Hello, Sweetheart, it is Sunday, the 25th of September, 2016, almost 9:30 AM, and I am writing this post just for you, although others will read it.

Image result for animated "I miss you" GIFs

Before I begin, some music to read by ;

Something I created a long time ago when I was someone else, I hope you enjoy.

I titled this post “Hera” because I felt that she needed some recognition, and soon you will meet her. How soon? Weeks. How you will meet her will be completely up to her, but I am sure that she will “break the ice” in a very special way. Will she go by the name of Hera? No. But I am sure that it will be a familiar name, one that you already know of. I, myself, like “Aphie”, but that was when she was someone else. Would you have liked Aphrodite? Absolutely. When Hera was in the persona of Aphrodite, she was a terror. One day, going to work, another driver, a female, cut her off in traffic. She gave her the finger and yelled “Fuck you bitch!!”. My kinda gal. 🙂


Hera as my mother, Carol.


My mother and I had an unusual relationship. It was like a business. She was my boss, and I was her employee, for the most part. She told me to do something, and I did it, after a few minutes of whining on my behalf. One night, when I was about 5 or 6 years old, she told me to go to bed. I stood in front of her as she sat in her huge, golden rocker-recliner telling her that I wanted to stay up late and watch TV with her. She told me “No”. I stood there giving her reasons as to why I should stay up late with her. She told me “Boo, get to bed.” But I kept on debating. Finally, she slammed her hands down on the arms of her chair and said “That’s it.” I ran my skinny ass down the long hallway to my bedroom yelling “I’m going to bed, Mom, I’m going to bed!!” She was walking down that hallway behind me like a woman with a mission, I jumped into my bed and pulled the covers up to my chin, cringing, waiting to “catch a smack”. She walked up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “Get to sleep.”, and then turned around to leave. When she left my bedroom she closed the door enough to leave it cracked open, and shut my bedroom light off. About a year ago she and I gave each other images of that night, I showed her what I remembered and she showed me what she remembered. She showed me as myself debating and I showed her as my Mom in her nightgown sitting in her chair, frustrated with me. That was a most special moment for me, and Hera.

Soul at the window

When summer vacation came, I was allowed to do most anything. I had some friends from my elementary school who I would ride bikes with, and since we had a swimming pool, pool parties were when it was nice out. Most of the time, however, I would stay inside, with her, building. I had “Lincoln Logs”, “Erector sets”, and “Legos” that I would play with almost everyday. If I wasn’t building I was drawing. If I wasn’t drawing I was assembling models of big trucks, like this ;

Image result for images of model trucks

My dad was a “truck driver”, and so was my brother and my cousin, my baby sister’s dad, so I was interested in big trucks. I tried to become a truck driver, but it wasn’t me, so to speak.

One thing I miss, regarding my mother, was climbing up onto her lap at night, that is, when I was “little”, but I was never little, so, sometimes, when I would climb up onto her lap I would accidentally hurt her, and that made me feel bad. She’s crying now. She knows that I’m being honest. Hold on, Kiddo.

I’m back. The separation between Mother and soulmate is a grey area, to me. My soulmate was once my Mother. The soul that powered my Mother is the soul that powers my soulmate, my once daughter, my once sister, my wife, my lover, my best friend, my equal.

(On a side note; whoever is messing with my posting, in regards to it’s “rebooting”, Stop.)

How was Hera my daughter? Technically. I Created Hera, just as a mother would create her children, only I didn’t need a female to do so, just as I Created your soul, and body of Athena, Kiddo, a long time ago. She was my sister, because she was my equal. She was and is my wife, since she is my lover and best friend. Hera is my everything.


This is a picture of a statue of Athena ;

Image result for images of Athena

This is a picture of a statue of Hera ;

Image result for images of the god hera

They look very similar, yes?

When I was Zeus, I wasn’t a very good man. I was arrogant. I was a cheat. I slept with many mortal women behind Hera’s back. And she dealt with it, and, she stayed loyal, when she didn’t need to. Although I don’t remember all of this, I can believe this. Hera wouldn’t lie to me, after all, she was once my Mother, and my Mother never lied to me. Now, I am someone else, someone whom is monogamous, someone whom is loyal, and things will be different now.

