After Hours

Hey, Sweetheart. I know that I had just written you a post, but I can’t sleep at the moment. I thought to write in my book, but I am going to wait until tomorrow, or later today if this post should run long, for once I get going it’s hard to stop. Writing my book that is. I haven’t been on Facebook much, I am not much of a “Facebooker”, I mostly go there to see how you and everyone else is doing, and to see if I have any messages. If you noticed I have someone new on my page, although she was on my page before. Two nights ago I received a message from her, actually seven messages, saying that she just received my message from August 7th, 2015. She said that she did not know why she just got my message over a year later, but now I think she understands why, if not how. I gave her the link to your website so that she can make her own assessments as to if I am telling the truth. So far, she appears to be hanging in there, which I hope she does. You would like her, she’s a pretty cool chick, and she’s my cousin from my mother’s side. We messaged back and forth the night we “re-friended”, and I learned she didn’t know that I had a sister. Now that would be understandable if it wasn’t for the fact that my sister is close friends with her aunt, in fact, I think the two of them are friends on Facebook. It doesn’t really matter to me, I am just happy to have my cousin back on my page, where it’s safe.

I thought about creating a “Myspace” account, it looks interesting, but I don’t have time for that, my life is working with metal and writing my book. As far as the book goes, I added some new characters (someone is smiling 😉 ), and I took some out. And you are still in it, of course, however, I split you into three characters, and only you will be able to find them. Right now I have about 200 characters total, all describable, all of them different, all of them with a purpose. There will be only 4 books in series, with the possibility of a bonus book, one that tells of a story partially told in the first book. There will be another story consisting of 2 books that coincide with the other story. There will be movies coming from these books, and after that, no more. There will be no comic books, no television “spin-offs”, nothing. When my stories end, they end. I would have had the first book written by now if all this didn’t happen. But it was going to happen regardless. On the plus side, I got to rewrite the first book, making it most correct.

Will I write other stories after all those are finished? Maybe. I would like to write children’s books, I already have a series thought out, but first things first. I would like to go to a children’s hospital to read children some stories, even bedtime stories, I’m told that I have a good “reading aloud voice”, and considering the source I’ll take their word for it. Would you go with me to read children a story or two, Kiddo? We could read “The Three Little Pigs” in tandem, I’ll be the “Big, Bad Wolf” and you could be the voices of the “Three Little Pigs”. We could even read “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” in tandem. It’s just a thought, when the time comes.

This is so strange to me, Kiddo. I remember when I came home from the hospital after dying I thought to myself “Now I can say I did it all.” Boy, was I wrong. I was certain that all this was going to be viewed as a good thing by my family. I was wrong about that, too. I asked if it was my presentation that turned this out to be a lonely disaster, but I was told “Absolutely not.” Again, I trust the source. I have played out every scenario that could be the reason for my abandonment, from relatives being honest with me when they called me a “fucking asshole”, to my sister telling everyone in the family that I am “possessed by the devil”. That woman works for a church. Shouldn’t “God” be on her side? I wasn’t even offered an “exorcism” by her, so much for “brotherly love”. I can tell you, Kiddo, someone is absolutely furious with her, and it isn’t me. My feelings are, if you are willing to bet your life on someone that, not only has never existed but, you have never met, all because someone told you to, you have what’s coming to you. Doesn’t that make sense, Kiddo? I’ll give you something to think about, something logical yet ironic. ( this is from me, honey )

A boy comes home from school on a Friday, and he tells his parents that one of his friends is having a sleep-over, and that he and some other mutual friends are invited. He then asks if he can go. The father tells him “It’s up to your mother.” The mother tells him “No”. The boy asks “How come?” The mother tells him “Because I don’t know who the parents are.” The boy informs his mother that she knows the boy who is having the sleep-over, and that she also knows the other friends as well. The mother tells him “You’re right, but I don’t know your friend’s parents.” He tells her that the mothers of the other friends know the other boys parents, and it’s okay with them. The mother shakes her head and tells him once more “No.” The boy then asks if she at least talked with the other boy’s parents would it be “okay”. The mother tells her son “Let me talk with your friend’s mom, and I’ll see.” The boy calls his friend and asks if his mother can talk with his mother. The two mothers talk for a while, and later that evening the father is driving their son to his friends house for a sleep-over.

