Killing Time

Very true. Hi Kiddo, Daddio here, killing some time, and what better way for me to kill time than writing to my Number 1 ?

I have some time to kill before I need to go somewhere, about 2 hours worth, so I decided to write that post with the triple entendre title, “Killing Time”. That title has 3 meanings, and within this post those three meanings shall be revealed. I will not post any definitions inside this post, for I feel that they may deter you from reading my write. If any of my posts seem to be a bit too “educational”, I apologize, it’s the daddy in me that does that.

You might be thinking “I thought you said that time doesn’t exist?”. Time doesn’t exist, however, it is simply a word people use to measure their existence. I could use other words such as “events”, “moments”, and others, but that would only complicate things. So, I am going with time.

So far so good. We have an hour and a half before we need to step out for a moment. How about some music, Kiddo? I haven’t posted any songs in awhile, let’s see what I can come up with. Hold on a second, Sweetheart.



Okay, I have something. You might have heard this one before, it is rather mellow, and it is something to play while you read . . .


Much better.

I have watched some interesting videos on Youtube recently, some I posted on my Facebook blog and some I have not. The ones that I have not posted on my Facebook blog have been saved in my “Favorite” folder for a later time, and there’s that word again, “time”. I find that word to be quite frustrating to myself. How can something that doesn’t exist be used so often by people? Why does it even exist at all? I guess that it needs to exist, at the moment anyway, for nothing else does exist to replace it. Could the word “life” replace time? Maybe instead of saying “I have plenty of time”, “I have plenty of life” could be substituted. Maybe instead of telling someone “You are wasting my time”, you could tell someone “You are wasting my life”. The latter sounds stronger, yes? Maybe instead of asking “Do you want to spend some time together?”, try “Do you want to spend some life together?”, and see what happens. What do you have to lose?


Almost 4 AM, doing good. I thought about my trip to where I once lived, and I think that I am going to go on another date. You are still welcome to come with me, although, now, I think that I should go alone. I can understand if the visit to the cemetery might seem a little macabre.

However I am honest with you at all times, it’s a Daddy thing with me. A parent must never lie to their child or children, no matter what. That trust is meant to be for a lifetime. “lifetime”, that word appears odd to me now. “life – time”, it feels as though it is repetitive. Maybe I will create a word to replace “time”, to end time, once and for all.

5 more minutes to go. I am going to stop here so we can go out.

We’re back. I started this post a while ago, and now it is Saturday morning, early morning. Later today I plan on giving our vehicle an oil change, using 100% synthetic oil. I would like to change the serpentine belt before we go, but Aphie says that the existing belt is okay for the trip. I am in a dilemma about when to go, for I had an idea about going on an earlier date, but, I guess, the original date will work just fine.

Years back, when I lived in Schoharie County, there were days where I revisited the place where I grew up, and when I would get about halfway there I would get anxious, maybe not so much as anxious as irritated. I have an idea as to why I would get that way, but it is only an idea, as to why. When I left with my once girlfriend and her daughter I never said “goodbye” to my cousin and his wife, something that still bothers myself to this day. It wasn’t that I did not want to say “goodbye”, I just wanted to leave. Do I regret leaving? No.

Do you remember the day, actually evening, when Arie and I went to your apartment to get you, Kiddo?

Arie had told me about you, then, that you were like a sister to her, and that she did not want you staying where you were at the time. Being that Arie was my girlfriend and “bestie”, I agreed to letting you come live with us, prior, without you knowing. We left in separate vehicles, so we would have a means to take your belongings, and you, with us. I followed Arie to your place, and I remember pulling up to the curb where you were standing. I lowered my passenger side window, took a look at you and said “No”, and when I said “No”, to me you looked like this ;

After I said what I had said, your shoulders dropped, and you had the look of disappointment in your eyes. However, I did not finish what I was saying. After I had seen the look of sadness in your eyes, which in hindsight still breaks my heart, I finished my say with “No, you are not staying here. Get your stuff, you’re coming home with us.”, and then you looked like this ;

What you did not see was how happy I was, and the strange part, then, was, I did not know as to why I felt so happy. But I did. Someone likes this 😉 . After we moved you in, which took another trip, and I know that you remember that second trip, I, myself, felt like this ;

And I still do.

And, although things are different now, one thing will never change.

I love you, Kiddo



I was looking at some quotes online, and one quote jumped out at me, this one ;

Everyone thinks of changing the world, [but] no one thinks of changing himself “

See what is wrong with that quote?

According to that homo sapien, everyone is a male.

By using the word “but”, everything beforehand is negated. 

If I were to have made a similar quote, it would have read ;

” The world will change after you do. ”



When one sees the world around them, they see it in perspective, their perspective. To change what is around them, they need to change first, after all, it will still be the same as long as they are, the same. As far as that quote, prior, goes, it holds only validity to the minds that accept it, literally. When posts, or, advertisements like that are public, they become solidified as truth, since they are well presented in form. People, some people, will believe those words because of it’s presentation. It looks good, so, it must be good, yes?


