that no matter what they do they will be forgiven in the end.

So they keep doing what they’re doing.

Without any remorse.

But I can understand.

Image result for images of wolf pups

People, both human beings and homo sapiens, feel that they have the right to do whatever they want to do, and if they are religious, most likely it is their religion telling them that they can do whatever they want to do, like enslaving children, raping children, killing children, and in the end they will be forgiven. Regardless.


Because they have been kissing their god’s ass.

Religious people are nothing more than shameless ass-kissers.

If they are atheists they are still religious, for they have Faith in that “God” does not exist. But they will tell otherwise.

Atheists have a hard time believing in the known, most popular, religions because those religions don’t make any sense to them, and they are right for believing so. Those religions don’t make any sense. However, some atheists believe that all this just “happened”, without any prior thought or planning from a superior being. In other words, there is no “intelligent design”.

Evolution, if you will.

Image result for images of wolf pups

Evolution, is, part of the “intelligent design”.

I’ll give you an example, Kiddo.

A tropical fish aquarium.

Image result for images of tropical fish aquariums

To have tropical fish live successfully in an aquarium, you need to create their environment beforehand, and make it stable before you add the fish. You start with the aquarium itself. You fill it with water, and you add gravel and plants. You add motion through the use of a filtration system that can create a water flow and capture important bacteria.

And you leave it alone for a few weeks.

After a few weeks, the aquarium is now stabilized. It has become a habitat for bacteria that the tropical fish will need in order for them to survive.

Once the aquarium is stabilized, tropical fish can now be introduced, but they will need to be introduced slowly to avoid “shock”, after all, the fish went from one habitat (the pet store aquarium), and are now about to enter a new habitat (your aquarium).

Image result for images of wolf pups

But human beings aren’t tropical fish.

It doesn’t take weeks to build their environment, it takes billions of years.


Once this planet stabilized itself, meaning it no longer shook incessantly, Life was introduced, slowly. And after billions of years and through the process that scientists and atheists call “evolution”, mammals came about.

And from mammals came primates.

And from primates came evolved primates.

Which are known today as homo sapiens.

 Image result for images of primitive native africans

Now I have something to work with.

Now we have a species that can be altered to accept a soul.

And how was it altered?

By thought.

There was no “mechanical gene splicer”.

There was only a thought.

And that thought followed the parameters of physics and reason, incorporating a process of “inadvertent reverse engineering”.

As long as I stayed within the parameters of physics and reason, a homo sapien could be physically altered by a thought, a vision, without myself having any technical background in genetic altering. In other words, as long as it was possible, Life, as a corporation, would do whatever it took to provide to me with what I imagined.

“Inadvertent reverse engineering” means that Life took my vision, my thought, and went backwards to a starting point where my vision would be possible, and proceeded forward to another point to where my vision would become a Reality, and this happened in the blink of an eye.

Image result for images of wolf pups

“If a physical object can produce a psychological thought, then a psychological thought can produce a physical object.” – Neville Goddard 

This universe wasn’t built upon the law of reversibility for nothing.

Human beings and homo sapiens were not to interact with each other. Each were supposed to do their “own thing”. However Christianity came about, and when the settlers of this country discovered Africa they said “Hey, the bible says that we can own slaves . . . let’s take these people back home with us to be our slaves!”

Bad idea.

When a human being sexually interacts with a homo sapien they forfeit their soul to Limbo.

When a human being breeds with a homo sapien their offspring will receive no soul, for it is not 100% human being. And, that human being who bred with the homo sapien forfeits their soul to Limbo.

Image result for images of wolf pups

And that is one of the reasons why all of these are here, so to speak ;




This is such a mess, Sweetheart.

Right now, the only solution that I see is to wipe this planet clean of religion and homo sapiens, and that would only take a thought. But, if I did that, there would be, maybe, 10,000 humans left on this planet. And that number is me being generous.

Where would all those wiped from this planet go?

To another dimension.

And they would never know that.

The dimension that they would be in would be on the same “planet” so to speak, except that “planet”, in that dimension, is about to “throw a rod”.

Image result for images of Earth exploding

People need to sleep sooner of later.

Right now, the way things are in this country and in other countries, a child born next year will grow up on a “prison planet”, if, this planet can still sustain life. They will have no rights, and they will have no quality of life. That is not going to happen.

People are on OUR PLANET, we are not on their’s.

Simple as that.

As adorable as this wolf pup is . . .

 Image result for images of wolf pups

it still isn’t as adorable as this . . .

Image result for images of newborns

Or this . . .

Image result for images of newborns

or this . . .

Image result for images of mothers with newborns

When people start to love animals more than people, there is a problem.

Does anyone ask “why”?

Why some people love animals more than people.

If no one should ask why, the answer to the question becomes obvious.

And it is.

Image result for images of wolf pups

It is after midnight and I need to get some sleep, I have some things to do later this morning.

I’ll post a video for you to watch when you have the time, it might seem a little technical for the first 3 minutes, but after that it gets quite good. Here ;

Anyway, I need to get some sleep.

Have a great day, Kiddo, and be safe.

Love, Daddio


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