Good mother? Yes.  Why? She wanted to know who was going to be looking after her son.

So tell me, Kiddo. Why is it okay for parents to tell their child to believe in someone that they have never met themselves? Because “everyone is doing it”?

A few weeks ago I thought about all this, and I was thinking “what would have happened if I was with someone”, someone meaning a significant other. Well, one of two things would have happened.

May 2nd, 2015 was a Saturday. Let’s say that on that day I was happily married for 30 years, had a lovely wife, 3 good kids, a grandchild, a beautiful home, financially stable, I was working on my book, and I had not a care in the world. The next morning, Sunday, May 3rd, my wife wakes up from me panicking in our living room. She comes running out to see what is going on. I tell her that my mother is back, that she was standing “right there” for half a minute, and that she is still here in soul-form. My wife thinks that I went crazy, and soon after leaves me, taking our 3 good kids and everything that we shared together. And I am right where I am now.

That’s one outcome.

May 2nd, 2015 was a Saturday. Let’s say that on that day I was happily married for 30 years, had a lovely wife, 3 good kids, a grandchild, a beautiful home, financially stable, I was working on my book, and I had not a care in the world. The next morning, Sunday, May 3rd, my wife is up with me in our living room helping me with my book. All of a sudden, I go into a panic, and she and I both witness my mother materializing in the same room with us. She knows she’s my mother because of old photographs, and then we begin to figure out what is going on. A month down the road we discover that my mother was once Aphrodite, and that I was once Hermes. Sounds great, right? Then we discover that I am the soulmate to Aphrodite. Then we learn that Aphrodite wants her soulmate back. Now my wife’s heart is broken, as well as mine, because I never wanted to hurt my wife. But it is what it is. And I am right where I am now.

On May 3rd of last year, my “FWB” was in California, and her cousin, my other “FWB” was working around the clock. I had no one significant in my life when all this happened, and the reason why was so that no one got their feelings hurt. Kathy and Erin were not my girlfriends. Arie was gone, and my ex-wife was not around for months. I was by myself, with ties to no one. My soulmate did it right. 😉

However, I did not plan on being this alone. I was certain that my little cousin, my “baby sister”, would have visited with me by now to see for herself that I have been, still am, and will continue telling the truth. Her father would have seen my mother in an instant, and I don’t know how that shock of reality would have affected him. I, we, go out of our way to avoid psychological trauma to the witness. When you were last here, did you notice something odd about me? I don’t know if you picked up on it, but I was displaying some feminine traits. When you and I sat on the couch together talking, I was talking through Hera, whom was using my body. I don’t “hear voices” in my head. The only voice I hear inside my head is my own. Hera is at the helm of my body, I am inside my own mind, and that is so I don’t “hear voices” inside my head. The only time that I hear Hera is when she uses my body to talk to me, and most of the time, about 99% of the time, we communicate silently through thought. She will also tap my thigh to tell me if I am right about something. When we go to work, she’s doing the work, I am thinking and working on my book. And no one sees that at our job, and I call it our job because she is working, I’m just there in body. And I must say, we are so tired of working with metal, especially her. She told me that this job will be my last job working for someone else. “Almost, baby” she just said to me, using my mouth. Strange? Of course it’s strange, but it’s Real.

I also thought about the aftermath, what will people, people close to me or at least once close to me think. Do you remember before all this happened I was writing about psychology, the conscious and sub-conscious at my Facebook page? Do you remember Kathy writing to me through facebook telling me that I was “Bleeding out” when I would write things that seemed odd? That was my soulmate telling me through Kathy. I didn’t know that she was with me back then, and I also didn’t know that she could “pop” into another mind, like Kathy’s mind. If she could enter my brain, she can enter someone else’s brain, and she did at my older cousin’s party. Except she popped into EVERYONE else’s brain, to see what they were thinking. Now I don’t see a problem with that, after all, my family is religious, and according to their religion they want “God” to know their thoughts. He is supposed to be everywhere, yes? The way I see it, no harm, no foul. Did she find out anything good? No. That is why they got booted off my Facebook blog by her, her being their “aunt Carol”.  The one person aunt Carol, my mother, didn’t boot off was my baby sister. That was Aphrodite. Same soul, different persona. People think that Aphrodite was into “peace, love and joy”. No. Aphrodite was a tough woman, all that “love” stuff was written by man. Aphie would stomp the life out of someone if they pissed her off, if she chose not to throw them into another dimension. Aphie is “gone”, so to speak, now I have Hera, and my mother when I doubt certain things. If there is something that I am uncertain is correct, like an answer from Hera, she uses the persona of my mother to assure me that what she said was from her, and not me having wishful thoughts, or answering for her. That is why my soulmate will always be my mother. When a mother does it right, Kiddo, her child or children will always trust her, even when it is something that the child does not want to hear, like being told that they have a terminal illness. One of the reasons why I would like to read stories to children in hospitals, to help ease the suffering, to take their minds off of their here and now.