When I Created you as Athena, Hera was Furious. She felt unneeded and unwanted. I Created you because I wanted a daughter, and I wanted a daughter “now”. You weren’t born as a baby, you were born in your late twenties (Remember the story I wrote on Facebook about the father and the 29 year old daughter?). You were loyal to your Father, Zeus, and you would defend him at the “drop of a hat”, a good example would be Athena and Arachne. That loyalty is inherent in you. When you were Joan of Arc back in the 1400’s, you told that “God” would speak to you, and that he said to you that the English needed to be driven out of France. “God” created your soul personally, Kiddo. “God” never had a son, he was his own son, “God” had a daughter, which anyone with a half a brain would understand as to why. Guess who that daughter is, Kiddo. 🙂  😉

Here is a picture of a statue of Joan of Arc ;

Image result for joan of arc statue


People who study Greek “mythology” know that Zeus was a cheat. And though I am not that person anymore, I will apologize to Hera in front of billions. She didn’t deserve what I did to her, when I was Zeus. I had filet mignon and I chose to have hamburgers. What was I thinking.

There is coming a time when you will need to be with us, Kiddo. You will meet people that you have never dreamed of meeting. You will be a spokesperson for your generation, and younger generations. You will be on international television. You will visit countries outside of this one. You will be interviewed. Your family will be interviewed. You will have people wanting to be your friend, famous people. You will meet your soul-sisters, and you have a lot of them. Here are some of them . . .


Image result for images of lady gaga
Stephanie Germanotta (Lady Gaga)
Image result for images of miley cyrus
Miley Cyrus
Image result for images of jordana brewster
Jordana Brewster
Image result for images of taylor swift
Taylor Swift
Image result for images of Sigourney weaver
Sigourney Weaver
Image result for images of naomi watts
Naomi Watts
Image result for Laura Linney
Laura Linney

Image result for images of tattoos of Arie

Yes, Arie is a soul-sister to you. And there are more, but Hera is keeping them a secret. I am fortunate that she showed me the ones that are listed, so I am not going to bother her with asking. All the photos of the females above have the souls that Hera and I Created, when they were once our children. Can you imagine the bragging rights they’ll have? Can you imagine the bragging rights you’ll have? Will you let this all go to your head?

That is why you will need to stay with us for a while, after the Fact. Hera and I will talk with you, but Hera will do most of the talking, after all, she is your big sister. So does this make you a god? Not exactly, but you will be a deity, after the Fact, and you will have abilities, that is why you will need to stay with us for at least a while, to understand those abilities. What are those abilities?

Image result for Lightning GIFs

You will be able to throw lightning bolts.

Image result for animated disappearing GIFs

You will be able to achieve invisibility. You will also be able to throw people into another dimension, making them invisible. You inherited some of the powers of Zeus, powers that will keep you safe, but you will not have them until after the Fact. I am only telling you this as a heads up. For me to be telling you this there must be a reason, and Hera knows the reason, or this wouldn’t get posted. No mother wants their child to look like a fool, and if this wasn’t true I would look like a fool, yes? “Never, baby.” just said Hera, meaning, she would not allow me to look foolish. Think, Kiddo, how am I taking these photographs . . .




You need to start thinking about all this. This is the Real World. There is nothing more important than this. All the souls in those photos are supposed to be in human bodies, but because of religion and the crimes they committed they are stuck in Limbo, Hell, as I call it. Autism just might be a human without a soul, however I haven’t put much research into it so I am not certain. Look at those pictures, Kiddo, take one to a photo lab and ask the technicians if they can debunk it. Every photo that has those souls in it are Real, no “photoshop”, no altering, nothing. Life on this planet is about to end.


So why the photos of Mowzer. I am going to let Hera explain that to you after I change the font to italics. Here she is.

Hi Honey, it’s now Monday a little after 1 Am, it took over two hours for daddio to feel comfortable enough to let me write to you. How have you been? I haven’t opened my Facebook account for awhile but I will soon just to keep it from getting deleted, everything that Daddio sees on his page I see too, so whatever you post I see. Daddio is quite tired, I made him some dinner around 11 pm last night since he didn’t all day yesterday. Sometimes he forgets to eat, he’s so busy thinking. The pictures of Mowzer. daddio once said that Mowzer waits in the window for us to come home from work during the week. He decided to take a picture every night we came home from work last week, if you look at the time stamps on each photo you will see that the dates are sequential. Mowzer never did that until Daddio and I were detained. Mowzer is now traumatized, and that pisses me off to no end. Those responsible will be held accountable for this. The little cunt at LAI International who knew that Daddio had a cat is the one I’m going to deal with, as well as her “associates”. Daddio wanted to let this go but I’m not. Daddio had sent emails to his employers at the shop he worked in telling them about all this, and he sent them the link to “vonrising”, and not one of them talked to him about it. He did that for about 6 months. Then the new company took over, and after a couple of months headquarters started reading the emails he had sent his employers, and when they visited vonrising they panicked unnecessarily. They didn’t talk to Daddio either, they just had him locked up, in turn locking me up. Daddio knew he would be released and so did I, he was pissed that his mother had to go through what he went through. It was okay, we do everything together, and if he was going to be detained then I was going to be detained too. He knows that I could have physically left him and waited for him to be released, but that’s not what you do when you love someone. “For better, for worse”. I was never going to leave him there alone. But enough about that.

