Psychology and the Psychopomp

Hi, Sweetheart.

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A few nights ago I had seen your posting on Facebook regarding the state of mind that you were in, at that time, and, as much as I wanted to say something in regards to I couldn’t find the words, at least not the words that I wanted to say. Your posting did not go unnoticed by myself, I simply did not know exactly what to say. I do not see everything that you post, nor do I go onto your Facebook page, I feel that if something you have posted needs my attention it will find it’s way to me, just as that one particular posting did. Because I do not comment on what you post does not mean that I do not see it, I simply give you privacy. I am quite sure that your friends and family do not know of me, and I wish to keep it that way for now, for your sake. Eventually, they will know of myself and my soulmate, and so will everyone else.


I have been doing some thinking for the past two weeks since I was not able to do much of anything else, being under the weather, and some of my thoughts were about you, Kiddo. When that moment comes, not only will Hera be here with me, and not only will I be myself, but you are going to wake up. The closer the key comes the more different I feel. You might be feeling something different as well. Things that were of interest to you might be beginning to lose their appeal. Friends might not seem as friends, causing you to grow distant from them. Some foods might not taste the way you had once remembered. Have you experienced any headaches that medicine could not relieve? Have you had any days where all you want to do is sleep, because you don’t know what else to do? I have. One thing I would like to ask is have you had any dreams with myself in them? I have had maybe three dreams that included you, and one sticks out in my mind. You are with myself and Hera, and you ask Hera a question. Hera answers you with “No, it is not.” The possibility that you and I had the same dream is strong, however, your dreaming abilities are different from mine, and my dream might have been just that; my dream, and no one else’s.

Psychology : “The emotional and behavioral characteristics of an individual, group, or activity: The psychology of war.” – 

I have had many dreams involving people that I know, or knew, and I wonder if they had the same dream as I did. I have been having lucid dreams for about four months now, each one clear in detail. I do not remember many of them, if any of them at all, now that I think about it. Strange. I know that I have had dreams involving family members, but now I cannot remember in detail as to what they pertained to. Maybe it’s better that way.


Psychopomp : “(in Greek mythology) a guide of souls to the place of the dead.” – Google

I recently received a Facebook message from my niece, the one who contacted you several months ago. She said that she was thinking of me and that she misses me. I miss me, too, sometimes. Out of all my relatives from my father’s side she is the only one that has sent me messages since “all this”. I messaged my baby sister several times, but never a reply is sent. I have my ideas as to why, but until I know from her as to why my ideas are only speculative. I will continue to send her messages, maybe one day I will receive a reply.

What I find perplexing is that apparently no one in my family thought of the possibility that I am telling the truth, for if any of them did, they would have inquired about all this. They are obviously so certain that I am wrong that they simply abandoned me. One of them had even told me to “drop dead”, how nice is that, Kiddo? One of my cousins sent one of his daughters to snoop around my Facebook page. I had sent her a friend request months prior, and one morning when I checked my email I saw that my request was accepted by her. That made me happy. I then went onto Facebook to see her in my friend’s list, but when I got there she wasn’t there. Hera, as my mother Carol, was fucking furious. I was just hurt. I should have known better than to think that someone from my father’s family would actually want to be friends with me. I’m a joke to them, Kiddo. And the funny part is I’m laughing about it on the inside.


Why am I laughing about it on the inside?




You see, Kiddo, my family never thought about the possibility that they might be wrong.

Now let’s jump ahead to after the Fact. The world now knows of us, you included, and now my family knows of us as well. All those terrible things that they have said have been said, and once something is said it cannot be taken back, that is why I choose my words carefully, Sweetheart. All those postings and emails are now undisputed truth. Something that man cannot do has been done for all the world to see, as more proof, and more proof keeps coming. Now my family members are thinking “What is going to happen to me when I die??”. They won’t be able to speak with me for several reasons. One, I will no longer be living where I am at now, the only ones who will know our location will be you, some friends and some others. Two, I won’t be answering emails, Hera will, and if she feels that there is an email I don’t need to see then I won’t see it. I will see all of your emails though, Kiddo, that’s a promise. Three, I will not have a phone, Hera will, and whoever calls her to speak with me will be decided by her if I speak to them or not. Your calls will always be accepted, Kiddo, as well as some friends and others.


So what will happen to the members of my family when they die? That will be solely up to their consciences. My baby sister and her parents are good, however, everyone else is on their own. Just as I have been, on my own. Granted, I do have my soulmate, but she hasn’t her body yet, which makes communication difficult, as well as other things. Having someone familiar to talk with would have taken a lot of stress off of me, but it is what it is. So, for the rest of my family members’ lives they will live in constant uncertainty about their afterlife, and all that could have been avoided if they acted like a family. They won’t be able to sleep for days. And if any of them were to speak with me, what would they say? “I’m sorry”? “I didn’t know”? “My bad”? This is something that pertains to you too, Kiddo. You will have people in your life who will suddenly want to be your “best friend”, and once friends will want to be friends with you again. You are going to need to figure out who is legit and who isn’t. You will have people asking you for all sorts of favors, and they will need to know that there isn’t a “proxy”, meaning, they know you, so they know us.

No. We don’t do “favors”. We don’t know those people, and they certainly don’t know us. You too will have people in your life going for days without sleep. That’s just the way it is.


Anyway, it’s something to keep in the back of your mind. In the meantime, I want you to have fun and to be safe. If you have any questions, message me through Facebook, and I will answer them as soon as I see your message. If you are experiencing any strange headaches, drink plenty of water and get rest, that is about all that you can do. “Not much more” I’m told, so, I guess not much more.

I am attaching a video for you to watch when you have some time to yourself ;


I’m calling it a night, Sweetheart, it’s after 2 AM and we have work to go to later.

This might not have been as good a posting as my last one, but I felt that some things needed to be said. It’s all good, Kiddo. 🙂

Love always, Daddio








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