I was thinking about the “hearing voices” thing. Ever hear of those evangelists who say “God spoke to me last night!!” ? Oh really? What did he say? “He said that his son Jesus is coming!!”. Okay. So, is that evangelist really hearing “God” speak to him, or is he simply lying to gain more money from his followers? If he is hearing “God” speak to him, he’s most likely a schizophrenic. If not, someone should hang him for deceiving people who are looking for honest answers to help solve what they cannot. I once saw a documentary on people who can do amazing things. One of those people was an 8 year old girl, who, supposedly, could paint as good as any famous painter. When the interviewer asked how does she do what she does, she said that “God” spoke to her, and told her how to paint. Now is that girl mentally ill, or did her parents put her up to saying that? They never showed the girl painting, only the girl holding a paintbrush applying strokes to an already painted picture. Did “God” speak to her? No. Imagine, Kiddo, your home one day, just chillin’, and all of a sudden you hear inside your head “Hey, what’s going on?” in a man’s voice. What would you think? You are all alone in your home, there is no one around, but you distinctly heard a man’s voice inside your head. Anyone, who knows anything about the frailty of the human mind, knows that would be traumatic, and would cause permanent damage. It’s common sense.

The aftermath thing. I am not so concerned about the religious sector as I am with my family, father’s side. The religious sector will either accept that they were wrong, or simply go away. My family on the other hand I am concerned about. Hera said that she will speak with them, I myself only want to speak with my baby sister and her parents to let them know “It’s okay”. And it is. However, there is a great chance that even if I do speak with them and tell them it’s okay, they will have in the back of their mind “what if he changes his mind?”, possibly until the day they die. I don’t want that. If they choose not to believe me they will live in constant uncertainty, and that is not living. And this is why I needed my baby sister to come see me. I couldn’t go see her, my vehicle had an outdated inspection sticker, and if I couldn’t afford the inspection I couldn’t afford a ticket. This is going to be bad enough with the press, you know we’re going to be asked questions, Kiddo, and you will be asked questions too, that is one of the reasons why I write here. This is your “go to guide”, Sweetheart, besides your own website. One of the reasons why I post so many definitions is so that you know what certain words are, words that people do not use on a daily basis. See? Daddio was thinking 🙂

If we are asked any questions we will answer them honestly, no matter what. I know that one question that will be asked is “Do you have family?”. What do I say?  I could say “Yes, I do.”, and I wouldn’t be lying. If I am asked “Who are they?”, I will give them my father’s family and my mother’s family names. “Where are they?” I could say “I don’t know.”, I will look like an idiot, but I would not be lying. “Can we speak with them?”. Can they?

You see, everybody was so quick to call me a “fucking asshole” and “crazy”, but they never thought of that possibility that I was telling the truth. But I can understand on my father’s family behalf. The males in his side of the family, not all of them, have this tendency to make fun of what you are saying, especially with the females. They will interrupt them with something silly and unimportant just to be heard. What they don’t understand is that they are belittling them, and embarrassing them, breaking down their self esteem. After awhile they begin to think “Why should I even bother to speak? No matter what I say he will only tease me like I’m an idiot.” My brother did this to his wife relentlessly. Other males from my father’s side do it to their spouses as well, I know, I was there. And so was someone else. And what bothers me the most is that I have never done that to my baby sister, nor to anyone in my family, because I know how it feels to be on the receiving end. But I’m the “crazy fucking asshole”.