People can be lazy, and when they are they will accept whatever is given to them.

If a person does not need to work for it, regardless if they need it or not, they will accept what is given to them, for, it is free.

Free is good, yes?

Sometimes human beings simply accept what is given to them because their laziness prevents them from doing the footwork to investigate, what is given to them.

Presentation is the key. My mother once told me that the presentation of the gift is more important than the gift itself, for, if the person is worth the gift, then they are certainly worth the time to present the gift, adorned.

However, some might feel that the gift itself is enough, and disregard adornment.





Scary stuff. But I wouldn’t lose your head over this matter, because I have not seen these items for myself to inspect, for all we know they could be part of another hoax fabricated by “Big Brother”, why go to so much trouble to convince I do not know. There was a 6th picture, but I decided to delete it. When people use the term “Big Brother” in regards to their government, they do not take into consideration what that term means. If you had a big brother in your family, you would know that one of the jobs a big brother has is to antagonize the younger sibling, by taunting, teasing and scaring. Another term that people use blindly is “The lord is thy shepherd”. Where I come from a shepherd is someone who tends a flock. A flock of what? A flock of seagulls?

No, a flock of sheep.

I wonder where they are going. More importantly, I wonder if the flock knows where they are, after all, they are standing in the middle of the road, yet they don’t seem to mind. Maybe “Ignorance is bliss”?

Well, Kiddo, it is now Friday the 29th of July, and I am going to stop here for now so that I can get some sleep. The world is supposed to end today, or so they say. I guess we’ll see. It would piss me off if it does because I have so much writing to do, especially with this post for I am not finished. Anyway, here is a little something to watch, something to kill time with. Goodnight, Sweetheart.

Well here I am again, and now it is Thor’sday, August 4th, 2016. I have been writing this post in my spare time, in between other things, for I do not care to rush this one.

I am glad, and relieved, to hear from you after I did not for some days. Although I now know your circumstances for not replying back to me, I still worry about you, Kiddo. I can only think that you are okay, and, most importantly, safe.

I have recently been talking with my supervisor about current events, and through doing so I revealed some things to him that he was unaware of. I have sent him some emails containing links about some of what I know, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that he is on the same page as myself. Also as a pleasant surprise, he informed me of some things I was not aware of, after all, I do not know everything. We talked about the Earth, the moon, and the stars, and what is coming. He is an older man, my senior by 7 years at least, and he has life experience. One night he told myself and my coworkers that I was his favorite, although it made me feel good, I am sure that comment may have been a bit unsettling to my coworkers. Oh well, it is what it is.


The above photo was taken at a random sight along the road on our way home from work. The strange part about that photo is the amount of souls there are in the middle of nowhere, nowhere being a section of woods alongside the road to our home. I guess that they had nowhere to go.

I have a joke for you, more from me as your friend and not as your Daddio. 🙂

“Why are there so many good-looking females going to church these days?”




“Because they heard that there’s a guy there who is hung like this;”


Aphie thought it was funny, and so did my brother, for he was the one who told me that joke. You and Aphie would get along quite well, after all, she was once your mother, a very long time ago. When I did not hear from you recently, she felt my panic, and told me “This is how you wanted her to be”, regarding you being a free spirit. All I could do was this ;

I remember the night you came over, and during our conversing you told me “I want to do whatever the fuck I want”.

That was Kebechet talking.

Kebechet, Anubis’ daughter, was “spoiled” beyond belief. Kebechet could do whatever she wanted to do. Kebechet had her own servants, who would keep a watchful eye over her when her father could not. They would dress her, feed her, bathe her, give her advice, and, they were females. Did you think that Anubis would allow “boys” around his daughter?


You’re possibly thinking “I want servants!!”.

You need to wait, Honey  😉

Anubis gave his daughter a “nickname”, and that nickname was “Kebbo”. No bullshit, I can say “bullshit”, I can say whatever the fuck I want to.

Mommio is smiling.

I have been thinking about making a video, however, if I decide to make this video it would be for my baby sister. I thought about making you one but someone tells me to wait on that. If I do make one for my baby sister it would be to her and her only. I have my thoughts about this. My concern would be if she receives it will she watch it, if she receives it at all, meaning, would she watch it, and how will I know if she did watch it. I would know, for I have an idea. In that video, I will ask her a question, a simple question, and she would need to send me the answer through either an email or Facebook messaging in a time less than 8 days. I would want her to watch that video, if I do not know for certain that she had watched that video by the 9th day I will send that video to people that she knows, asking them to send that video to her, for, that video will be quite important. To her.

To you, I wish you a stellar day, for I am calling it a night. By the way, this is the post with the triple entendre title. “Killing Time” has three meanings all pertaining to one subject.

Maybe I will write a post with a title that is a quintuple entendre, using only one letter.

( Vön is the Grand Economizer )

If my baby sister should read this . . .  I still love you as the day is long.

Kiddo? Goodnight, Sweetheart.

Love always, Daddio













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