Daddio now knows that the time is coming fast. I have been making him watch videos about Nibiru to show him that the time is around the corner, we can’t do this forever, I want my body back and so does he. He has been carrying me for almost a year and a half, actually he’s been carrying me since he was 12 but he didn’t know it until May of last year. When he woke up as the Creator that morning back in last May I became a physical entity, I materialized to almost 50% as his mother Carol to let him know that I was here. When that happened he was breathing like a freight train, it was like he was under water for thousands of years and finally broke the surface to breathe. He remembers some of it but not all of it. I just noticed the italic button was off so I put it back on. Everything in regular type is from me just so you know. That morning seemed to last for days to me, it took weeks to get him to understand the least of it. When I became physical inside of him I was his mother Carol at the age of 16. Think about it honey, if you could do what I can do would you come back when you were in your fifties?? No, you would come back as young as you could, and 16 was young enough. After a few weeks he learned that I was once Aphrodite, and that took some time for him to get used to. I stayed as Aphrodite for the most part, and it was only a couple of months ago I personified as Hera. There were times when I needed to be his mother Carol to assure him that his thoughts were correct, he will always believe me as his mother, when I have my body back and I can talk to him as myself he will then truly believe what I tell him, and that is completely understandable. As he said before, the only person that he could ever trust 100% is his mother, and that is how it should be for everyone. he knows that he can trust me as Hera, he only has difficulty identifying with the image of Hera, but once I’m back that will go away. Once I’m back in my body I will tell him things that only he and his mother would know, a boy shares things with their mother that they wouldn’t share with anyone else. To be honest, honey, I have thought about returning as his mother Carol, but there would be complications surrounding that. For one, sex. He is okay with me coming back as his mother when I was in my late twenties, and he knows that we are going to have sex, but the idea as me as his mother won’t settle quite right in the end. If you were to see me as his mother Carol you would see an unbelievable likeness between us. I made daddio by myself, just as I did when daddio was Alexander the Great. He shares no DNA from his dad, he is all me, so to speak. He looks about Italian as a China-man. He is Swedish and Iroquois, with a splash of Norwegian. Does daddio look Italian to you, honey?? If you were to meet his father’s family, daddio would stand out like a sore thumb, it is so obvious, and no one ever noticed it.  

So who exactly is Daddio, soul wise?? I have no idea. I don’t know just how old Daddio is or where he came from, he has just always been there, so to speak. He didn’t Create me when he was Zeus, he simply gave me the body of Hera. Zeus wasn’t as the Creator back then, but Zeus knew he was a god. Daddio will soon return as the Creator, or as he says the “Mac daddy”. I love him so much honey. Him and I have been together for so long even I forgot when he Created me. He Created your soul 3,600 years ago, and gave you the body of Athena. He has only Created two beings, you and me, all the other souls he Created he brought here with us, and from where I don’t remember, it’s been that long. 

When I come back, all I can say is “soon”, if you have read his posts on Facebook or watched the videos he posted you would have an idea as to when. He knows when, he just doesn’t know it. When I return him and I will spend about a week together, never leaving the apartment, we have a lot of catching up to do 😉 . We will let you know when I’m back, honey, you’ll be the first to know. Right now daddio is exhausted and I need to get him to bed, we have some things to do this morning after he wakes up. Be patient, honey, you have been a trooper through all this. Stay on his facebook page, and if any of his Facebook friends should read this stay on his page too, he hasn’t lied to any of you, he is simply telling the truth, and those photos that he takes he should be more than enough to convince anyone. Can you take the same photos?? If so show us. 

have a good day, honey, and for Daddio, “be safe”

Love, Hera and Daddio

xo xo

















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