Years back, my brother’s daughter had a bridal shower, thrown by my baby sister (she’s really good at that stuff). After the bridal shower was over, my brother and I went to where the shower was thrown. We walked into the room where it was held, and this pretty blonde-haired girl walks up to me and says “Do you remember me?”, and gives me a hug and a kiss. I said “Yeah!”, but the truth is, I did not know who this girl was. I said “Yeah!” simply because I did not want to embarrass her in front of a room filled with other females. I didn’t lie for me, I lied for her, no girl wants to feel embarrassed, especially in front of a room filled with other females. This was about 15 years ago or so. After that girl walked away, I asked my brother “Who was that?”, and he told me “That was ****.” I did not recognize her at all. I hadn’t seen her for years, and the blonde hair threw me off. The blonde hair looked good on her, I just didn’t recognize her. So did I lie to her, Kiddo?  If I did, that would be the only time that I lied to her, and if she were to read this posting, “I’m sorry, I just didn’t recognize you.”

Anyway. I was at 3,241 words when I finished that last paragraph. The digit sum of that number would be 1. 3+2+4+1= 10. 1+0= 1. Have you figured out the significance of numerology, Kiddo? For us it’s important, “us” meaning you too. I feel tired right now, but I feel like writing here. Maybe a little more before bed.

You know, Kiddo, this is history right here. This has never happened before, at least not to this magnitude. The last time the three of us were together was about 3,600 years ago, however not for the reasons why we are all here today. People are going to be expecting Jesus or Allah, they have quite the surprise coming to them. It’s also one of the reasons why my sister isn’t around. The last thing that was sent to her in a Facebook message was from my mother. I don’t know exactly what was said, but I do remember the last line that she wrote; “It’s sad when a religion comes between family.” My mother is busting through, I can see her sitting here like nobody’s business. If anyone was to ask her, “If you’re against religion, why were two of your kids brought up religiously?” She would tell them “Because their father demanded for them to be brought up that way.” My father was a catholic, and so were his parents. My mother was just waiting for this, fully conscious of whom she is. I guess you could say that she was biding her time. I wasn’t brought up religiously at all, not even as an atheist.

I apologize if these posts seem repetitive, Kiddo, but I refresh them, so to speak, so you don’t need to go back very far to find certain things. I am still working on that special post, I am only waiting for the right moment to finish it. It’s like when I am writing my book. I write best when I feel it. However if I only wrote when I felt it I would never get anything written, so sometimes I force myself to write.

I look at some of what is written here and I ask “Are you sure this isn’t too personal?”. Hera’s reply is “Nope”. Being that she was once my mother I say “Okay”. I can say now that she isn’t coming back in the form of my mother Carol. I have no problem with her if she did, however, the intimacy part might become a little awkward at times, after all, she was once my mother. I think what people do not understand is that she was my soulmate before she was my mother, and not the other way around. It is not that my mother came back and now we are going to “hook up”, it’s not that way at all. But I must say, Kiddo, it would be something to see the looks on my family’s faces if they were to answer their door only to find their aunt Carol standing there, about age thirty, smoking a cigarette, asking “Hi! Do you remember me??”. Although I would have been okay with her coming back as Carol, it would mostly be just for shock value, and that wouldn’t be right. Would be something to see, though. When she comes back as someone else she will be able to prove whom she once was by knowing things that only Carol would have known, with great detail, like that white drawstring bag with a burgundy cat sewn onto it.

Well, Sweetheart, I think it’s time I call it a night. I might look to see if there are any new videos on Nibiru on Youtube before we go to bed. There was one video taken by a satellite of Nibiru obliterating a planet on its way here. It smashed that planet into smithereens and kept on going. Nibiru is ten times the size of the Earth and it is solid Iron. I haven’t added any songs in a while, so I’ll add one that found me. I know that you are not a big Arcade Fire fan, but two sisters known as Lily and Madeleine performed an acoustic version of “Intervention”, you might like it. Arcade Fire released a new album “The Reflektor Tapes”, not bad. I like “Soft Power” and “Crucified Again”, I posted those songs on my Facebook blog if you should be interested.

Okay, Kiddo, have a stellar day, have fun, and be safe.

Love, Daddio

xo   (song below )


( goodnight, honey ) 












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